A year ago today was a very challenging day.
I remember that morning packing my duffle bag with everything I needed.
Shaving my face and head followed by my morning shower.
Getting my BDU pants, polished boots, cap & unhooded sweatshirt on, etc....
Leaving that morning for the Academy at 5:15am to make sure I was ready for our squad departure at 6:35am to head into the building before our 7:00am start.
That day went by very smooth as we were in our 2nd day of Learning the Range plus our PTC Re-Test.
I was pumped because I knew that I shouldn't have had to do the sit-ups again since the first time I did 40 & had witnesses that all said to me that the D.I was most likely playing head games since he said I only did 25.
I figured that it was a head game especially with how strict my form was from what they showed us.
We got changed & did our warm-ups.
I'm laying on the mat & the same D.I walks across from the girls side of the mat that played the head game with a huge smile on his face.
This is the same guy that grabbed my Ocean County Patch & told me how our County is nothing compared to their County (l won't type everything he said) & how he couldn't wait to kick me out like the last group from Ocean County.
As he comes over he asks me "If I'm Ready to do my Sit-ups" & like anyone with a Pulse plus HEART I said "Sir Yes Sir" then 30 seconds passed starting the Re-Test!
I do 27 sit-ups without any hesitation with him counting than out of nowhere on rep 28 he decides to repeat 27, 27, 27 over & over with turning his back on me.
The recruit holding my feet mouthed "WTF" & after that the minute was up.
He says something negative towards me & says out loud to the people in charge that absolutely didn't look at my side of the mat I was 1 short with only doing 27.
I remember feeling ROBBED & like a COMPLETE FAILURE!!!
After this experience with AAAO not being around Anxiety & Depression just took turns on me!
I felt like I let down my kids, family, references & everyone that believed in me.
After time this horrible experience gave my SOUL STRENGTH, taught me to Follow my HEART & Never Give-up!!! #NeverSettleAndStayDriven

Awesome moments over the best 12 months of my life 👩‍❤️‍👩 #growingupchar #sheissomuchlikeme #12monthsoflove💖 #march7th2017 #birthdaycountdown

One of the best memory in 2017💋
#march7th2017 #12a8 #flashmob #vtshighschool

Flashback with baby Charlotte-Rose... #roadtoayear #thecountdown #12monthsoflove💖 #march7th2017

She loves her new bed! ❤️ can’t believe she’s going to be 1 😩😩😩❤️❤️❤️❤️ #almostone #march7th2017 #mybabygirl #oneyearold #loveshernewbed #pawpatrol #littleone #iloveyoumonkey

Starting off everything by making her centerpieces #firstbirthday #march7th2017

Chilled night playing zelda on the switch. Such a beautiful massive game! Spent around 5 hours just exploring the land. Easily the biggest open world game I've ever played! #page66of365 #nintendo #nintendoswitch #zelda #zeldabreathofthewild #masterpiece #dosomethingdifferenteveryday #march7th2017

Take me back to this night 😩 #concertblues #March7th2017

My beautiful baby girl turned one month today 🤗👶🏻🎀 she's such a blessing #mybabygirl #beautiful #avavictoria #march7th2017

I Fall In Love With You More&More Eachday
You Was My Missing Puzzle
You Is What Completed My Little Family
My Girls&I❤💜💙
I'm Beyond Blessed Because Of You✨&God Made You Just For Me😊
Idk What I Will Do With Out You My Love💙
Happy First Little Month Bebe😘



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