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Our sweet baby girl will undergo another brain surgery very soon. She is to have a vp shunt installed, which will help regulate the fluid buildup in her ventricles due to her hydrocephalus. This condition is currently without a cure, and can only be treated by surgical intervention. We were hoping she would be eligible for a newer, less intensive alternative surgery, but after receiving a second opinion from Boston Childrens, the shunt was decided to be her only option. Our hearts are heavy with sadness and fear at this prospect.
I'm hopeful, that this treatment, although scary and definitely not without risk, will make her life that much more comfortable and better all around. We hope she'll grow to be just as bright and capable as any other kid, just with the addition of a little extra hardware in her brain. Happily, aside from her hydrocephalus, she is doing so great and it has been truly incredible to watch her grow and become such a little fighter with sass and personality all her own. We ask you to please keep her in your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.

Moonchild 🌙

This plump little dumpling is absolutely slaying her feedings! She's right where she needs to be and if she continues progressing at this rate, she'll be coming home to us in no time. Unbelievably happy this evening!

Mari is on the mend after her surgery this morning and doing well. She's very, sleepy and pretty cranky, but we're so proud of how well she did. Looking forward to the future and brighter days ahead thanks to her amazing neurosurgeon, nursing staff and team of doctors! Way to go, Junebug! 🥊

Who knew a 3-month-old could be so crafty!

Four months old and five days in the outside world. So happy she's home 🍊

Pure joy!

Snuggled up

"I'm gonna make him an offer he can't refuse"


Moonchild 🌙

#chain #gold #silver #marijune #necklace

Four months old and five days in the outside world. So happy she's home 🍊

"The owls are not what they seem"

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