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Предлагаю поучаствовать в мини-конкурсе и на минутку расслабиться! Хотите?

Придумайте диалог из двух-трёх (можно больше, если есть охота) реплик, о чем говорящий эти барышни! Первое , что приходит в голову 👀 А я выберу самый забавный и автору подарю крутейший подарок: настенный мишко-календарь (он же планер) от издательства журнала «Teddy and friends» 😍 (смотрите в stories👆).

P.S. Если диалог не рождается, придумайте название для картинки!

P.P.S. Завтра вечером объявлю победителя 🗣

Ну, что поехали! 🏇

DIA 14 | Amigas creativas 👥

Desde que comencé mi blog he podido conocer muchas personas creativas 📲 a la mayoría solo las conocía en línea pero después conocí a Fer 👯 @mariabyfer quien organiza reuniones de bloggers y emprendedoras súper padres ✨ gracias a esos encuentros he podido conocer a más personas creativas 😊 es genial poder platicar en persona con ellas 🗣 realmente las pláticas son muy enriquecedoras 💖 #marchmeetthemaker - 📷 @lau_silvab

DAY 31 | CUSTOMERS #marchmeetthemaker ✂️ We have some exciting news for y'all! We're in the process of making our hobby into an official business 🎉 We need a few more days until we can accept #mobilesfrombohobabyheaven orders again. We want to thank you all so much for your understanding and patience during this exciting transitional period! Also, this past year has been amazing, it wouldn't have been possible without your support, so THANK YOU ❤! I hope you guys enjoyed my posts on this challenge too, they can be found here 👉🏻 #marchmeetthemakerinez

#marchmeetthemaker is over and I failed to post ever day! Here's a few in one #creativefriends#inspiration#bestcustomer #

I'm a little late for #marchmeetthemaker but thought I'd do it anyway because there are now 40k of you following my humble little account (also inspired by @volaralparaiso)! And I've been called "Ronny" too many times even in real life, and people asking me if I bake. So here’s a few random things about me.
My name is actually Sharon, I’m from Malaysia and no, I don't bake 😂 Ronnycakes was a blog name my best friend Jon gave me. I do love stuffing myself with cake! I'm a self taught calligrapher and painter. Many people think I did something arts related in school but I didn't study art or design although I’ve always loved it. I graduated in accounting, and took a tedious admin desk job which saps my energy. I’m still at the job if you’re wondering. Taking up calligraphy and journaling two years ago saved me from a period of depression, when it felt like there was nothing keeping me going. Now I feel fulfilled when I write or paint and it blocks out everything else in my head 😌

I'm an introvert and awkwardly shy so it takes a lot for me to stand up in front of a group of people twice a month, talking about calligraphy. But once you get to know me better, I never shut up and am sarcastic with a dark sense of humour. I’m a total bookworm – I love reading and have more than 350 books which I read over and over. I don't drive, and I'm a very picky eater. I also like reading about serial killers on Wikipedia. 👀
I'm terribly klutzy and have tripped over my own feet countless times. I have the memory of a goldfish and forget things in 5 minutes. I'm OCD and can't stand any mess, except for gorgeous journal messes. I used to hate my dimples. I struggle with insecurity and self-confidence. But I’m lucky because I have fantastic friends who are always there with unconditional support and encouragement. I don’t have many friends, but I treasure the ones I have very much ❤

Wow I’m long-winded. If you got to the end, here’s a virtual cookie for you and THANK YOU for reading! 🍪
What else do you want to know? Also - I’d love to get to know you guys better, so do share a random quirk about yourself with me! 😁

Stunning 💓

@Regrann from @bethconnorstextiles - Day 2 of #marchmeetthemaker is Favourite Make. At the moment my favourite things to make are art batts. It's a bit like cooking, you weigh out all the ingredients, stick them in the carder then give them a good mix. You can never quite tell how they're going to turn out, which is what makes them so fun to make. - #regrann #igspinnersinspiration

Wow! We can't get over how amazing this beaded dodecagon is by @stirlingstudios ❣❣❣
#Repost @stirlingstudios with @repostapp
My 4 favorite sides of the beaded dodecagon. See my previous post to see all 12 sides - each one different from the other. This is "why I do it" - the theme of today's #marchmeetthemaker challenge. I do it because "it" - whether that may be beads, painting, baking, skiing, teaching, etc., can be entirely different every time I do it. I do it because my mind & my soul could never settle on mundane monotony, and I feel like I'm constantly bursting with a new idea or the need to make something or paint something. I've felt like this since I was a kid, when I painted everything in my bedroom and drew on my clothing and jerseys and painted the rocks in our front yard.
I just need to get "it" out, in a different way than I did it yesterday - and that's "why I do it". #stirlingstudios #whyidoit #maniacleartist

