mornin’ with a puppy of Markolains
((Bridget Jones III, Mark Darcy))
#colinfirth #bridgetjonesbaby #bridgetjones #markdarcy

Colin Firth, always 😍 #bridgetjones’diary #markdarcy

Colin Firth (the Mark Darcy we all know and love!) on the blue carpet for the Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again premiere. Always such a happy chappy! 🎥🎤👩🏻

— mark darcy just showed a sense of humour in bjd #bjdeletedscenes
in the screenplay, after bridget hugs him and two ladies point to bridget’s “genuinely tiny knickers”, mark says:
“Sorry. Heroin is a terrible drug.” 😂 #markbridgetvideos
i was wondering should i post this at the moment or not since everyone is focused on new movie; well, bj’s world still turns around mine; so.. 😏❤️
and that smiles still kill me af 😭
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#markdarcy #bridgetjones
#markbridget #bridgetjonesdiary

How can you not love Mark Darcy?? Since I am posting about movies, yep...in bed with vertigo. Started last night. Thought I was going to go over our balcony!
I am bummed we did not get to the gym today. I slept until 11. Ready to go back to bed.
Having a chronic illness takes your life and replaces it with bits and pieces of a life. I have noticed my mood since seeing the Chiro, has really improved. Im fine with being in bed, and resting. It is what my body needs. And if you dont take care of your body, it cant take care if you.
Go and see Chiro tomorrow. I didnt reach out to her today, which she will tell me tomorrow I should have. I just want to rest and watch movies.
So, since I am in bed, no work on Ebay ( ms*shopaholic ), or Posh @dewcrew or Macari ( sherri dew). Just movies and Netflix.
I love Bridget Jones, but the 2nd one, hmmmmm..
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