Last week’s Champions #22 featured a very ripped, very sexual #ManThing. I’ll talk about that this week on #ManThingMinute. For now, happy #ManThingMonday.

What! #ManThing attacking the #Champions? we did not see that coming! (Photo From Champions #22). #Marvel #Comics #ComicBooks

Our first post for our comeback is about a classic series that is dear to me. Before the hiatus, I was reviewing the entirety of the original Marvel Two-in-One series. My reviews will resume next week, but for now I would like to put a spotlight on what I believe is the absolute marketing genius of Marvel Two-in-One.⠀
Marvel 2in1 and Marvel Team-Up were similar comics during the 1970s-1980s. Team-Up featured characters teaming up with Spider-Man for various adventures, while 2in1 featured the same, but with the Thing (both incredibly popular heroes at the time). 2in1 proved to be full of brilliant ideas in terms of character brand development, and character testing. If another series was new or struggling, the creative team of 2in1 would feature characters from it, to increase public knowledge of the series and create some positive PR. What better way to boost a new hero/heroine than to pair he/she with one of the first and most popular characters in the modern Marvel age? The Thing (and the F4) were arguably at the height of their popularity, and to have a fan-favorite hero speaking with the newcomer and fighting alongside them as an equal went a long way in developing the brand. But what about testing completely new or recently created characters that didn't have a series? 2in1 excelled there as well. Characters were still consistently created in this era, and many creative teams were unsure what direction to take these characters. So, instead of creating an all new series, or interrupting an existing series to feature them, why not put the character in a series that had turnover with almost every issue? 2in1 gave Marvel the platform to test characters in ways they couldn't before. No, this wasn't a completely new idea, but what was different with 2in1 is that you had the star power of the Thing in every issue. Fans were consistently buying issues just to see what Thing was up to that month. In the process, the fans were exposed to new characters, character development was experimented with, and fans were given fun comics to read. It was a win in every way, especially in marketing.⠀
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Marvel Premiere #28 1st appearance of The Legion of Monsters. Here’s hoping we see something like this on the big screen in the near future. #marvelpremiere #legionofmonsters #ghostrider #morbius #werewolfbynight #manthing #marvelcomics #comics #comicshow #comicbooks #comicbooks4sale #igcomics #igcomicbooks #igcomicbookfamily #igcomicbookcommunity #igcomicbooksforsale

I love Ben Ten!

It’s Monday, So our Beast who just wants to be left alone is! •
Fun Fact: First Appearance Was in Savage Tales #1 from 1971 •

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