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The Stella blade's gtg! Hello, Austin! #ionartatx #neonsign #austin #markwestphal 📸: @jwgillian

ModCloth is open in Austin! It's a fun, fresh, and brilliant indie store for fashion and décor. Featured here is powdered pink neon. 📸: @modcloth #ionartatx #modclothatx #pinkneon #brilliant #markwestphal 😉 @mendservices

In this crazy mad world there's still the beauty of neon. #ionartatx #neon #markwestphal Hand Model: #ericmakela

Back to the grind. #ionartatx #neon #markwestphal

1. decide to do something difficult or unpleasant that one has been putting off or hesitating over 2. show courage ⚔️ #ionartatx #neon #cavalrycourthotel #markwestphal

True grit. Have a wonderful Friday. #ionartatx #neon #true #markwestphal Hand Model: @big_breakfast1272

The lovely sign is up and going!! Check out our neighbor's coffee shop on S. 1st. Their espresso on ice will get you fueled for the day! #ionart #neonsign #atx 📸 credit: @seventhflagatx #markwestphal #ionartatx


Hope to SEE you at our Surreal Jungle Event this Saturday! 11/18/17. 👁 Click on the link in bio to RSVP. It’s a free event. We just want to celebrate over 100 years of neon with you! #thesurrealjungle #surrealjungle

The Surreal Jungle Event party is next Saturday!! So excited. Here’s Mark working hard at it! 📸: @djhfoto #thesurrealjungle #surrealjungle

Our new shop cat. Less than two weeks until the event! Have you RSVP’ed yet? Click on the link in our bio for more info. #thesurrealjungle #surrealjungle

The all seeing eye. Whoever blinks first loses! #thesurrealjungle November is Austin Art Month. Hosting with @artseenalliance , we will be participating with our one of a kind neon show to celebrate over 100 years of neon. #surrealjungle

Join us for a night of neon celebration! For more info, click on the link in our bio. #thesurrealjungle #surrealjungle

The hummingbird looks magnificent in the night sky. @stelmomarket @vra.commercial

Trying to stay cool in this 100° summer heat. Playing with fire inside instead.

Hey! @heywoodhotel!! Look what I found in our archives?

"Neon is back." Although we never quit neon. #MenOfIonArt

What are you doing this weekend? Stop by @greenlightsocial and have a couple of cocktails underneath this vintage inspired "Get Lucky" sign designed and made by our talented team: @mali1212 @mark.westphal @vandal_1 💡 #tgif

Welcome to Archer Malmo. It was a process, but we got it! 😊 Working closely with the client to get the look and feel just right. Great job @joshstorment @mark.westphal @vandal_1 @holdencrane, Carlos & Monica! 🔖: Designed by @archermalmoatx 📒: The red neon is "green pumped red."

Some magical moments are best illustrated in black and white. #neonexecutor

Can't get enough of neon's vividness. 🔖: @kewoodwa @mark.westphal

Citrus orange neon. #EverybodyNeedsSome

Noviol gold. #neonvibes

Clear blue neon. 3D neon sculpture. Concept: #karenwoodward

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