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Can you name anyone besides #mariahcarey

In my opinion she wore that weight well but that weight loss tho 😍 people keep saying she needs to lose more weight, but a woman should be curvy! She's stunning either way! 👑 @mariahcarey #mariahcarey #transformationtuesday #transformation #weightloss #beautiful #gorgeous #curves #skinnylegend #kcas2017 #jimmykimmel #2015 #2017 #singer #songwriter #producer #queen #icon #legend #mariahsworld #idont #lambs #lambily #wearelambily

And THEN, got the same vocal fix from @jochenchiropractic that he used on #mariahcarey & #jonbonjovi #bringingvoiceback He says Voice might be good enough for Friday back to work! Yay!!!

2014 vs 2017 😍 #eternally12 hello I have no words😍 #lambily #mariahcarey

#WCW - @MariahCarey in 2006. One of my favorite fashion eras. 😍 | #mariahcarey #mcsparkles #lambily #queen #beautiful

#mariahcarey showing off hunni😍😍😍🤑 #touchmybody


Hey guys,
I wanted to do a quick FAQ to some questions you may wanna know
Q) Do you sell slime
A.) As of right now we do not, but in a few weeks our website will be launched and we will start selling
Q.)How much will your slime cost
A.) cost will depend on the size of your slime each slime has a different cost
Q.) Where do you ship to?
A.) for the first couple weeks we will only be selling to the U.S later on we will ship elsewhere
Q.) what if I do not live in the US
A.) No need to worry, we will start shipping internationally after we get everything in order
Q.) Do you make your slime with borax?
A.) yes we do but we are able to make it without.
Q.) how many types of slime do you have for sell
A.) At the time we start selling we will only have 6 slimes AND all solid color slime
Q.)Will you be allowing custom orders
A.) yes we will
Q.) what toe of payment will you accept
A.) we will accept all forms of major credit cards and PayPal
Q.) how long will it take to revive my order
A.) order time depend s on where you live and the time you buy your products however, it will only take 3 days to process your package
Q.) Will you ship my package right after processing
A.) It depends, if there are very few orders then we will otherwise we will have specific days orders will be out each week.
Q) how much is shipping
A.) shipping depends on where you live and must be paid by you. You also are responsible for any customs or import taxes that may come up

I love Mariah Carey and this is the most beautiful thing I've ever heard.

슬플 때나 즐거울 때나 노래를 들어~~~
머라이어 캐리 아줌마 - We Belong Together (#석호필 )
음악은 언제나 항상 내 1순위

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