I’m 2 days behind the #MeetTheMakerWeek by @joannehawker of the popular #MarchMeetTheMaker campaign but will still try to catch up 😊
Hi, I’m Airees. I’m a mixed media artist from the Philippines. From the pages of my art journals, I incorporate my art with our very own handmade paper products like traveler’s notebooks and paper wallets, sustainably-made from abaca plant fibers in collaboration with our local artisans. ART+Sustainability pretty sums up what my small business Aireescreates is all about. 😊💚
I’m also passionate about art journaling which I share through my workshops. I’m currently working on a journaling book about ordinary women with extraordinary stories of hope, courage, faith and inspiration which I started during my Artist Residency in Finland 3 months ago. My goal is to publish it and donate to women survivors of human trafficking and abuse because I’ve always believed that art heals. ❤️
I like bright, happy colors. Mixed media collage is super liberating for me but painting girls and my Doodle®️ Fairies gives me a different kind of joy. ☺️❤️

Customers - Final Day 31 of #marchmeetthemaker Instagram challenge. A huge thank you goes out to all of my customers and supporters! As an artist nothing makes me happier than to share my work with those who appreciate it. Thanks for following my 31 day journey this past month... I hope I've shared a bit more of my process and insight into what I love to do.


@joannehawker (brainchild of #marchmeetthemaker)had a pair of slipper socks made with a yellow heart and now I'm in love with this colour combo! 💛💛💛 what combo is your favourite? Mine is usually the last one I made tbh! #loveheartslippersocks #eka #slippersocks #handmade

One of my aims from #marchmeetthemaker this year was to reach 1000 followers by the end of 2017. I am so close, thanks to you lovely lot, but just need a final push! .
Do you fancy winning yourself an organic, bamboo terry backed bib? I have three ready to go (Jade snakes, grey snakes and mint stars) and I will give them away to three of you if I hit 1000 followers. All you have to do is like this post, comment which one you would like and tag a few friends! .
This giveaway is in no way associated with or endorsed by Instagram. Winners outside the UK will need to pay postage fees. Good luck!

Just one more sleep! #sharetheloveTODAY
Hey y’all! Come out to the @thedomainaustin this Thursday where I’ll be all set up inside @jcrew
I’ll have these guys and a few surprises too. 100% of all my sales go to @txhuskyrescue so come on out and help save a life. One towel goes so far in finding a forever home to a #husky
It’s my only show of the year.
Check out my Instagram story for a sneak peek of what I’m bringing to the pop up

Just a little warning that I will be closing for Christmas in 11 days!! 🌟 Next Sunday will be the last day you can order for guaranteed UK Christmas delivery. Your orders have not stopped pinging through lately and I'm so, so grateful. Thank you for keeping me so busy! P.S how cute are these little Christmas sticker that I've been popping on all of your parcels... Christmas Robins are my favourite. ❤ X

Hello to all our new wonderful followers. 👋🏼 Thanks to the lovely @susiejverrill there are a great deal more of you tonight so I thought I should probably introduce myself! ☺️
My name is Gabi and I’m the founder of Chroma Stationery. Chroma is an online business providing personalised and branded stationery to gorgeous individual customers and in bulk to fellow brands. 🙋🏻‍♀️
We are all about colour and showcasing your personality, with 20 different colours to choose from, across multiple notebook and diary ranges! Simply pick a beautiful colour as your blank canvas and customise it however you wish with our foil embossing. Whether you’re after a logo, set of initials, a name, a favourite quote or graphic image - we can help you create a truly unique product or gift. 😘
📷 taken by the hugely talented @sophiecarefull - this was captured as a super quick test shot whilst she was being filmed for a very exciting film with @e_nation 🙌🏼 Even without concentrating she captures people so well 💗

Hi! so it's Day 5 of the #MeetTheMakerWeek challenge by @joannehawker 'SHOP' you can find my cards and gift tags on Etsy via the link in my profile or just search for rubyanchorcreations On Etsy. If you are in Adelaide you can also find my cards at the brilliant @rockretroscissors I'm also excited to share a selection of my cards will be available at the Etsy Gifted Market on 15th & 16th December in Port Adelaide on the amazing @throwshoe_ stall. Go check out Throwshoe's stall for beautiful vintage wares! ❤️#rubyanchor #adelaide #adelaideartist #adelaideillustrator #mediumship #witchery #vintageillustration #etsyshop #etsyseller #etsyaustralia #etsyadelaide #adelaidevintage #MeetTheMakerWeek #marchmeetthemaker #schoolofwitchery #sow #sowartist #yougotthis #doubletrouble #eatdrinkteabemerry #eatdrinkbemerry #christmas #greetingcards #christmascards #rockretroscissors #etsymarket #giftedchristmasmarket #christmasmarket

