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iconic trio :) what’s your guys fav wdw lyric? comment below! •

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Love this pics of Daniel and Jonah

❤❤Chapter 40.75❤❤
"How about you," he asked, "are you ready to work a show?"
"Honestly, no." I answered.
"Don't worry, you will do amazing," he said, "you are amazing."
I pull him into a hug.
"What did I do to deserve you?" I whisper into his chest.
"Um, if anything. What did I do to deserve such an amazing and loving girl like you?" he corrected.
I lean forward and give him a kiss.
"Good luck out there." I told him.
"Good luck to you back here." he replied.
"We shall both need it." I comment.
We both laugh and then Zach started to walk towards the rest of the boys who were about to go on stage. He turned around one more time coming towards me.
"What did you forget?" I ask.
"To give you your kiss, silly!" he laughs.
He leaned forward and gave me a kiss making me smile more.
"I can feel your smile and it looks beautiful." he whispers.
"Oh shut up Zach!" I replied blushing.
"Are you blushing now?" he asked.
"NOOO." I answered.
"That's completely a lie." he laughs.
"I hate you so much Zach." I answered.
"Oh also your fired." Zach said.
"From what?" I asked concerned.
"As our personal assistant," he answered, "you are now only MY personal assistant" "I wonder about you sometime Zach." I answered.
"I do too Sarah," he replied, "I wonder how lucky I am to have you."

❤❤Chapter 40.5❤❤
He turned to me looking slightly hurt, but I move up to his ear.
"Don't worry I'll go talk to Mackenzie about us." I whisper.
I give him a quick kiss on the cheek making sure nobody saw that. He leaned forward and gave me a kiss on the forehead making me of course blush. We start to go to our stations for the meet and greet. For the meet and greet portion, Jess is backstage getting everything prep for when the actual show starts and I just help control the people in line. Mainly when they excite the meet and greet portion. The line up for pictures in Daniel, Corbyn, Jonah, Jack, Zach and then Mackenzie. A lot of people were surprise when Mackenzie was there with the boys. I heard some people say things like, "Ohmygosh Mackenzie, you and Zach would look cute together!" or "YAS #Zakenzie" which I thought sounded kinda weird, but whatever. Every time a fan would say something like that to Mackenzie, she would agree with them and then look at Zach to see if he would agree with her. A majority of the time he would pretend like he wasn't listening or something to the conversation. They would take the picture then as the fan left, he would look at me with two looks: a "i'm sorry" kinda look or a "you are so adorable" look. Honestly, I don't know how I feel about Zach right now. Like, I don't know, I just can't describe how I feel about him right now. The last fan of the meet and greet left to go into the venue which meant that it was finally show time. We all head backstage and can hear the fans talking and getting excited. It's dark backstage right now so it's very hard to see faces, so you can only see a person's silhouette. I was putting my mic on when I feel a pair of arms wrap around my waist from behind me. I jolted back a little bit hearing a familiar chuckle.
"Did I scare you?" Zach asked.
"Slightly." I laugh just getting him to laugh a little bit more.
"Score." he chuckles.
"You can't see it, but I am rolling my eyes." I replied.
"I can feel it right now." he responds.
I sigh turning around to "face him"
"Are you ready for you first show in a while?" I ask him.
"Honestly, yes." he answered.
"That's good." I comment.

❤❤Chapter 40❤❤
Me and Zach were walking around the area, secretly and not getting noticed by any fans. He was wearing an outfit that the Zach Herron would probably never wear, which probably helped a lot. He put a beanie on which covered his hair and was really the icing on the cake. We went to this place called John's Roast Pork which looked really good. "What do you want to get?" he asked me holding my hand.
"I think I'm going to get the Roast Beef with some cheese on it," I replied, "what about you?"
"I think I'm gonna go for a grilled cheese." he said.
"What are you five?!" I laugh, "you are travelling all around the US and then going all around the world, with amazing food unique to the area and you are going to get a grilled cheese that you can make at your house?"
"Um, yea." he chuckles.
"You are getting something else." I argue.
"Fine, I'll try the roast beef hoagie." he said.
"Okay." I replied.
We get our food and sit down and eat. We were just laughing and talking which was great that I got to spend a little bit of time with Zach alone. As we were almost done with our food, I started thinking about how he is going to be gone for almost a whole month. They don't come back til September. What if Mackenzie is still flirting with him? What if he falls in love with her? What if he finds a fan that is prettier and funnier than me? What if he breaks up with me?
"Hey, what's wrong?" he asked.
"Oh nothing." I lied.
"Sarah, what's going on?" he asked with a concerned look on his face.
"I was just sad that you guys are leaving for Asia soon." I answered.
"I know," he replied, "I wish you could come."
"I do too but I don't think my mom would let me do online school for that." I said.
"Ugh,"he whines, "I'm going to miss you so much."
"I will too, but we can facetime anytime you want too." I replied.
"I shall do my best to avoid calling you at one in the morning." he promises.
I laugh at him and stop thinking about Mackenzie and just think of us. We finish our food and realize we have to go back soon to the venue. We start to clean up and start to leave the food place. We finally get backstage and see everyone. I see Mackenzie and immediately let go of Zach's hand.

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La Place Royale

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