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something broke inside my head,, FINALLY GOT TO COSTEST MAE! it was really rushed and the bruising definitely needs work but!!! im really excited to cosplay #nightinthewoods with @ramvne
#nitw #nightinthewoodscosplay #maeborowski #margaretborowski

I dunno wot to say but dis flipnote is just lit
(Creds to:Natsuki
Or you can find it on Youtube the name's Flipnotes
Song:Jon Bellion-Guillotin ft. Travis Mendes)
*i cant even type today jfc*

#flipnote #nightinthewoods #nitw #mae #margaretborowski

#kingdevinjoseph #MargaretBorowski #MaeBorowski #NightintheWoods Margaret Borowski / Mae Borowski - Still wounded, Mae decides to venture out into the woods alone to find the group who chased her and the others, only for Gregg, Bea, and Angus to refuse to let her go by herself. The group enter the old mines and meet the mysterious group, who are revealed to be acult. The cult turns out to be behind the kidnappings of several residents, including Casey, taking those whom they deem useless to society and will "not be missed" into the mines to sacrifice them to a god-like entity called the Black Goat in exchange for keeping the economy of Possum Springs afloat. The cult's leader allows the group to leave, threatening them to never tell anyone about the cult - however while riding up the mine's elevator, a member of the group attempts to kill Mae. The others manage to save her and the elevator falls, collapsing the mine and presumably trapping the cult underground.

Depending on who the player interacted with the most throughout the course of the game, Mae will sit down with either Bea or Gregg and talk about the events of the previous night, and all the things that have happened in Possum Springs. The others join them shortly after, and Mae tells them that although they will all be forced to grow and adapt to life as it goes on for better and for worse, they can still enjoy their time together now. The game ends as the four decide to forget about their problems for the time being and have band practice.

《In the end of everything hold on to anything》

Hey Mae

did i ever mention that im cosplaying mae with the loving @ramvne as our favorite goth crocodile? #margaretborowski #nightinthewoods #fanimeorbust #fanime


《In the end of everything hold on to anything》

Sitting at home on sick leave for a messed up shoulder so what better time to try do more drawing. Working on designs for the NITW crew cus I am such a sucker for that game. ❤

#sketch #sketchbook #doodle #drawing #characterart #characterdesign #art #artistsofinstagram #artist #pencil #design #nightinthewoods #nitw #greggorylee #angusdelaney #beatricesantello #margaretborowski #gregg #angus #mae #bea

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