The last day of #meetthemaker for me, sorry it's late I'm a little under the weather.. so... SHOP// here are some images of a few of the items I design, make and sell. If you're after wedding stationery, gifts, printed homeware, art work, commissions, logo design then head over to my website which is - www.amybaileydesign.co.uk or visit my etsy shop! (More items need to be added this week).
I have different tabs to navigate on my website so you're looking in the right area ☺️ I have some gorgeous gifts to add this week which are perfect for Christmas!
I've really enjoyed sharing a little bit about me and learning about all the other #makers this week! Looking forward to seeing how everyone has progressed in #marchmeetthemaker! #meetthemaker #shopsmall #amybaileydesign #silkroadbyamybailey #printedstationery #artist #artisan #smallbusiness

Hello! Happy Monday! It's day 5 of the #MeetTheMakerWeek challenge by @joannehawker on instagram. ACTION/IN PROGRESS: I am currently working on a line of 'Love' cards with a little bit of humour and also a range of 'Witch Sisters'. I start out with pencil, outline details in pen then straight to watercolours ❤️🔮 ❤️#rubyanchor #adelaide #witchsisters #love #adelaideartist #adelaideillustrator #mediumship #witchery #vintageillustration #etsyshop #etsyseller #adelaidevintage #MeetTheMakerWeek #marchmeetthemaker #schoolofwitchery #sow #sowartist #wicca #vampirelove #biteme #yousuck #witch #witchesofinstagram #valentinesday #valentines

Day 6 of #meetthemakerweek is where can we buy? I sell my artwork mainly to companies and manufacturers who create products with them.But you can buy products with my artwork at @casetify , @spoonflower and @oopsydaisyart . This picture is a lovely product create by @birch.grove with one of my Spoonflower fabrics. 💗

#meetthemakerweek may possibly be over but I've been so busy with orders I forgot to do it! 🤦‍♀️ so here's 'work in progress/action/shop' all in one go!
This picture is me working from my kitchen table on some personalised items (in my pjs obvs!) - right now the pencil/makeup case pouches are super popular (online to order £9.95 each) and my personalised bags (£8.95 each) are also a winner - (not on website, please message me to order)
I haven't done any craft fairs yet with Lella but am hoping to in 2018 - does anyone have any good craft-fair recommendations for the south east of England?
Right, must get back to it - will be working on tshirts and sweatshirts now.....oh and don't forget to check out the website if you haven't already:
#meetthemakerweek #marchmeetthemaker #MeetTheMaker #smallbusiness #creativewomen #sweatshirt #personalisedgifts #christmaspresent #personalisedbags #stockingfillers #shopsmall #shoplocal #kidsclothes #kidsofinstagram

Very late for the last day of #MeetTheMakerWeek as I spent the whole of yesterday in the sky ✈️ but thought I should finish! Day 6 was shop! I don’t have an online shop myself anymore, I sell almost entirely wholesale. I have lots of very special British independent shops stocking my cards and I also have a couple of nationwide accounts I’m really happy to be working with! Export has been a big focus for us this last 6 months too and we are building really exciting relationships with our German, Swiss, French, New Zealand (and hopefully soon-to-be Australian) distributors! Can’t wait to launch this range in January and see them in shops in the New Year!

Hi! so it's Day 4 of the #MeetTheMakerWeek challenge by @joannehawker 'WHY?' Because all this little girl wanted to do and did do was draw (plus grow up to be either Lady Penelope or Barbara from The Good Life 😉) If I wasn't drawing, I was painting, or creating in one way or another. Now as I'm older and with a little bit of wisdom I realise this is part of who I am and I am happy, strong and vulnerable in myself when I'm am creating and sharing it with the world. ❤️Sending love to all the beautiful artists I have discovered during this challenge! ❤️#rubyanchor #adelaide #adelaideartist #adelaideillustrator #mediumship #witchery #vintageillustration #etsyshop #etsyseller #adelaidevintage #MeetTheMakerWeek #marchmeetthemaker #schoolofwitchery #sow #sowartist #yougotthis #doubletrouble #eatdrinkteabemerry #eatdrinkbemerry #christmas #greetingcards #christmascards

Eeek it's the final day of the fabulous @joannehawker #meetthemaker challenge •shop• This is my favourite feedback comment I've received - my aim is to make working with me fun and easy and to get great results. I know how busy life is so it's important the design process is easy and stress free ☺️You can work with me by direct messaging me via Facebook/Instagram or getting in touch by email/phone. I am also working on a lovely new sparkly website which you will be able to get in touch through. I'm more than happy to discuss ideas and make suggestions if you are not sure what you require. I don't believe in being pushy. I believe being friendly and helpful is much more useful!

