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They see me as the father wolf😂👀. Rupert getting jealous wants his turn😂😂. #itsstillallfunandgames

pls tell me what ive done

Left or Right? Beard or Stubble?
2 years later I've finally got a iPhone 😂 📱 left photo was 5 days before stepping on stage @wbff_aust for the first time. Right photo taken 4 weeks out from @wbff_official where I'll be flying to America for the first time to compete in the big leagues In LA 🇺🇸. I'm going to post a physique update after my high carb day and see what I look like tomorrow! 📲Turn on Post Notifications ↗️ as most of you won't see my posts now that instagram has changed the algorithm 🙈. Thanks for everyone who watches my IG story! Had so much fun today filming a day in the life, if you haven't watched it then check it out now ⏯ @jacksonjohnsonfitness 🤙💪

Hipster Monday. #mondaydogface

Boop 👆
📷: @petseeh_hyenna
🐶: Beauceron | Shepherd mix


thats my cylo. weekdays he chill wit me and gets the kisses on weekends he out gettin the bitches😈😈
#whiteboxer #mansbestfriend #cyloag

Guess who got to go toy shopping today?!

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