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#marchinlikealion @librasuncreations What needs nurturing in order for me to grow.
Eight of Spirals
I need to listen to my dreams and follow them.

#MarchInLikeALion Day 16: What do I need to be more accepting of?

Ace of Swords & Ace of Cups

It's funny. The Ace of Swords jumped out when shuffling, so I set it down to add to the reading. A little more shuffling and the Ace of Cups jumped - I started chalking my 'jumpers' up to sloppy shuffling. I put the Cups card back into the deck, shuffled shuffled shuffled and pulled...the Ace of Cups. Ok, so maybe I wasn't just being messy 😉

So much newness! For a 'want to know it all' soul like myself beginnings are a bit tough, but I need to accept that we all start somewhere and it's kind of normal to not leap to mastery right out of the gate. Especially when seeking knowledge and a taste of enlightenment there will *always* be something new to learn, something to be awakened to.

And beginnings shouldn't be rushed through. These Aces - when seen as the pure potential that they are - should be exhilarating; not seen as wobbly baby steps but as the buoyant, boundless first footsteps along a fresh, unblemished excitingly new path.

Knowledge will come. Connection will come. I need to accept (and enjoy :) every step of the journey.

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#marchinlikealion @librasuncreations
What do I need to be more accepting of.
Six of Wands
I am capable of great success and should be recognized for it. I am worthy of praise and I deserve it.
A message I really needed today.

#marchinlikealion @librasuncreations
How can I quiet the ego.
The Star ⭐️ I am going to be very literal here. Nothing quiets my ego like looking at the enormity of a night sky 🌌 full of stars ✨

#marchinlikealion @librasuncreations
Where do I need to be extra aware today.
Three of Swords
I am a bit fragile today. I am piercing myself with negative thoughts. I need to be aware of what I am doing to myself and love myself as much as possible.
Best 3 of Swords ever.

#MarchInLikeALion Day 4: How can I cultivate Determination.
I almost didn't put this one into the challenge. It felt a bit similar to yesterday's quest for courage. But courage alone doesn't reshape our worlds; determination - a commitment to purpose - is what takes that fire in our hearts and keeps us moving forward. And as the moon grows more full we need to hold in mind the seeds we chose to plant when it was New.
I pulled the 9 of Cups, wish fulfillment and satisfaction. It may seem counter-intuitive to view a card of contentment as motivation to evolve, but I see it as the vision I need to hold in my heart - a goal to reach for. Envisioning a life of fulfillment and overall sense that all is well with the world is enough to keep me headed in the right direction, course-correcting as needed to end up in that chair, contentedly surveying all my happy, over-filled cups.
There really is no ending place for my journey of personal growth, so I also want to hold the energy of this card in mind as a reminder to look around and enjoy where I am - wherever that is - knowing that this is only the beginning. ✨


#marchinlikealion @librasuncreations
What action can I take towards creating the life I want.
Nine of Swords
Let go of fear and anxiety.
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#marchinlikealion @librasuncreations
What might be holding me back from moving forward.
Knight of Wands
I have the drive, but just don't know where I am going with it. I chase whatever is in my line of sight, whether it's the best way to go or not.

#MarchInLikeALion Day 15: Where do I need to be extra aware today?
The Hierophant (9 of Wands)
Measure twice, cut once - advice I heard my father give years ago that popped into my head when I turned today's cards. It's a day to be sure we're not cutting corners, that we're doing things the way they need to be done and we're doing it right. We don't always need to think outside the box - sometimes it's perfectly OK to run with the assumption that things are the way they are for a reason and use that knowledge to our advantage.

It's worth the extra time today to ask for clarification to be sure we understand, to re-read emails before hitting 'send', to look twice before pulling out into traffic. Maybe look 3 times on that one – not everyone has the Hierpophant over their shoulder today making sure *they're* doing the right thing 😉



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Marchinlikealion Tarot Challenge

Day 31 (Final Day)

Out like a lamb: How can I be more gentle with myself?

Four of Chalices

I need to know that at times I overindulge in things that make my every day. This causes me to feel stale and stagnant. So what I need to do when these times happen, instead of beating myself up about it, I need to take a moment and figure out how I can make the stale thing fresh again.
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Marchinlikealion Tarot Challenge

Day 30

What guidance is being offered from my higher self?

Five of Pentacles

My higher self is saying that it's ok to hit rock bottom. Everything will be fine because from here you have no enemies and your true needs come forth. The only way is up. What brought you here could be misshandling a situation or just super unluckiness, but either way rock bottom is what you got. You just have to climb back up.
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Marchinlikealion Tarot Challenge

Day 29

What intention will propel me forward?

