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GReEnBeaN-PäRtŸ.....#leicasixx YOU'RE EITHER A DOG PERSON OR ONE OF THE ÖTHER KINDA PERSONS ❤️....I love this kid so much.We've travelled long an far together on tour...He keeps me grounded even when he eats my green beans..#mansbestfriend #Dogs OH DID YOU KNOW THAT 45 IS THE FIRST DUDE IN THE WHITE HOUSE TO "NOT" HAVE A DOG SINCE THE 1800's?

😩🤦‍♂️😂 | @thebantologist

This chunky nugget 😍 #frenchievids
🎥: @handoudog

G1™ Series Kennels - designed for everywhere.
Ph: @kvphotog
#MansBestFriend deserves #MansBestKennel

Boop 👆
📷: @nelliethebully
🐶: Bull Terrier

Ever since Major was diagnosed with cancer I've put together a list which I've been calling Major's list of things I would like him to experience. We've never started a GoFundMe or any other crowdfunding page for his medical bills and have always maintained that would be an absolute last resort - and that remains the case. In light of full transparency as we've always done here, I did activate the monetization feature on Major's YouTube channel. If it does somehow produce a revenue stream then awesome, it'll go towards Major's list - if not no big deal, as long as his health stays where it's at we plan to check every mark off his bucket list anyway (a few are weather related, so that's the only thing we're waiting on 👍🏽. We should have an epic item on the list coming up in a few weeks which y'all will love. If y'all see a video on his channel that makes you laugh, please share it so Major can do his part in putting more happiness in this world before he says his work is done here. Also, thanks to everyone for subscribing so quickly, we've now locked down an easy to remember URL for his channel: www.Youtube.com/c/AlongCameMajor ✅. My goal is to upload a few videos per week, and if they're too long for here we'll put the one minute clip and "view the full clip on Major's youtube" so we don't have to chop them up and y'all can watch the clip in their entirety in much better video quality. One last thing, it is Majors request that if someone posts a negative comment (and you know someone will lmao, just the society we live in where everyone is Mike Tyson behind a piece of glass 😂) that you don't acknowledge them or argue with them about the mean comment - life is too short to be arguing with strangers on the internet 💯 #ThanksAgainFriends

Hey buddy 🤣😂🤣🇺🇸🐶#mansbestfriend #dog #dogs #k9 #onlyinamerica #america


Little man got a haircut! #yorkie #mansbestfriend

Funny games
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Our homeless depend on their companions for love inspiration and support unfortunately shelters in Tucson do not allow people to bring their pets with them. often with the choice of staying outdoors in extreme heat or the frigid cold or giving up their companion they choose their companions. #arizona #homeless #tucson #mentalhealth #dogs #mansbestfriend

Waiting for the humans to come back from vacay 😭

Starting to work on the elevation plans for our home and I think this farm dog is just as excited as I am😁 .
Orph has never lived in town and doesn't understand that it's not okay to continuously bark at the sprinklers at 4am and that neighbors are allowed to have their lights on after dark 🤦‍♀️ .
Nothing like getting up in the middle of the night to give a dog a bone so he doesn't piss all our neighbors off 😆
#cantakethedogoutofthefarmbutcanttakethefarmoutofthedog #farmdog #orph #rescuedog #mansbestfriend #🐶 #dognumber2 #mutt #whyishesobig

Thank You Mark & Kathy Buckner For The Special Dog Biscuits And All Your Hospitality & Love! Kodak & I Love Ajax & Ruthie Roo... more Pictures Coming Soon... 🐶🐶🐶🐶
Can You Even Believe It? Our Adventures Aren't Over Yet... Guess Who We Are Visiting Next?

My boy and I

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