❤🔎❤ Happy Bday Mark ❤🔍❤
I'd like to thank you for everything you do and everything you are, I find you're a real incredibly talented, funny and beautiful person and artist ❤ I'll never be greatfull enough to you for co-created Sherlock which is such a wonderful show that changed my life actually ❤ I think your writing is magnificient ❤ I also find you're a really gifted actor especially as Mycroft Holmes who is such a great character, really one of my favourite of the show ❤ I think you're really handsome and I love your clothes ❤ I love your way of being and your kindness and happiness that seem constant give me hope and joy everyday ❤ I admire you very very much and really wish I could meet you someday ❤ I hope you had a beautiful day and I send you lots of love and kisses ❤ wish you to be happy and even more successful ❤ thanks a lot for everything ❤ #markgatiss #hbmarkgatiss #gatiss #sherlock #bbc #221b #mycroft #holmes #mycroftholmes #markgatissisperfect #markgatissislove #markgatissisbrilliant #markgatissiswonderful

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