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Marsden Flower Jade Greenstone Manaia Pendant

This beautifully designed pendant is hand carved from genuine flower jade pounamu/greenstone (nephrite jade) from Westlands famed Marsden District - arguably the finest jade in the world! Carved using traditional sand stone rubbing methods and hand sanding to a matte/satin sheen this piece has a great antique look and nice artefact feel.

This Manaia is a one off unique piece and will not be available again.

The manaia is hand-sanded to a matte/satin sheen, not highly machine polished. This pendent comes on a waxed black nylon cord. The piece has been lightly baby-oiled. Periodic re-oiling will keep your pounamu looking in showroom condition.

One of our most popular items have been these softies paired with the milestone cards. They make the perfect baby shower gift for those embracing te ao māori.
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Etched Kakotea Greenstone Manaia Pendant

This beautifully designed manaia pendant is hand carved from Kakotea pounamu/greenstone, The greenstone in the piece is very beautiful and slighly translucent with contrasting green colours. The greenstone used in this piece is known as Kakotea which is a streaky dark green pounamu with black spots.

This Manaia is a one off unique piece and will not be available again.


Kayaking in Great Lake Taupo. The Mine Bay Maori Rock Carvings are over 14-metres high and only accessible by water. 📸: @sarah_armstrong80 #lovetaupo #greatlaketaupo #maorirockcarvings #nzmustdo

A little bit of Maori culture...
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My friend here in NZ and I have held a photo competition last week. We went to the #aucklandmuseum and afterwards chose 4 photos each to compete. We posted these photos on facebook and let people vote for what they liked. This is the winner photo. Thank you everyone for your likes! I won fancy chopsticks and mini attachable sanitizer! (My friend, runner up, won the other chopsticks and sanitizer that I liked less, hehe). We will be doing this about every month now, no matter where in the world we are. Let me know if you’d like to join in ;) #allwinners #photocompetition #photobyjaja #maoripa #maoriculture #beautifulplace #iamonthephototoo #aklunajonthego #aklunaj

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