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@mannythedrummer πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ‘»πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ @ghosttown #ghosttown #ghosttownband #mannythedrummer #mannydominick

βœ– Manny with Pikachu βœ–
β€’ #ghosttownband #mannydominick #mannythedrummer #pikachuandmanny

Manny Dominick playing drums and looking bad ass doing it
#MannyDominick #GhostTown #VansWarpedTour #WarpedTour

You guys were AWESOME live!! Seriously had me so pumped cx I bought 2 shirts, 1 set of pins, 4 bracelets, and my bestfriend bought me a hoodie!! Nothing will ever compare to how happy and hyped I was just seeing & talking to you guys and then watching yall perform. You guys killed it!! Keep it up and stay safe cx - A really big fan who loves and supports you through it all [Alix liked]
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I was really bummed out when Alix and Manny left but I honestly cant wait for the new ghost town music Kevin And Evan have been working on.
It's been so long without them. #ghosttown #KevinMcCullough #AlixKoochaki #MannyDominickΒ  #EvanPearceΒ #AlisterDippnerΒ #imamachinist #thehauntedyouth #foreveraghost #partyinthegraveyard #theafterparty #evolutionalbum

All this drama is actually breaking my heart. Kevin has been so nice to his fans, and now people are being so mean to him for nothing. He has to make money somehow. And he stated his point. He was being rude, and if they think he's rude then what does calling him a drug addict or telling him to go fuck himself make you???? Kevin has helped so many people, and this is what he gets? Kevin is a human being just like you. He makes mistakes just like everyone else. And I'm honestly not gonna reply to any bullshit now cause this is getting me fucked up... And doing this isn't me "sucking Kevin's ass" or whatever you want to call it... this is just how I feel about the situation. He's helped me through so much, (more than you probably think) and this really breaking my heart. ): I know I don't know Kev like that but he really does mean a lot, and I have so many memories with ghost town. πŸ’– @kevghost I would never stop supporting you no matter what!! (Unless you pull an Austin Jones lmaooo) #ForeverAGhost πŸ‘»
πŸ’– #WeLoveKevGhost πŸ’•

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