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❤️Photo blast from the past with my all time favorite #MarcKayne @mpkaynephoto Thanks for the visit today xoxo

"If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn't. And contrary wise, what is, it wouldn't be. And what it wouldn't be, it would. You see?" _
I 💚 anything Wonderland related. And I never thought I could edit Mader into the red queen. It's not perfect but I tried. Even tho it looks nothing like Mader 💚🙃😂🙃😂💚 but I hope you like it all the same 💚💚💚💚💚💚 @bexmader #marckayne #bexmader

Gigi Style🙌 📷 by #MarcKayne @mpkaynephoto #laperlalingerie
Thank u

Marc said to make a wish, so I made mine. I hope one day can be real. 💚
@bexmader @marckayne #rebeccamader #bexmader #marckayne #bexus

OMG BEX AND MARC ARE MARRIED😭💚AND THEY LOOK SO CUTE AND BEAUTIFUL😍THIS IS TOO MUCH FOR MY HEART😭❤ @bexmader Your dress is so so so beautiful you look like an angel💚👼 Bex is such a wicked beauty😍
@bexmader @marckayne You two found each other and I'm so proud 💚
I hope you'll have an amazing and lovely life together with lots of Love ❤
Now,you are a family😘

I'm sending you two lots of Love ~Annika 💋

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He is a poet and she is his poetry ❣❤️ @bexmader @marckayne #RebeccaMader #Marckayne #BexMader #Love

Congrats to Bex and Marc!!!! Bex you made a beautiful bride!!! I wish you and Marc a lifetime of happiness!! #bexmader #zelenaismarried #marckayne #mrandmrskayne #congrats


Family is everything. 💚 @bexmader @marckayne This is the most precious thing I've ever seen. I dare you to find a cuter family than this one. I'll wait.
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rebecca / marc ✨
i posted earlier but i just needed these on my feed, they are so adorable & all of bex's ig stories are so cute (i'll probably post a load of them tomorrow haha) please tag them? @bexmader @marckayne 💗💗
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🇺🇸 #Bexus is the best relationship we could ever see. They are really cute, and I love their love 😂
🇧🇷 O relacionamento #Bexus é o melhor relacionamento que você poderia ver. Eles são muito fofos e eu amo o amor deles 😂
@bexmader @marckayne #bexmader #bexus #rebeccamader #marckayne 🙃
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Couple goals💚
So I'm on my way home from an amazing evening at the amusement park! I won in my group on one of the competitions and I obviously got super happy🙈 but now I miss my bed more than anything🙌🏼
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Can we just talk about how hella cute && extraordinary these two are 💑 Two puzzle pieces that fit perfectly together 💚 @bexmader @marckayne
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Happy #MothersDay 💚 Let's be real a dog is basically a furry adorable child and it's safe to say that Bella couldn't have wished for a better mummy than @bexmader 💚🐶
The #Bexus family is simply goals. I love them! 💚🙌
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rebecca mader ✨
there is so much i want to say here, but i guess the gist of it all is thank you so much for everything, the last three years of you bringing the wicked witch to life for us all i am so grateful for. i don't want to make this a sad post, because it's more about showing you how much you mean to us. although many people love your character, both zelena and rebecca herself have helped me so much, zelena like adam described showed us the past underneath the green skin yet was so badass and stunning, and rebecca has helped me through so much, no matter if it was something big or small, she's always managed to help me. although i'll miss her in new episodes like crazy, I'll always be one of her pretties because of course i won't stop because of this. bex has made me smile so much, and i honestly never thought i'd have the chance to see her in person or even be noticed by her. seeing her in april, even just seeing her laugh and smile in person in the panels and even her putting her arms round me, i can't explain in words how much that cheered me up and still puts a smile on my face. everything about rebecca just instantly puts me in an better mood, like wicked wednesdays, zelfies and calling us her pretties. "forever yours" i couldn't ask for a better idol, who supports their fans as much as you do and loves them like we're family. thank you so much bex, you have managed to cheer me up so many times and helped me, i can't begin to explain how much that has affected me, best of wishes and ofc stay wicked, i love you 💚💫 @bexmader @marckayne
edit: she saw this and i'm freaking out so much 😻 #ouat #onceuponatime #rebeccamader #bexmader #zelenamills #marckayne

I was going to reply to your comment, but Instagram wouldn't let me tag you in the comments, it doesn't let me do that in the caption of this post either but luckily I can tag you in the photo itself. Then I sent you a message, but I don't know if you check your messages (especially from the people you don't follow, I imagine you get a lot of those), so I decided to make a separate post about it.⠀
Thank you for taking the time to like these two posts, and for commenting on one of them. The one that you commented on is probably the most important one, and my personal favorite. It means the world that you took the time to do all that, it truly does.⠀
I hope that this account has your support, in a way, or I'm hoping that it'll have it one day. Either way, you're an amazing person. Never, ever forget that.⠀
Thank you for everything that you do for us, for always being so sweet. But most importantly, thank you for taking such good care of Bex. She's lucky to have you.💚⠀
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I wanted you to so bad be in the season 7. You are one of the main people who kept me sane and left me wanting to live. You kept me a live when I felt dead. You showed me my potential. I am getting my acting career back up because of you. You showed me I could be something. You lit up my dark world. I'll follow whatever's you do next but you will always be the best wicked witch ever. I'm saying good bye to the original ouat but I'll watch season 7. Thanks for dealing with my nonsense. Love you. @bexmader @marckayne you are amazing. I'm so happy you two stuck through all this. I'm glad you stuck with me for so long without blocking me. You helped me through so much. I cannot imagine my life without it and I am grateful. I cried so hard when I found you would not be in season 7. Wicked wins and you'll always be the best wicked witch ever. I'll miss my favorite redhead. I'll follows you through everything. I'll follow you through everything. As long as you're happy I'll be happy. Your happiness is all I need. Because honestly you deserve so much more. You deserve more than I can give. You deserve everything you deserve the world. It kills me I'll never get to meet you again. There will never be another Halloween wicked contest. There will never be another wicked once day. I know you said you respect this but I don't. I don't get why they wanted you to leave. It was not worth it. You and Lana @lparrilla make up the whole show. You two are one of the only reasons I watch the show. Ill miss you. I'll miss you always. I'll stick with you. I'll miss you. #ouat #onceuponatime #bexmader #wearealwayswithyoubex #marckayne #wickedalwayswins you two saved my life. Thank you.

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