#marchmeetthemaker DAY 6 SHOP I’m an online shop and you can find me either on my website aspoonfulofsugarandco.uk or on Etsy both are links in my bio. And this year is the first year I’m doing Christmas craft fairs @renegadecraft and @craftyfoxmarket which I’m very excited about. Here’s a sneak peak at my promo cards they’re freshly printed. Each one comes with a hand drawn quote on the back. 🎄😊
〰〰〰 #typography #design #lettering #graphicdesign #typographyart #graphic #typographydesign #spoonfulsugarco #positivevibes #type #typelove #handdrawntype #creativity #mycreativebiz #colourinspiration #print #branding #hello #smallbusiness #smallbusinesssaturday

Day 5 of #meetthemakerweek is Work in progress. This is my most recent work and I’m playing with the layers so you can see a bit of the process 🦊

The last day of #marchmeetthemaker is shop. You can currently find my work on Etsy. In the summers, I participate in local art walks. I have a few items left in the shop, you can find them at http://www.etsy.com/shop/jsthreads14 (or look up jsthreads14 as a shop namend it should find me).

Where? Day 6 #meetthemaker where can you buy my work? My work is for sale in a number of galleries as well as etsy, an online shop. Further details are on my website. See link in bio. Tomorrow I'm at The Higgins Gallery 2-5. Bedpop Christmas Event. . .
#meetthemaker #wheretobuy #marchmeetthemaker #catherinepeddeltextileartist #backofthework #machinestitching #galleryart #etsyshop #exhibition #workforsale #smallbusiness #shopetsy #etsy #thisweekend #thehiggins #bedpop #BedPopXmas #xmasbedpop

#MeetTheMakerWeek Day 6, so, finally, where can you get your hands on what I make?! This year I've been up and down the country at comic conversations, which has been incredible! It's been so humbling to have been invited to so many cons, and to have met so many brilliant people (particularly fun to have shared a lift with Benedict Cumberbatch at LFCC haha!). At the cons I've been selling prints, cards, books, and taking on live portrait commissions (a lot of pressure, but really fun!). You can also find my cards stocked across the country through @ohhdeer, and my books are in Waterstones! On the Internet you can find my prints, books, comics and portrait commissions on my Etsy shop https://www.etsy.com/shop/emmelineillustration (direct link in bio) and as always I take business commissions through email! I had a separate online shop for years, but I'm pretty new to Etsy (so any support appreciated!) - but I absolutely love the community aspect of it. It's so inspiring to get to know so many fantastic creators 💜

#meetthemaker #marchmeetthemaker #etsy #etsyseller #psimadethis #handmade #handmadegifts #justacard #illustration #comics #comiccon #SmallBusinessSaturday #SmallBizSatUK #print #art #etsymadelocal #drawing #design

Day 6 of #meethemakerweek! Where do you find our apps? That’s simple, on the App Store! Our apps are easy to find and available world wide. A lot of our apps also have translations in lots of other languages like Russian and Chinese, so people all around the world can use them.
We get lovely reviews every week. Here’s a recent one that really made our day!

#MeetTheMakerWeek Day 6 - Shop
I'm taking part in this week's meet the maker Instagram challenge and day 6 is all about how and where you can purchase my work.

This weekend you can find me at @cockpitarts Open Studios in Deptford, until Sunday. It's a wonderful festive shopping event and you can meet so many lovely makers. As always, there will be delicious refreshments on offer from the Handmade Cafe, and you can find me in Studio 203. Hope to see you there!

Deptford Open Studios
1 – 3 December
18-22 Creekside London, SE8 3DZ
Rail: Deptford or DLR: Deptford Bridge
Opening times: Fri 11am – 9pm, Sat + Sun 11am – 6pm

If you can't make it, don't worry, all my work is available to buy on my website, link in bio!
Other lovely places you can buy my work:
@anthropologie , @britishmuseum , @crabtreeuk , Royal Gardens at Highgrove, @hamptoncourtpalace , @hornimanmuseumgardens , Houses of Parliament, Imperial War Museum, Prince’s Trust Tomorrow Store, Somerset House, Southbank Centre, @wbtclondon , Wellcome Trust

Thank you to all my lovely customers and friends who have visited me already this weekend 💛

The final day of #meetthemakerweek, day 6! Where can you buy my goods? You can find my illustrations in the Studio Brun Shop, link in bio.
You can find my books and postcards in my shop, and I can ship worldwide. If you have a great idea of something you would like to have, a special poster on your wall, illustrations for your blog or a brand new logo for your own business, don’t hesitate and drop me a note! I love to think with you on cool new projects :)

Meet the Maker Week day 6
If you click the link in my profile it'll take you to all my selling places.
Facebook where you can often get first dibs on new stock.
Folksy where you'll find my full range.
EBay where I usually have a few things listed with a best offer option - perfect for a bit of a bargain.
#meetthemakerweek #marchmeetthemaker #meetthemaker #shopsmall #smallbusinesssaturday #shoplocal #folksy #madeinscotland

