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Old choreo but never posted this footage‼️ check it out!!
AmazingDancers: @sheaden_gabriel @tatimcquay
Choreography: @guygroove
Song: #cold
Artist: @maroon5 @tatimcquay
Studio: @mdcdance
#guygroovechoreography #guygroove #millenniumdancecomplex #dance #danceclass #dancevideo #maroon5 #adamlevine

The truth is more important than the facts.
Edited with Lut of mine.
Download my lightroom presets at filtergrade website or link in bio. 🕊
Collab! 📷 Nicolas & Daniela (tap for it)
Edit by @angkurn

"If everything could ever feel this real forever." 🖤🤘✨See you next year #BottleRock!

Obligatory head tilt for BottleRock day one!

I hate being sick I woke up to what sounds like a great concert and hand tattoos I remember someone saying no hand tattoos but hey that same person said no celebrity fragrances #maroon5

#maroon5 #album6 I think @milo.decruz just created the perfect album cover for @maroon5 's next album ❤️


Day 8- Adam Levine singing! It looks like we found a wild Adam in his natural habitat.. ok that was cringe I'm gonna stop.
#adamlevine #singing #pink #tattoos #behatiprinsloo #maroon5

New cover ➡️

Metti il caldo, il disordine degli scatoloni, il disordine nella testa. Metti che compri la chitarra e pur non avendo imparato a suonare e diventare membro onorario dei Blink 182 la usi lo stesso .
Metti che te ne freghi, e canti di quello che ti sfiora all'esterno... E ti prende dentro. #Shewillbeloved #Maroon5

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