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This scene!!πŸ˜₯Thanks to @nicolasrueda who gave us this video!πŸ’• #theoc #treydies #marissacooper #marissa

Β» she was always happier with him
Β» ac onlyobrien [edited]
Β» sorry for the crusty voiceover^ !!
Β» cc silverstvrm
Β» fc 2,810
#theoc #marissacooper #ryanatwood #omgpage

she deserved better.
rm lovelyelena | for my fav harry
cc lunarpxtrova

You weren't meant to save her.. πŸ˜”πŸ’” #theoc #ryanatwood #marissacooper #taylortownsend #kevinvolchok

Ryan Atwood
general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don't like them | eh | they're fine I guess | like them! | [LOVE THEM] | [actual love of my life]
hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | [[[pretty hot]]] | gorgeous | [10/10 would bang]
best quality: his character development is the best on the show !!! he went from being in abusive household, poor, homeless to a loving family, college graduate and a successful architect. Like wow ! WHAT A MAN. He's so selfless and tries to protect everyone 😭 I loVE HIM SO MUCH
worst quality: he can do things impulsively at times & that's all I got cause he's such a good man
ship them with: Marissa
brotp them with. SETH, Summer, Theresa, & Julie
needs to stay away from: NEAR DEATH SITUATIONS!!!!!
thoughts on them: definitely in my All time favs list, Ryan is such the hero of the show

she didn't deserve her fate
cc: unlimited obrien
ac: eightiesparadise
#theoc #marissacooper


You weren't meant to save her.. πŸ˜”πŸ’” #theoc #ryanatwood #marissacooper #taylortownsend #kevinvolchok

I love Mischa way too much. She's my favorite celebrity in the whole world. I hope she would know how much i adore her. She shouldn't be judged for going through a hard time. I know exactly what it feels like when a mind is messed up. It's like hell. I have mental problems that make my life extremely hard in between. You can only note that Mischa is a strong survivor going through that hell. Having mental problems doesn't make a person lower.
In my eyes she's always a beautiful Mischa, even when seeing drugs through her eyes.
Just looking at her pictures and thinking about her in person many times makes my life brighter. She's my idol, i really have to say and Marissa Cooper is my favorite character ever. I relate very much to many of Marissa's problems and Mischa's problems in real life. Of course i don't have any experience on being a celebrity and i don't know what it's like to use drugs etc but i relate very much to all the struggle that a mental illness causes to a person. #theoc #marissacooper #mischabarton #queen

season 1, episode 1 😍😍😍 #ryanatwood #marissacooper #theoc #oth #onetreehill

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