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2 more days till tour day ~Mark #markiplierrp #youtuberrp #roleplay #markiplieryourewelcometour -Photo credit from Wade's instagram-

@markipliergram's You're Welcome Tour Vlog is up!
Link in my bio!
It was truly the best day of my life.
My Edit Account: @brass.exe
#markiplier #markipliertour #markiplieredits #markiplieryourewelcometour

I couldn't take very good pictures from where I was, so here's this one. Seeing Mark and the team for the very first time was something I will always cherish, I love these guys with all my heart and will never forget this night in Georgia. Thank you for such a beautiful time, ❤️❤️ #markiplieryourewelcometour #sohappy #loveyou #markiplier #markipliertour

Had an idea to redraw screenshots into a cartoon style so here's Mark in his You're Welcome tour :D #markiplier #markiplierfanart #digitalart #cartoon #markiplieryourewelcometour

I know I'm a few days late, that my camera work is atrocious, and that most people following me won't care; but I loved this show. I'm glad that I had the opportunity to see the people I've been subscribed to for years live and in my city. Am I a little old for this? Yeah kinda. Did I cry like a 13 year old girl? No. Because I'm a goddamn adult. But I really enjoyed this show, it's good to see that these guys aren't just assholes screaming into a camera. That they are multifaceted and can do more now than they could before. If and when they come back, I'll be there, hopefully sitting closer to the stage.
@markipliergram @apocalypto_12 @crankgameplays @muyskerm_from_youtube @thelordminion777 @iceddorkroast @vtiredkat #markiplier #markiplieryourewelcometour #yourwelcometour #pittsburgh #heinzhall

damN that show was a blaSt
also this account is so dead im sorry I've been super busy lately and im trying my best

#markiplier #markiplieryourewelcometour #liveshow

Last night was awesome. #markiplier #markiplieryourewelcometour


Ending song in markipliers your welcome tour! #markiplieryourewelcometour

OK! So HUGE Announcement! My dad MIGHT be able to take me to see @markipliergram on tour AGAIN! He’s planning on us to fly to Las Vegas to see him again. I mean, flying just to see Mark will be worth it! But if we go, I PROMISE to show you guys more of the tour! I REALLY HOPE I CAN SEE IT AGAIN! Plz wish me luck and do buy tickets to the tour because it’s the best show ever! 😃#markiplieryourewelcometour #markiplier

What Mark would expect? Exposing​ Amy he made her public, dislike is an inevitable risk.
On the other side fans don't know Amy, but you are defending her like: "ShE's PeRfEcT” or "ShE mAkEs HiM hApPy” or dislike posts that move a small critic to Amy or bully who have a different opinion... No, you don't know Amy and is so damn wrong treat other Mark's fans like that.
Are you a relative? No. A close friend? No. You don't know Amy! It's a fact.
I get that sometimes she get unjustified hate, but fan exaggerate, both "pro" and "anti" Amy.
No hate on Amy herself, as you can see I said nothing personal to her or I being offensive.
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I really miss this. I can't believe it was over 4 months ago 😢 #markiplier #markiplieryourewelcometour #markipliertour

so during the Markiplier You're Welcome tour there were boxes set up that said "write down a short sentence or phrase" well mine got said during the show and I was so EXCITED!! #markiplier #yourewelcometour #markiplieryourewelcometour 😍😍😍

Oh I forgot I'm going with @cora_kobajiashi on @markipliergram show....aaaaahhhhhh so excited 😊😱😱😱🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌
#markiplier #markiplieryourewelcometour

Happy birthday to the best goob in the game 🎉💕 sry I couldn’t get a better pic of you during the show but hey it works 🤷🏼‍♀️ @crankgameplays #crankgameplays #markiplieryourewelcometour

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