Make sure you join us this Saturday for the first March to Close All Slaughterhouses in Manchester! 🙌❤️✊️
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On my way to the protest, my uber driver asked me "how do vegans have the energy to march?" I wish I could show him these pictures of the emotionally and physically strong, healthy, and passionate vegans that I was privileged to meet later that day. I was especially touched to see all of the young vegans who were proud to share their love for animals. •••
If you have time I highly recommend listening to the video of @jamesaspey doing what he does best. (PS- thanks for letting me fangirl) 💕

Yesterday I participated in the peaceful protest to close all Australian slaughterhouses. I was definitely a little nervous in the beginning as this was my first time protesting, but I was overwhelmed with positivity and love as soon as I arrived to the Treasury Gardens. I marched with nearly 1,000 other passionate vegans along the streets of Melbourne, bringing attention to the reality of animal cruelty. I also had the honor to listen to three famous vegan activists Patty Mark, Chris Delforce and my favorite, James Aspey. During one of the speeches, I was spit at by a man ridiculing the protest. Instead of feeling angry, I felt even more driven to continue advocating for a cause that has been such a blessing for me to discover. Since adopting a vegan diet and lifestyle, I have felt so much more connected to and grateful for life and myself. As someone who lives with anxiety and depression, veganism has offered me a way to simultaneously strengthen my mind, body and spirit- something I was doubtful I could ever achieve. Along with daily meditation and constantly pushing myself outside of my comfort zone, I am confident that I am on my way to reaching my full potential. Thank you to everyone at the march and in my life that is supporting me in pursuing this new journey. I would strongly encourage everyone reading this (congrats for making it this far...I promise I'm almost done) to try eating vegan for one day each week, or even one meal each week. I would love to help anyone interested in pursuing this challenge or learning more about veganism in general. And that's all... for now ☺️

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