Today's #meetthemakerweek prompt is SHOP. At the moment I sell my prints online in my #Etsyshop (link in bio) but I also sell a lot directly via Instagram and Facebook. These Christmas cards are in the shop now, 1 for £2.50 | 5 for £10 | 10 for £15. Half of the retail price will go to @breastcancerhaven so please keep buying as it's a cause close to my heart! 💖
#poppekins #marchmeetthemaker #meetthemaker #etsy #etsyseller #etsystore #workingfromhome #illustrator #wahm #nativity #nativityscene #nurserydecor #family #workingmum #motherhood #colourfullife #madelocalmonth #smallbusinesssaturday #incolourfulcompany #independentbusiness #smallbiz #shopsmall #supportyourlocalbusiness #supportsmallbusiness #christmascards #breastcancerhaven #charity

7th and last day of #meetthemakerweek - where can you shop? In my Etsy store! You'll find the link in my bio 👆

Hi! so it's Day 3 of the #MeetTheMakerWeek challenge by @joannehawker 'WHERE, WHEN & WORKSPACE' . I work a full time job as a PA so I work on Ruby Anchor on the weekends and weeks nights. If I'm in the mood I sometimes draw a little during my lunch breaks as well. I have a sunroom which is turned into a studio where I work and store inventory. My cat, Absinthe also has a bed made from a vintage suitcase and sheepskin on a shelf with a view of the back yard so she's most happy when I'm out there as well. The sunroom is lovely but does not have heating or cooling so during the more extreme weather you'll find me drawing on the couch ❤️#rubyanchor #adelaide #adelaideartist #adelaideillustrator #mediumship #witchery #vintageillustration #etsyshop #etsyseller #adelaidevintage #MeetTheMakerWeek #marchmeetthemaker #schoolofwitchery #sow #sowartist #yougotthis #doubletrouble #eatdrinkteabemerry #eatdrinkbemerry #christmas #greetingcards #christmascards

Day 5 of @joannehawker #meetthemaker challenge •action/progress
I'm really flexible with ways of working and always adapt to a customers needs - If I'm working on a large branding project or the customer is not sure what direction to go in we start with mood boards. These are always lovely to work on as they can really pull together ideas, colour palettes, fonts etc and give the customer an idea what's going on in my head!
We review them together before I move onto the next step which is drawing out ideas/illustrations. I work with a customer until they are completely happy with the final design and I'm flexible with final files depending on how the customers needs to use them. I love that my customers feel like friends after we've worked together. ☺️ * please note these are research images only, not my own designs *

Two new shibori-indigo-hand-dyed whole cloth throw quilts have been listed online. These quilts are a collaboration project with the talented @carisa_star, and feature ultra-durable machine sewn binding for greater longevity. It was a joy to make these two, I really love them.

Day 5 #MeetTheMakerWeek is work in action. It’s also #festivefriday in card world where we all kick off Christmas card-sending-season by writing our own... I haven’t written mine today but I have been painting them. Swipe across for a little hyperlapse of this overexcited pair of puddings being born 🍩🍩

#MeetTheMakerWeek Day 5 - Action or Progress
I'm taking part in this week's meet the maker Instagram challenge and day 5 is all about how it's made.

Drawing is at the heart of my creative practice. Through a combination of detailed pencil drawing, collage and traditional print methods fused with digital processes, I aim to create kaleidoscopic compositions in a palette of vintage colours and textures. Everything is done by hand, apart from the very last stages of the illustration, such as cleaning up or adjusting colours on Photoshop. My illustrations are quite intricate so it might take me a few days or weeks to finish one, starting from extensive research, to product placement and sampling.

I tend to start working around 9am and finish around 7pm, although I can easily work into the night if it’s a busy time. In recent months I’ve definitely got better at working within slightly healthier hours and making time for a little relaxation in the evenings!
I tend to put 6 Music on in the background if I am packing orders or drawing. If I have been commissioned for a new illustration, I might go to a meeting with the client and my agent @theartworks_inc. I now spend less time working on admin since I have signed up with the Artworks, which is great; it means I get to spend more time illustrating.

I work at a desk most of the day, using my light box to draw, and my iMac to edit the illustrations. When it comes to colour palettes, often the client will have ideas for colours which may fit with their branding for the season, however generally I am attracted towards vintage, muted colours and textures. My desk is covered in patterned postcards and colourful clippings from magazines that inspire me, and I will keep scans of colours and aesthetics for future pieces. Pinterest is also brilliant for this. I’ve also started working with Winsor & Newton Pigment Markers as well as pencil, and they are fantastic for blending tones.

Photo (detail) by my oldest friend, the very talented @kimwilliamsphotography

• Action & Process • Day 5 of #MeetTheMakerWeek !

