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“Remain humble, but still let em know”
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Доброго дня всем! Спасибо вам дорогие мои за живые отклики по следам последнего эфира! Я придумала вот что: буду стараться каждый день своих постах отвечать на те вопросы которые не затронуты в эфире. Итак что делать, Если входная дверь для обоих супругов на -90, то есть направление тотального краха ? Во-первых не паниковать. Во вторых постарайтесь максимально использовать остальные благоприятные направления то есть для сна, для еды, и для работы в самых своих благоприятных направлений. И третье – Возьмите компас встаньте рядом с входной дверью, и вы увидите что вы можете выходить не прямо на север а чуть-чуть левее что будете северо запад или чуть-чуть правее что будет северо-восток. Сделайте себе такие напоминалочки!👍Можете постелить придверный коврик в этих направлениях, и таким образом ,вы будете выходить не прямо на север а на северо-восток или на северо-запад. Делайте минимум три шага каждое утро в своих благоприятных направлениях, и это будет идеальное решение проблемы! Надеюсь, мой совет пригодится многим.#mantra #наталияправдина #наташаправдина #фэншуй #здоровыйобразжизни #позитив#счастье #любовь #лиллианту

Когда-то простая притча о двух собачках и дворце с миллионами зеркал навсегда изменила мое мировоззрение....
Давным давно один король 🤴🏻построил огромный дворец🏛. Это был дворец с миллионами зеркал. Абсолютно все стены, потолки и полы дворца были покрыты зеркалами.
Как-то во дворец забежала собака 🐶. Оглядевшись, она увидела множество собак 🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶 вокруг себя. Собаки были повсюду. Будучи весьма разумной собакой, она оскалилась, чтобы на всякий случай защитить себя от этих миллионов окружающих ее собак и испугать их. Все собаки оскалились в ответ. Она зарычала - они с угрозой ответили ей.
Теперь собака была уверена, что жизнь ее в опасности💣🔫, и стала лаять. Но когда она залаяла, те миллионы собак тоже залаяли. И, чем больше она лаяла, тем больше они отвечали ей... На следующий день во дворец забежала другая собака🐕. Как только она увидела множество собак вокруг, она радостно повиляла им хвостиком😍😍😍. Все миллионы собак повиляли хвостиком в ответ🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗. Так и в нашей жизни. Жизнь - это зеркальное отражение наших поступков прошлых жизней и настоящей жизни.
Всегда отражай в ней то, что ты хочешь получить в ответ!
А мы с моим любимым @gavril_tikhonov после семинара зашли в ресторан отпраздновать трансформацию наших дорогих учениц и дарим вам наши Любовь, счастье и улыбку❤️❣️💕💞💓💗💖💝💐🌷🌹🌼🌸🌺🥂🥂🥂🍾🍾#fengshui #SnezhanaTikhonova #Tikhonova #happines #luck #success #reach #LillianToo #Too #money #mantra #СнежанаТихонова #ЛиллианТу #фэншуй #феншуй #успех #удача #деньги #мантра #мотивация #здоровье #богатство #wealth #books #cosmic #energy #fortune #astrology #астрология #бацзы

Una declaración llena de consciencia, de pensamientos positivos y conectada con el Universo !!! Así es y así serà, repite esta declaracion y vibra alto !!!Feliz domingo 💫💫💫

Fight for her before it’s too late, because there will be a moment on the clicking clock, when it’ll be too late.

She wants—no—she shamelessly demands the real thing. A juicy love that melds two spirits together—a rock-solid, powerful partnership. If you long for this too, if you’ve been longing for this your whole life, step up.

Fight for her.

Fight for this blooming love. Fight for something inspiring, delicious and soul-defyingly real. Fight for her heart, with your whole goddamn heart.

Don’t just sit there, shrugging your shoulders, hoping for the best, praying she won’t leave.

Stand up—and fight for her.

Sarah Havey - elephantjournal.com ❤️ .

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Palms to the heart, feel the vibes. The beat of the heart representing the soundtrack of our life. With all of its duality, harmony, melody and rhythm, may we notice the subtly and beauty of the what lies within us. May we wake up from the delusion of our reality and see everything just as it is.
Join me in NYC for my immersive 3hr Heal Yourself workshop on Saturday October 14th 6-9pm @yogacollectivenyc for an in depth study of yoga, meditation and the power of healing. If you're looking for tools to help you heal from the inside out, practice the art of living and tap into how to use your voice, this is for you. There is limited spaces due to the intimacy of this workshop. Link in bio for all the details and booking.
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Arriving home to cold and wet weather. Where's the sunshine London? 🤷🏻‍♀️ Vata (one of the Dosha's) associated with wind, air, movement, space and therefore dry, creative, cold, subtle and quick, and the one that aligns most with myself needs to be balanced by FIRE 🔥, WATER 💦 and EARTH (think warmth, spices, sunshine, moisture, oils, the ground, nature). The sun, sea and sand of Sicily (ah the sunsets!) have really helped to pacify my #Vata dosha which has been flying with creativity of late. It makes total sense that we need a certain amount of every element in our bodies, for example, without exposure to the suns heat, little on planet earth can survive. 🌏
Catch up on what I've been eating over on insta stories. Pre-order my #EastbyWest - link in bio! ✨

