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This is a learning process and sometimes you have to fall in order to learn things. 😎

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Who's your personal authority figure? It appears that a big benefit of aging is that it tends to make us our own personal authority figures. A general theme loaded with wisdom that is coming to the forefront from many thousands of comments on the Silver Disobedience™ blog and related social media pages is this: Gone are the days we were completely vested in what everybody thought about our every action. We’re old and wise enough to decide for ourselves what is right for us. This is not to say we don’t respect the opinions of others.  It’s more that we have become much better at listening to the opinions—pulling out what we think might be valid and then more comfortably deciding what is best for ourselves. Our age seems to have helped us become more comfortable with looking closely at our lives and deciding that the only real authority figure for our actions and the life we lead is ourselves. Of course we all still look to other people for their opinions at times, but we know in our hearts, that once we decide to start opinion seeking, we’ve probably already made our decisions and are instead looking for validation of our plans. Silver Disobedience is a phase of accepting utmost responsibility for our actions. We no longer want others to make our decisions. We’re making them ourselves. Are your your own authority figure?
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Your dreams can not be reached in a day but a day at a time. Make the most of “right now” and your consistency will reward you. #dreamgrindshine. 🔝🔝🔝
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You have a limited amount of time to make that plan happen. My maxim is to win a $25,000 model contract. What’s yours? Post & tell your friends what your ultimate goal is, using the #MyMaxim hashtag.

'It's Not About What You Get, It's About Who You Become.'

When you're trying to get some place you want to be, or have something you want to achieve, the road to get there is often a turbulent one. Many people who have got there have said the most important thing was the person they became, rather than the achievement itself. This is by no means discarding the work put in to achieve something, but rather expressing the incredible self growth it takes to get there☝

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Because network marketing is people-oriented, you must learn how to listen closely to what prospects and partners say. You will have a better chance at closing a sale and working peacefully with others when you listen well. Good listening skills improve your understanding of others, the quality of your relationships, and your likability.
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Are You Too Busy To Succeed?

I have seen it far too often – a savvy, worthy business person misses out on an opportunity to grow their business and their profits. Why? Because they’re too busy.

What does that mean, though? Who is too busy for something wonderful like opportunity, growth, and increased revenue?

Well, maybe YOU are.

Do you…. Feel like you can’t do one more thing?

Sometimes see the added work of opportunity and growth, rather than the benefits?

Feel like you can’t learn anything new because your head is too full of stuff already?

Wish someone would just take something off your plate so you can breathe?

There absolutely are times we need to put our heads down and get work done. But we also need to recognize the times when we need to lift our heads up, look around, and see what we can do to improve our results.

What happens when we keep our heads down too long?

Life becomes a grind. We’re getting up every day. We’re working every day. But we never seem to get everything done. Have you ever noticed that no matter how much you do the list never seems to end?

We ignore the positive. We end up getting so focused on the mountain of work before us, we miss the blue skies behind it.

Albert Einstein put it perfectly: “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Are you too busy to succeed?
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A pic taken at our Facebook Ads workshop which took place this past Saturday. Were you there? ▪️

Another day, another opportunity; and this next one comes from Team One.

As a prelude to our firm tour with them next month, we have a panel coming to discuss agency life and possibly some internship opportunities 👀
See you there!

Successful people know this.
They invest an immense amount of time on a daily basis to develop a growth mindset, acquire new knowledge, learn new skills and change their perception so that it can benefit their lives. If you never try and take great opportunities, or allow your dreams to become realities, you will never unleash your true potential. Remember, who you are today, it’s not who you have to be tomorrow.

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Jangan, jangan salah fokus sama yang dibelakang😂😂
By the way nih yaaa...Ada satu yang diyakini oleh Team Unicorn dalam melakukan strategi promosi. Yaitu "THE POWER OF WORD OF MOUTH" .
Ketika nasabah, klien atau cust kita merasa PUAS dengan produk atau jasa yang mereka pakai atau beli, pasti deh mereka akan dengan ikhlas mereferensikan atau menceritakan ttg pengalaman mereka ke orang lain. Entah ke rekan kerja, sodara, atau mungkin akan mereka share ke sosmed mereka masing2
Jadi dehhh kita dapat PROMOSI GRATIS😍😍😍

How many times have you gone to Google, Facebook or any other review site to see what other people think of a product or service before you decide to buy it? Heaps, I bet! This process is called social proofing, and it is an incredibly powerful marketing tool that can singlehandedly win you new business. When customers verbalise how happy they are with the service or results you have produced for them, they’re advocating for you with more than just their word: they’re putting their reputation on the line. It’s for this reason why we can’t more highly recommend investing time & energy in getting your clients to write honest reviews about your business in public domains. It will add credibility to your brand, which will make new potential customers feel more comfortable in giving your brand a go.

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