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Photo : Marc Martin
(@things_that_stink )
Model : Arthur Gillet
#Threelittlepigs #marcmartin #arthurgillet #Fallos
Fallos exhibtion : dialogue bitween Arthur Gillet & Marc Martin.
Opening on 26th of March at Denker+Schneider Gallery. (Kalckreustrasse 14, 10777 Berlin Schönberg)

Речка-речка, где твой дом? Созерцательно-философское путешествие маленькой девочки, придуманное и нарисованное автралийским художником Марком Мартином (@marcmartinillo). Девочка видит из окна своей комнаты реку и задается вопросом: куда несешься ты, река-матушка? Книга приглашает нас в воображаемое путешествие по течению реки вдоль городских набережных всё дальше и дальше – вдоль полей и лесов, сквозь джунгли и водопады – туда, куда текут все реки. Такая вот экзистенциальная аллегория: путешествие нашего воображения может ограничиться стенами нашей комнаты, а может простираться до самого океана , или даже еще дальше.

Марк Мартин – большой любитель природы, флоры и фауны, что отчетливо прослеживается в его иллюстрациях. Его кисти принадлежат такие книги как «Иллюстрированный справочник экзотических птиц» и «Лес» – книга-притча на тему экологии. На русском пока не издавались.
#shaze_english_books #marcmartin #детскиекнижки Фото: @words.and.illustrations

So many lovely tiny people (💕!) in this beautiful illustration by @marcmartinillo [many more in his profile] #marcmartin #illustration

One of #marcmartin's illustrations, of leaves.

Rainy days editorial by @marcmartinillo

Yesterday I did something real and went into an actual bookstore and bought a book. Even the simple process of that was refreshing.
Stunning work @marcmartinillo
#illustration #picturebook #ariver #marcmartin

Another day, another afternoon waiting as my daughter has a drama class ....so I sit in Waterstones and get inspired..I love this book by Marc Martin @marcmartinillo ..so much detail! Exquisite! #marcmartin #bigpicturepress

My favorite illustrations by artist @marcmartinillo shared on the blog today! [link in profile] #marcmartin #illustration


호주 멜버른에서 활동하는 일러스트레이터 'Marc Martin’의 2017년도 신작 [ LOTS ] 가 입고되었습니다.
커버부터 빡세게 아름다운 [ LOTS ]. 이 책 한 권이면 여러분들은 의자에 앉아 전 세계를 편안하게 여행할 수 있을 거예요. -

세계의 젊은 탐험가들을 위한 절대적으로 유쾌한 가이드.
브라질 리우데자네이루의 빈민가에서 홍콩, 몽골의 울란바토르를 거쳐 모든 것들이 얼어붙어있는 대륙인 남극까지 이동합니다.
대부분의 사람들이 살고 있는 마을, 마을, 도시에서부터 지구의 표면을 덮고 있는 사막과 광대한 바다.
많은 사람들, 많은 장소, 다양한 풍경과 문화가 많이 발견됩니다.

기발한 사실을 베이스로 지독하게 욱여놓은 담백한 일러스트가 독자들의 관심을 끄는데 충분하죠.
그 밖에도 당신이 남극 대륙 전체에서 현금을 인출할 수 있는 곳은 단 한군데 밖에 없다는 사실을 몰랐다면 이 책을 펼쳐야만 할 거예요. -

당신의 턱을 빼줄 놀라운 일러스트레이터 Marc Martin 이 연속으로 제공해주는 풀 스프레드의 40페이지. 책을 덮고도 몰려오는 큰 감동들은 [ LOTS ] 가 당신 책장에 꼭 있어야 할 이유에요. -

