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#HumpDay! Refresh with our #Manuka #Honey & #Mafura Oil #Hair #Fragrance. Available at @Target. Shop via link in bio. 📷: @itszitarose

My everyday routine :) I like my makeup to be very basic and my life has been made easier with lash extensions. Where does everyone get their lashes done ? I'm looking for more new places 😎 Every morning believe it or not I actually make time to do a Manuka honey mask before I actually do my makeup or if I don't ! Manuka honey can improve your skin if you have inflammation and pretty much just helps repair your skin the natural way. I used to have hyper-pigmentation but my skin has improved soooo much since I started using honey as my daily routine. I leave my honey mask on for about 10 minutes or longer if I can. I do wear contacts and they are from #solotica in "Cristal" I love them because they genuinely do look so natural. Gotta collect them all 😍 I only wear lenses every now and then but mostly for Instagram ! Sunscreen is a must for me. I do not leave the house without @benefitcosmetics dream screen because you need to protect yourself from sun damage. & no.. sunscreen isn't just for warm climates. My skin has improved so much since I started wearing sunscreen. In the middle of my acne drama and getting treatments done and trying sooo much products that hurt my skin. This resulted in my skin being even more so vulnerable to the sun and it didn't help that my face got worst while I was in Vietnam. Sunburn at its finest 😩 don't be fooled by the last clip of me on the beach. I was wearing tinted cream to cover the redness. I recommend spf50 as a minimum but this one is spf45. I've used this before hence why I gave it a go again because I remembered it didn't clog my pores. I like to wear @bareminerals serum foundation for when I have dry skin because it gives me instant glow. I genuinely love wearing anything #bareminerals as a base because I find it so compatible with my skin needs. This is the makeup brand I was wearing when I had acne as it looked the best on me out of everything I tried. Sometimes I like to just define my face more so I highlight using #rodial baking powder to give my nose that subtle lift. Ps: who knows what yoghurt I'm eating. My current wake up me up 😂👌🏼

Super-charged, calorie burning Matcha infused Manuka Honey in these NEW one shot packs. Easy to use in a tasty smoothie to help kick start a healthy routine!
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Morning rituals with @kiehls.au ✔️This stuff is liquid gold, especially as it contains Manuka honey! Natural all the way when it comes to skincare for me, and my skin has never looked or felt better 🍯#spon but wouldn't promote it if I didn't legitimately love it, and I'm seriously impressed. 👌🏻 #editsbyelle

Been consuming this #manukahoney from @hillaryfarm for quite some time.. and yesss.. thats the reason behind my healthy body, skin, and hair 🙆🏻 Because one tea spoon of honey keep the doctor away 😍

BLISSED OUT: Weekends...sometimes the best thing to do is not a thing. Make time to rest and restore body and mind. 😻


Grapeseed Oil has mildly astringent qualities which help to tighten and tone the skin. Good for acne, and sagging skin. Rich in linoleic acid, alpha linoleic acid( essential fatty acids) which have regenerative properties. #grapeseed #beauty #natural #manukahoney #skinbalm #organicskincare #australianmade #fruit #australia

Morning!! ☀️ start your day with bee pollen and our Manuka honey for a healthy energy boost to tackle the day! #manukalove #repost 📷 @devotedexistence #cleaneats #healthyrecipes #manukahoney #breakfast #morning #morningmotivation

最近はこの蜂蜜のお湯割りのおかげで調子いいかも(*´︶`*).。.:*♡ #マヌカハニー #manukahoney #はちみつ #蜂蜜 #お湯割り #ホッとする #マイブーム #すぐ乗っかる #星野源

Wild Ferns Manuka Honey Ultra Enriching Night Crème Dry/Normal Skin. Thirsty skin types are immediately quenched and a softer, more radiant complexion is revealed every morning. Suitable for dry to normal skin types. £15.99 from www.blossomandroot.co.uk

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How cute? #KiehlsSA has its own honey! Tried this with yoghurt and it's DELICIOUS 🐝🐝🐝 #PureVitality #ManukaHoney #NewZealand #Kiehls

Love this tea, so warming on a cold day ☕️ #lemon #ginger #manukahoney #tea #yum #healthy

The new #KiehlsSA facecream sounds divine, with #manukahoney and #koreanginseng to nourish and revitalise. Sounds good hey? .
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