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2016 or 2017? 😱😍
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Hey Sunshine ☀️💕 Nuevo video! Competencia de Twerk con Pepe y Teo! Link en la Bio!
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#MariahCarey & #BryanTanaka no #Nobu em #Malibu

37 fotos em UHQ: http://fotos.mariahnow.com.br/thumbnails.php?album=2800

i wonder what moisturizer she uses cause 😍😍

The way she waves her hand. this called "Diva Style"

#MariahCarey ❤️

@Arianagrande.... we don't curse on here, but we will make an exception for little ole you. Humble yourself you little teeny bopper BITCH!!
Since the #UK Terrorist Attack at her concert new news is emerging that it was her fault claiming the "LAW of ATTRACTION" Heres why:
Reported via DailyMail (2014):​ She is fast getting a reputation for being a bit of a diva.

But #ArianaGrande looks set to be subjected to another torrent of criticism after it was claimed she said she hoped her fans would 'F***ing die.'
While visiting a New York radio station in the summer. An industry insider told the New York Daily News: 'She did autographs and pics and was all smiles until she got into the elevator..
'And as soon as the doors shut she said, "I hope they all F***ing die."'
Her unfortunate alleged choice of words comes on the back of other claims the pop tart is growing too big for her boots.
The Florida favourite caused much uproar when she walked out on a meet-and-greet in Australia, supposedly because she did not appreciate how she was being photographed.
Her people are said to have told snappers, 'Don’t use natural light' and 'Do shoot only from the left side of her face.'
​E's Giuliana Rancic also claimed the singer was hard to work with at last years AMAs.

The saucy TV host claimed Ariana nudged her out the way so the camera would get her 'good side.'
She said: 'I just felt like it’s one thing if it’s #MariahCarey Whatever it takes to get Mariah to do an interview.
​"​But when you’re new on the block, when you’re trying to earn your stripes, you’re young, you just gotta do what you gotta do.'
She is also said to have been 'a total nightmare' a Stand up to Cancer event in LA after refusing to have individual snaps taken with fans who paid $495 to have their photo with her.


Touch my _____ 🤣 #like4like #comedy #Touch #My #mariahcarey

"#MariahCarey stopped by to surprise contestants and visit Jamie Foxx on the set of an upcoming episode of Beat Shazam.
The iconic singer's appearance was totally unexpected, as she walked onto the music-based gameshow during a round where the categories was "Divas." Foxx joked that Mariah Carey should be there for the round, evoking some laughs, and then she actually appeared and walked to the piano on set.
Carey stuck around for one song, which appropriately was her own "Always Be My Baby." Funnily, one of the teams guessed wrong and she had to give them a hard time before departing."

Mariah 🦋🌈🍯

"Shoot for the moon, even if you miss you'll land on the stars" 📸✨ #LosAngeles #BeingGoodToMe #StarsStrip #MariahCarey

I'm sending my love to the ones in Manchester. I've been thinking about this since the media first shared it, not only I thought about it. I put myself in their shoes. I couldn't imagine that, it's terrifying. I could only imagine how @ArianaGrande is feeling. I hope she keeps it strong for the rest of her amazing fans ( #arianators ) . I hope the fans keep it strong for @ArianaGrande . I hope the lost children and adults find it to their families. I hope their doing strong, keeping it strong and make it home. I'm praying for everyone. Including Ariana. #prayingmanchester #prayersformanchester 💕 We love you Ariana and Manchester #arianagrande #mariahcarey #dangerouswomantour

I'm bored and no one is texting me back.... time for a power nap 💤

#UnDiaComoHoy📅 en 1998, llega al primer lugar de las listas de Estados Unidos la canción "My All"🎤🎵 de la artista Mariah Carey💥

Es lanzado como quinto sencillo de su álbum de estudio "Butterfly"💿📻durante el segundo trimestre en el año 1998, alcanzando un importante éxito en Estados Unidos y a nivel mundial.🌎 La canción ocupó el décimo tercer sencillo de Mariah Carey en alcanzar el primer lugar de la lista "Billboard Hot 100", y se ganó la mención de ser la artista mujer con las sencillos número 1 en dicha lista.📃 #TuMusicaDelos90s #90s #MariahCarey #MyAll #Butterfly #90sMusic #90sVideo #Throwback #Flashback #90sThrowback #90sFlashback #ILove90s #MusicVideo #InstaGoog #InstaMusic #Nostalgia #Memories #Pop #PopMusic

"Me and Mariah go back like babies with pacifiers"😉🎼🙌What an absolute privilege to bump into you. Thanks for the laughs, the gyne discussion and for years of inspiration💛#legend #respect

I'm spamming but 😍

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