My illustration process looks pretty much the same every time. I start from searching a photo that inspires me in some way or I use a reference image sent by a client. Then I sketch with pencil on paper (my favourite is Botanical Ultra Smooth Watercolour Paper). Then I put layers of watercolours (usually St Petersburg White Nights) and add coloured pencils (@kohinoor_hardtmuth Mondeluz Watecolor Pencils) to show more depth.
When I'm happy with the final result, I scan my work and edit it in Photoshop. And that's basically it! The illustration is finished :) #meetthemaker #marchmeetthemaker #fashionillustrator #fashionillustration #illustrator #illustration #workinprogress #progress #wip #process #creativeprocess #howitsmade #howitsdone #illustrationprocess #watercolor #watercolorpainting #behindthescenes #stepbystep #etsyshop #etsysuccess #artlife #coloredpencil #watercolorpencils #watercolorpaper #kohinoor #stpetersburgwatercolors #tools #artprocess #christmasgift

Meet the Maker Week day 5
My current WIP is this blanket. A bit bigger than my usual, and currently being joined and bordered. Only recently discovered the utter joy they is the continuous join.

#meetthemakerweek #marchmeetthemaker #crochet #crochetblanket #grannysquare #crochetersofinstagram #crochetgirlgang #shopsmall #shoplocal #madeinscotland

#Meethemakerweek day 5. Time to show you some work in progress! When making an app we start by thinking out the process. The artwork always starts as sketches and drawings on paper. These are some of the original sketches for our weather app Wild Weather. One of many, because there are so many different landscapes and wild animals in Wild Weather!
#meetthemakerweek #marchmeetthemaker #meetthemakers #wearethemakers #artistsoninstagram #creativehappylive #makemakemake #appstore #ios #app #thestorybehindourbusiness #makerscollective #illustration #originalapps #design #designstudio #illustratorsoninstagram #businessmoms #domoreofwhatmakesyouhappy #thegoodlife #happylife #girlboss #makersformakers #folklore #folkloreart #creativeprocess #mycreativelife #handdrawn #weatherapp #appstore #ios

#Meethemakerweek day 5. Work in progress! My work always contains hand drawn elements. It’s what gives it that extra special something I guess ;) A project always starts with pencils and paper. My creative brain loves to draw on paper, and is always a bit more reluctant when I want to start on the computer right away. My recent folklore-ish illustrations like the blue horse starts with a pencil sketch, which I work out further with a simple black fineliner. When done, I scan it and fill in all the colours and details on the computer, using a wacom. I often try several color schemes before I settle for one in particular. This blue horse started as a yellow horse but changed to blue in the process :) #meetthemakerweek #marchmeetthemaker #artistsoninstagram #creativehappylive #makemakemake #thestorybehindourbusiness #makerscollective #illustration #design #illustratorsoninstagram #businessmoms #domoreofwhatmakesyouhappy #thegoodlife #happylife #girlboss #folklore #folkloreart #creativeprocess #mycreativelife #workinprogress #handdrawn #blue #horse #horsesoninstagram #horselovers #beforeafter #equine #pony #welovehorses

Day 5 of #meetthemakerweek - work in progress! Outside of Etsy I also make clothing, today I am working on a "space stars" (lol!) sweater vest!

Day 5 of #Meetthemaker week: action/progress. And I though it would be fun to do a doodle for you guys again, because I haven’t done any in a while. & Because it Friday and I am feeling a little slothy, because its nearly weekend. But also I am COLD(!!) I am really nog made for the winter, I drew you guys this little fella, hope you guys like him :) #meethemakerweek #marchmeetthemaker #makers #makersgonnamaker #makersmovement #etsynl
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DAY 3. WHERE, WHEN & WORKSPACE... Most of my work is done on my iPad so I'm able to work from wherever. When I'm at home, if I'm not drawing on my sofa or in bed then I can be found in my workspace which is is at the back of the living room. At first I thought this would be a nightmare but now I love it as it means I can still be social whilst working. Most of it gets done in the evenings and early hours of the mornings as I need to fit it around my day job. It can be stressful at times but like any one with a small business knows, it's worth it.

Hi! so it's Day 2 of the #MeetTheMakerWeek challenge by @joannehawker 'What?' I draw my own illustrations using pen and watercolour and create greeting cards, gift tags and prints. The designs are inspired by old films, anything vintage, gothic horror and witchery. I like to add a little pep talk to celebrate who you are, no matter what you set your mind to - you got this 👊🏻❤️#rubyanchor #adelaide #adelaideartist #adelaideillustrator #mediumship #witchery #vintageillustration #etsyshop #etsyseller #adelaidevintage #MeetTheMakerWeek #marchmeetthemaker #schoolofwitchery #sow #sowartist #yougotthis #doubletrouble #eatdrinkteabemerry #eatdrinkbemerry #christmas #greetingcards #christmascards #marriageequality #loveislove