I mentioned before I would share what made me choose yoga teacher training this year. Well here it is. This summer was filled with many first. The most difficult part was my son being away for the summer. First time and definitely not the last. It's something I will have to get use to. Maybe I'll never truly get comfortable with him being gone. Unfortunately, that's what happens when relationships don't work. At first there was a piece of me I felt that died. I didn't know what I was going to do without my nugget. He has been my entire life since the day I found out I was pregnant. Being a mom to him is the most important job I have but I knew I needed to do something for myself to occupy all the free time I would have. I originally planned on signing up to take classes to become a certified nutritionist. With my biology background and a passion for healthy living I figured it would come natural to me. The day came to dropping my son off for the summer and I still didn't sign up for my classes. I couldn't because I knew once I did I was acknowledging he wasn't going to be with me. Yet there I was with no solid plan on how I was going to maneuver through the summer. Prior to drop off I previously scheduled a pampering day for myself the day after dropping him off to keep my mind at ease. This included yoga, lunch on the beach and getting my hair and nails done. After taking class I overheard the owner of the studio talking about how untraditional her YTT was this year. She was making it accessible for those who had full time jobs. I immediately wanted to hear more about it and sat with her to discuss the course load. This was it. This was what I was waiting for. YTT is almost impossible for those who work 40+ hours a week. One of the many reasons I never thought about proceeding with the idea. I was meant to be there in the studio at that precise moment. I signed up the following day and the rest is history. Thank you Heather! I'm glad I had the time to be a student to this practice for 5 years before becoming a teacher. I will never stop being a student. I continue to read, practice, meditate and learn everyday. I am forever grateful for this experience.

nada como reconhecer os instantes de felicidade e se permitir vivê-los intensamente 🙏🏻 #mantra #bemestar #sabado #bomdia ☀️


You may not know but I work 3 jobs and today is a full day of my gov job AND I teach 3 yoga classes tonight 😵 the truth is you can either make excuses or you can get results, so I’m up early to put in some hours on my makeup empire, treat it like a business and you’ll get paid like a business, and real business owners don’t watch a clock, 9-5 doesn’t exist in the vocabulary, they work all hours it takes to get the results they want.
Who else is not just dreaming big but doing big this week?
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It's important to remember everyone is doing the best they can at their level of consciousness. Defending a vet, and taking a stand (or a kneel against racism,) are two people both working for love on their level of consciousness.
A lot going on in the world today is a lack of understanding. When someone doesn't understand something, or has a lack of experience in something, they sometimes act from fear, control, even hate. This is a function of our ego. We are all guilty of this at times on different levels. It's really a call for love deep down. The more we take personal responsibility and ownership for the times we each live in our ego in our own way, and focus on doing the inner work, the more we will see the reflection in the outer world, including our leadership.
Children teach us when we don't understand someone, or something, they are curious and ask questions vs judge or write off. Bringing more culture, language to our families, time spent with those with those who appear "different" to some, our own energetic inner work we do today to connect with love, and this childlike curiosity to understand a little deeper, will bring more peace and love to the outside world. We are all connected. One Love. 💚
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Sending hopes for #strength and #courage out into the universe. #mantra #mondaymotivation #mindfulness

🔥 #MondayMantra • Light it up 🔥

It’s not about perfect. It’s about effort. And when you bring that effort every single day, that’s where transformation begins. That’s how change occurs. That’s how great days happen. 🙌💕✨ #goodvibes #mondaymotivation #hustle #qotd #mantra #instagood

Just some #mondaymotivation to remind everyone that change is constant. Some change is subtle and gradual while other times it knocks us off our feet. We must learn to accept all forms of change as they come - find the beauty in change and dance with it ✨✨
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Fiquem ligados!

Toda Segunda ás 15h temos Kundalini Yoga com Marcos José Aguiar!

Vem conhecer!

E quarta no Encontros e Reencontros teremos Meditação Intervenção Celular com Bruno Quites às 19:30!

O evento é aberto para todas as pessoas e por contribuição consciente.

Vem meditar!

Quinta é dia de cantar mantras com Luiz Felipe Roselli às 18h!
As aulas são por contribuição consciente.

Sexta é dia de Ambulatório Metamorfose de 13h às 14h!

Vagas limitadas!

Mais informações 25114896

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Classifications and Organizations are ruining the minds of our generation.

#Monday #mantra don't forget to be yourself You are #good #powerful and you are #love

"I have no advice for anybody...except to, you know, be awake enough to see where you are at any given time, and how that is beautiful...even places you hate." -Jeff Buckley
8:30 @joshualiles 🌞 Vinyasa
Noon @sadhanainthecity ♥️⚡️💎 led ashtanga
6:30 @rebecca_emmalee_yoga 🍓JM Vinyasa .
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"Que eu mantenha a calma no meio do meu caos.
Que eu deseje sempre o bem, mesmo quando sentir raiva.
Que eu continue a ter esperança, mesmo com tantas decepções.
Que eu procure ser melhor a cada dia, principalmente nos dias difíceis.
Que eu sempre me lembre sobre o quanto pensar positivo atrai energia boa.
Que eu tenha a capacidade de perdoar e seguir em frente, sempre.” #namaste #mantra #prece

Happy Mantra Monday! Remember your past is a part of you, but it does not have to define your future. Create the life you want to live!

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