Page of Chalices

My intention of sharing my emotions with the world will send me forward. I want to share my happiness, my love, and my passion for things with others and this will boost me forward. Being honest and pure will help me out.
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#honest #simple #pure

Marchinlikealion Tarot Challenge

Day 28

What action can I take toward creating the life I want?

Seven of Chalices

I need to stop over indulging. I need to stop hiding in my bubble and shunning away the real world. I need to focus on me and my problems as well. If I can face then I can go forward in life.
#marchinlikealion #tarotchallenge #day28 #selfish #sevenofchalices

Marchinlikealion Tarot Challenge

Day 27

Where can I begin to focus my potential?

Five of Wands

I can begin with not losing control when I run into opposing arguments or personalities. Then I can focus my energy on listening and learning and growing from those that don't see my goal, because they may actually give me sound advice to grow from.
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Marchinlikealion Tarot Challenge

Day 26

What ghost do I need to lay to rest?

Three of Pentacles

I need to stop thinking I can fix people. It's not gonna happen. In the end it's more work with no real reward. I can only help those that want to be helped.
#marchinlikealion #day26 #threeofpentacles #mrfixit #laytheghosttorest #tarotreadersofinstagram

Marchinlikealion Tarot Challenge

Day 25

Where do I need to learn to surrender?

Knight of Chalices

I need to just get over the fact I am emotional. It is a part of me and it will always be a part of me. I just need to surrender to that. However it does not mean I let them control me. I just need to ride them out and steer them myself. But becoming a stoic person whom does not let their emotions show at all.... That will never be me.

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Marchinlikealion Tarot Challenge

Day 24

What do I need to know to heal?

King of Cups

I need to know that I have to control my emotions. No doubt my emotions are extremely potent but I need to direct them in the right way. Otherwise they go insane and take control of me. That can't happen if I want to be successful and move forward. I am a King in my own right and have every thing I need inside to launch myself forward, but if I don't learn to control my emotions more, they are gonna send me flying back.
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Marchinlikealion Tarot Challenge

Day 23

What isn't working for me now?

King of Swords

I am not accepting reality. I am not facing my troubles with a level head. I am letting my emotions take control and rule my decisions. It is causing havoc in my life and I need to be in control.

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Marchinlikealion Tarot Challenge

Day 22

What is working for me now?

The World
Destiny. I have hit that moment where I am tranquil and I deserve it. I can close my eyes and know that right now my life is complete. I don't need anything. I have what I need, just not what I want. And it's nice. I feel at peace strangely enough.

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Marchinlikealion Tarot Challenge

Day 21

What needs nurturing in order for me to grow?

Two of Chalices

I need to nurture my inner beauty and let it shine. I have a kind heart but sometime hide it to keep it safe. I have to learn that the hurt helps it grow more beautiful. By opening myself to let my light shine through, I will attract more beauty and love in my life.
#marchinlikealion #tarotreadersofinstagram #tarotchallenge #divination #innerlight #love #twoofchalices

Marchinlikealion Tarot Challenge

Day 20

What needs to be awoken in me?

Knight of Chalices

I need to get a grip on my emotions. I must learn a way to ride them out, but not let them completely destroy my life. It's a good way to get knocked down a peg or two if I can't figure out to control them. I do however need to realize there are no real boundaries that are holding me back either. I am the master of my life!

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Marchinlikealion Tarot Challenge

Day 19

How can I quiet the ego?

Knight of Swords

I have been trying to control too much. Face the challenges in my life head on and without the ability to bend. And it has not been working well for me. What I need to do is take a step back and analyze the situation. I need to let life take me on my ride right now. And just go with it.
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3月のライオン🦁大ファンで試写会目当てで参加したんやけど…コラボムービーに少しばかし参加させてもらえました٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و #photobyまゆみ(笑)
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Marchinlikealion Tarot Challenge

Day 18
What do I need right now to breathe?

The Emperor

I need a little more control and structure to my life. Right now it feels a little unstable and I need to be the Emperor and get that control myself. Of course, I should be a just and kind ruler and not a tyrant (I can be a control freak). I just need to be the strong leader and figure that I know I am and I can breathe a bit more easily.

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Marchinlikealion Tarot Challenge

Day 17

What lesson am I learning now?

The Moon

I am learning to see through the illusions. Break free of the "maladies of the moon". I am learning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. My world is filled with shadows and distortions right now, I am simply making my way through to day light.
#marchinlikealion #tarotchallenge #themoon #lightattheendofthetunnel #hope

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