Day 5 of #meetthemakerweek and today I wanted to talk about my work in action/progress. I start by drawing my designs on fabric or paper and I like to embellish them by using freehand embroidery and paint. I then scan them and pay around with my repeat patterns and send them to my factory in England. All my designs are printed onto Scottish linen. I sell my fabric by the metre on my website - more about that in tomorrow stories. I have a never ending to-do list of ideas for new designs and lots in progress but with three small children, no family to help and a husband who is always at work,nothing much gets done at the moment 🤗😬🙈 I am hoping when they are bigger, I will be able to move forward with my brand 😉 .
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Day 5 of #meetthemakerweek is Work in Progress. This capture shows both a collection of works in progress from earlier in the week (bookmarks, slowly being added to the shop) and also my 'workspace', currently also a WIP as I don't have a fixed space yet or even very organized storage. Hopefully by the time #marchmeetthemaker rolls round I'll be able to show you a proper workspace!
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Day 4 of #meetthemakerweek is WHY, or why not? I started doing personalised kids illustrations after making Fenna's birth announcement. 👶 I had so much fun with it that I continued doing illustrations as a creative outlet, creating something colourful that brings a smile on people's faces 😊 It's something I can do whenever/wherever so happy days! 🎉🎈😊 'Officially' I'm a fashion designer but it involves so much travel abroad and I'd miss out too much of my little ones at the moment, so I'm thankful I can do this! ❤️
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The best thing about the #meetthemakerweek challenge has been reading all of the reasons "why" creators do what they do.
What's new reason? This 👆
Double click if you fear the same.

There are many many reasons why I do this job, I’m a creative person and I can’t stand to be bored, I am almost constantly doing something until I burn out! I love fashion and textiles and always have and I adore being my own boss! Obviously it’s for these three, I want to support them and treat them and pay for trips and sports clubs and I also want to be there when they are ill, have a play to watch and be there after school. I also want them to see what hard work looks like and the value that can be found in working hard and aiming for something big! But it’s also for you guys! I love getting happy messages about your orders, seeing your fabulous photos and I love the ideas you all have for new styles, custom fabric choices and gorgeous outfits! I love being a very small part of your special occasions and I have made some great friendships via this little business! 😘

#marchmeetthemaker #why : I began making cards in my so-called spare time - I'm not very good at sitting not doing anything, so being crafty was a great way to occupy my hands! I'm now able to give more time to my enterprise, and feel super grateful that I enjoy my work so much.
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It is day four of #MeetTheMakerWeek
4. WHY are you a maker?
Honestly - because I can. And because it makes me happy and satisfied. I love to express my imagination and to make it visible to everyone. That's a great feeling. And I am grateful for this "ability" somewhere inside of me. And when the viewer is happy, entertained, touched or amused - that's the best part of it. That's why I like to be here on Instagram - always happy about feedback!
Making drawings is different: often easy when you let go and just draw. Sometimes difficult when there is a specification to meet, all along many failed attempts.
A drawing like this one - without a deeper meaning - this is easy to start and you're free in completion. For me this is a sensational feeling. Going to sleep a lot happier, when I have created such drawing like during the day.

Ehrlich gesagt - weil ich es kann. Und weil es mich glücklich und zufrieden macht. Ich kann die Figuren, die in meiner Phantasie entstehen herauslassen, für alle sichtbar machen. Das ist ein tolles Gefühl. Und ich bin dankbar für dieses „Können“, dass es da irgendwie in mir drin ist. Und wenn sich dann der Betrachter darüber freut, unterhalten, berührt oder erheitert wird - das ist das allerbeste daran. Deshalb bin ich auch so gerne hier auf Instagram und freue mich immer riesig über jedes Feedback!
Natürlich gibt es Unterschiede, Bilder die von selbst kommen und welche die ich - manchmal auch sehr mühsam und nach vielen Fehlversuchen - nach einer bestimmten Vorgabe zeichne.
Eine Zeichnung wie diese hier, die es ohne tieferen Sinn gibt einfach zu beginnen und dann fertigzustellen ist ein zutiefst befriedigendes Gefühl. Wenn ich an einem Tag nichts derart zustande gebracht habe gehe ich meistens sehr viel unzufriedener schlafen.
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MeetTheMakerweek day 4. Why are we makers? Making things makes us happy, and the best thing is to make something that brings a bit of that happy vibe in your life too! We started Wild Ventures a year ago after the succes of Wild Weather and our decision to want to make more apps. We both have our own personal design studio’s next to Wild Ventures. 
We’ve always been makers and I guess we’ll always be makers. Even if we won the lottery I’m 100% sure we would still be makers and we would still be making the apps we make. #meetthemakerweek #marchmeetthemaker #meetthemakers #artistsoninstagram #creativehappylive #makemakemake #appstore #ios #app #thestorybehindourbusiness #makerscollective #illustration #originalapps #design #designstudio #domoreofwhatmakesyouhappy #thegoodlife #happylife

Day 30 of #MadeLocalMonth: Wrap it up 🎁 these mini unicorn collar pins are magically disappearing off the shelves FAST! Here’s how@we wrap em up, & here’s how we’ll wrap up this wonderful Instagram challenge. We have been terrible at keeping up hopefully we’ll be nice & organised by the time the #marchmeetthemaker 2018 rolls round. Thanks for the inspiration @bythelockhandmade
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Day 4 of #MeetTheMakerWeek: Why do you create?