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My first parcel of Amazon is here!!! I've been waiting for it since May!! It got lost and it was sent again and arrived minutes ago!! ❤
My primer paquete de Amazon está aquí!! Se perdió en el camino, entonces enviaron otro paquete para reemplazarlo y llegó hace unos minutos!! 😄💪🤗🌌🎉🌈❤ #amazonbooks #librosdeamazon #parcel #books #post #amazonprime #happyclient #correo #libros #clientefeliz #drawingwiththerightsideofthebrain #bettyedwards #artinc #creativeinc #artandfear #showyourwork #picturethis #chroniclebooks #imagineaforest #lots #marcmartin #printandpatternnature #hapinnes #felicidad

I purchased this amazing book 'LOTS' by Marc Martin from @lunaandcurious while I was in London. Bought for my daughters to share I also secretly needed to get it so I could pore over it too! It's the most beautiful book I've seen in a long time - full to the brim with adventure illustrations "for curious globetrotters, young and old." I love that the illustrator hasn't tried to over-organise it or make it like a visual atlas. It simply is a book "about everything for everyone" and the illustrations spill out in a higgledy-piggledy way on each page just as everything in life is sometimes disorganised and stacked high not neatly ordered.

I'm hugely rewarded by how much my eldest (Martha - age 8) loves this book and we spend ages finding bits we haven't seen before or new favourite bits on each page. She really is growing up to be a very visual person who appreciates a beautifully illustrated book or picture.
#marcmartin #lots #illustratedtreatofabook


This book is still a must read for my little boy. And now he saw falls for real, he wants to look it again and again ! :-) #unschooling #childrenbooks #livrejeunesse #marcmartin #cascade #fall #beautifuldrawing #albumjeunesse #lifewithoutschool #naturechild #naturekid #waterlover #lifeontheroad #ontheroad #books #bookstagram #book #livres #

'There is a river outside my window. Where will it take me?' Imaginary journey from the city to the sea. Get exploring with @marcmartinillo with one of our favourite, beautiful books! #ARiver
Image: @justonemorebook_ ❤️

@chickadee.lit and @julialinsteadt put something really special together when they started @kidartlit a couple of months ago — a story and art experience that’s thoughtful, enjoyable and developmentally-appropriate. With @kidartlit, children experience and explore art methods and techniques inspired by a beautiful book selected for the month.
Pictured is their subscription box from May, which fits this month’s theme of “books that take you places” perfectly. Included is A RIVER, a staggeringly beautiful book by Marc Martin. “There is a river outside my window.  Where will it take me?” A girl sits and imagines a voyage along a river through urban, rural, wooded, wild and oceanic terrain, each rendered with incredible depth, and utterly breathtaking.  The expansive landscapes in A RIVER are brimming with overlapping textures and dense colors—a poetic backdrop for the quiet and introspective journey of a solitary girl in her solitary boat.
The summer is a perfect time to try out @kidartlit, and it also makes for a meaningful time spent together on weekends during the school year.

'A River' we are big fans of Australian author Marc Martin, his books really connect with children and in a fun but gentle way. We love the detail in his illustrations and this lovely book is no exception. It takes you on a journey out a window and along a river through cities and farms, jungles and beyond exploring all that sits upon its banks. Using watercolours, ink and more Marc Martins textured illustrations are magnificent and so engaging, it's one of those books that takes ages to actually read because every two seconds my son is jumping in with excitement telling me something else he's seen or asking another question about the pictures. That however is what makes it so wonderful because it really inspires their imaginations and in such a beautiful way, even the end papers are amazing. This is definitely one of our special books and sits proudly on the shelf next to 'Lots' and 'A Forest'. #ariver #river #marcmartin #art

Bok 597. ALLT av Marc Martin "På kommande sidor hittar du fakta, tankar och upptäcker om vår planet. En del saker kommer kanske förundra dig och annat förvåna dig. En hel del ger nog fler frågor än svar!" 🌎🌍🌏
Läsålder 3-6 år #enbarnbokomdagen #bilderbok #barnbok #boktips #barnböcker #barnbokstips #kidlit #childrensbooks #librosparaniños #librosrecomendados #allt #lots #marcmartin #mirandobok #sommarlovsläsning #bookstagram Syntolkning: Boken ligger på asfalt där det precis har regnat.

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