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A River by @MarcMartinillo |
The imagination of a little girl takes us on a trip down the river she sees our her bedroom window. Past bustling city scenes and stretched out fields. Marc’s stunning illustrations bring each scene to life in a world made up of textured watercolor and rich repeat patterns. The words are comforting and flow nicely which makes for a beautiful read a loud and tale about the places our imagination can take us.
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Marc Martin: Fenster zum Klo - Public Toilets and Private Affairs

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Keep cool. Excellent art by @marcmartinillo

Another fun book from Marc Martin - we have loved all his work. This one starts with the question “what’s up top?” on the first page as we see a long ladder stretching up, up away from us. The following pages give us rhyming answers that become longer and more absurd as we turn each one. At the end we are asked what we think is up top - a great chance for flexing the imagination muscles. This was our best effort ( a joint collaboration ) :- Is it the tail of a snake who’s just eaten a cake,
That he took from the plate of his best mate,
A zebra called Dotty who’s gone a bit potty,
Cos he just saw a door on which there’s a latch to open the escape hatch.
Yep ....maybe we’ll stick with the day job !!! 🐍 🍰 🍽🦓 🚪 🗝

What’s your favourite Marc Martin book?

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