Ok, yup, that's tiny me. Refusing to colour leaves within the lines. These days I'm a liiittle neater, but I've always absolutely loved drawing.

I remember once in primary school I drew a picture of a rat, and our teacher liked it so much she had it on the wall for years! So, um, I liked drawing rats (!), and faces, and scenery, and, well...everything! A lot of my spare time was spent drawing; intricate house layouts, designing dresses with my schoolpals, and obviously drawings of my friends and teachers (in fact a couple of weeks ago Meet The Maker creator @joannehawker sent me a snap of a sketch of one of our *particularly* nasty teachers I'd drawn in her schoolbook haha!). Drawing has always been a kind of need for me. I crave drawing as much as I crave pizza sometimes! I've wanted to be an artist for as long as I can remember (although apparently I also wanted to be a ballerina AND firefighter). That passion for drawing and visual problem-solving spurred me on through college, an illustration degree, and now a career as a freelance illustrator!

Right now, I create for money as well as passion, and obviously that has its upsides and downsides. Some of the things that keep me enthusiastic about creating are all the incredible people I've met along the way, the opportunities I've had to teach and talk about the important issues in our industry, the chance to do what I love for a living, and of course the amazing support and feedback I get from people around the world (just look at that picture I was sent from Singapore of the little girl with my book, waah!!). So thank you for keeping me going, guys! 💛

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Day 4. Why? Hmmm, because I can, keeps me busy, feeds the soul, identifies me. I love making and the learning that goes alongside. I like a challenge, the photograph is for a competition I've entered. The original art is on the right. The cushion available to buy until 24th December. To get to the next stage, if you would be so kind as to LIKE and SHARE. Facebook >Wraptious >catherinepeddel. Thank you.
. . . . .
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#meetthemakerweek prompt of the day: Why do you make?
Well, I just can’t not make. I’ve always been creative and loved arts + crafts. There’s just something so fulfilling when you finish a project and it looks just like you imagined it and you know you created it from nothing! Even better: when other people love what you made + want to buy it from you. Such a huge compliment!
Not part of this challenge but I should all my Edmonton people know that I’m set up at the #Butterdome from today to Sunday.

I started Salty Seas a few years ago unofficially and officially, last year....we are based in Chasetown in Staffordshire, miles from the sea but we are near Chasewater...I had a studio built in my garden which is lovely in the summer but freezing at the moment....the picture is of a more or less tidy workspace which is rare!!....#love #instagood #saltyseas #cornwall #devon #coast #seaside #happy #followme #handmade #craft #summer #handmadeart #shipping forecast #maps #etsyhandmade #driftwood #driftwoodhouse #driftwoodart #marchmeetthemaker

#MeetTheMakerWeek Day 4 - Why

I'm taking part in this week's meet the maker Instagram challenge and day 4 is all about why I do what I do... I’m lucky enough to have very open-minded, supportive parents, who despite not working in creative fields themselves, are very creative (Dad is a vascular surgeon, Mum is a nurse prescriber.) They encouraged us to pursue our passions, and they definitely emphasized the importance of both hard work and creativity. My brother, sister and I were always drawing pictures, listening to and playing music and reading from a young age (a lot of Roald Dahl and Judith Kerr!) our home was full of colourful textiles from India (our Dad is from Mangalore) and perhaps this shines through a little in my work, I hope so anyway.
I loved music, psychology and art at school. I did an Art Foundation course, and went to an Illustration open day at the University of Westminster - this was when I knew Illustration was the path for me. My tutors were fantastic – we are still in touch now, and they continue to visit my studio and exhibitions.
As a freelance illustrator, every day is different and it is this variety that keeps me interested and excited. I think I am also very suited to it, I have an eye for detail and am quite meticulous with the level of work that goes into each illustration- they require a lot of patience, and I love the business part of illustration too. My work and home life are very much intertwined and it can be difficult to know when to stop and leave the studio! On a day-to-day basis, I drink lots of cups of tea and am getting better at working more ‘normal’ hours!
My design hero is William Morris, and my mind was blown when we discovered that our great grandmother worked for Morris & Co! I love his quote, ‘Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.’

DAY 3 of #marchmeetthemaker is WHERE, WHEN & WORKSPACE:
WHERE - MLS HQ is based in Faversham, Kent
WHEN - MLS started in 2016 while being on maternity leave, the idea to start a business was first placed in my head while pregnant, I was looking for unusual pieces for our nursery and baby, I then started making a few things, it wasn't until after Isabelle was born that I decided to give it a go.
WORKSPACE - I use to work out of our spare bedroom, but that has now been taken by little Isabelle, so I have been relegated to the conservatory. It is a big space, perfect in summer, but freezing in winter! Luckily hubby has installed a little heater for me so I can keep warm.

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