Located behind our navel and below our ribs, Manipura (the Solar Plexus chakra) is closely related to our digestion; enter National Hot & Spicy Food Day 🌶
Day 31: Holistic Living 365
Spices aren’t just the hot chili peppers that make you sweat and give you heartburn. Many spices like ginger, cumin, fennel, cayenne, peppermint are commonly used to reduce nausea, stimulate/aid/soothe digestion, reduce gas, cramping and motion sickness.
Organs of function related to digestion and the Solar Plexus chakra include our stomach, liver, large intestine, pancreas, eyes and face. This chakra is connected to our energy levels, feelings of self-discipline, self-esteem, and overall well-being. An unbalanced 3rd chakra can manifest as allergies, digestive complaints, and psychological issues (anxiety, depression, anger etc).
As a Holistic Nutritionist, I’m generally going to look at food first, but metaphysics is also an important part of healing. If you’re familiar with the chakra’s, below are some useful Solar Plexus Affirmations to digest:
💛I love and accept myself.
💛I honour myself.
💛I feel my own power.
💛I am worthy of love, kindness & respect.
💛I am at peace with myself.
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Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana 👉attiva Svadhisthana chakra, il secondo chakra e Manipura chakra, quello dell’ombelico. Può umentare l'energia sessuale ( 😜💪), la forza di volontà, la motivazione e il coraggio. Stimola il sistema immunitario e aiuta ad affrontare cambiamenti evolutivi. Perciò: schiena dritta, addominali e glutei contratti, spalle rilassate e...su con l'alluce! 🆘☝👉Non è importante quanto alzi la gamba, piuttosto, impara a "tenere" gli allineamenti corretti se non vuoi rischiare di farti male. Tutto arriva per gradi. Abbi pazienza, ascolta il tuo corpo e pratica Ahimsa❤

“Superman”... en realidad, esta asana no se llama así! Pero así la denominó Dani, el adolescente que sale en la foto y probaba a hacerla en un momento de chercha y fotos con mis amigos en el Centro León De Santiago... @centroleonrd
Esta anécdota del finde me conecta con que sí! Es una postura que nos recuerda ese súper héroe, el Superman que tenemos dentro. Que con su fuerza de voluntad mueve montañas y alinea planetas para que las cosas sucedan en nuestras vidas.
Claramente Virabhadrasana III (Guerrero 3) nos trabaja todo nuestro cuerpo a nivel físico, mental y espiritual. Entre otros, actuando sobre nuestro tercer chakra, Manipura, que es el centro de la energía, del poder de la voluntad, del sentido de control y coordinación. La fuerza que te impulsa a actuar y completar la conceptualización, las visualizaciones que tienes en la vida.

Esta postura la practicaremos esta semana en todas las clases... Saca tiempo para conectar con tu superhéroe y guerrero interior, sentir su fuerza que da paz y confianza. Ven a practicar! .
Lu-Mi: ☀️8:15-9:15 AM / 🌜 7-8 PM
Ma-Jue: ☀️6:30-7:30 AM / 🔥Nuevo 🌗5:30- 6:30 PM 🔥Nuevo
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Wrote a little response to my introduction to Shamanic Journeying yesterday! The journeys themselves are my own, and something I'm going to sit with and digest... there was a lot of imagery and knowledge that I think I still have to unwrap, and those messages are for me from the gods and my guides. 😊 But one of the takeaways that I have is that I feel I should take care of my #solarplexuschakra, the #manipura, and I don't know anything about it! Does anyone have any good #chakra resources to recommend? #blogofshadows #linkinbio

#ametrine is great for assisting in receiving and implementing inspired action to effectively change ones reality grounding higher frequencies into every aspect of ones life. The amethyst connects to the spiritual world to receive instructions from guides, angels and higher self while the citrine aligns the will with the 3rd eye and crown. The stimulating and clarifying energy facilitates removal of blockages and overcoming fears and self sabotaging patterns. This is my top stone to recommend to spiritual creatives and anyone wanting to experience rapid change and growth in their physical world to align more with their spiritual purpose.

Mandala Chakra Plexo Solar 25cm - Manipura Chakra
Mantra: Ram
Cor: Amarelo
Elemento: Fogo
Sentimento: Atitude, Poder, Decisão, Auto-estima, Coragem
Verbo: Eu Posso
Trono: Equilíbrio
- Ligação energética com o ambiente em que estamos...
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G R A T E F U L 🌸💞🌻 Thank you @yogakashmirshaivism for taking me on the path of yoga 1 year ago. Since I learned about the depth of yoga, I made it part of my daily life. I feel so much surrender and deep connection with the Universe 💞

Thank you @hridaya.yoga for taking me even deeper on this journey and showing me that yoga is not what you do on a yoga mat, but what is happening in each moment of your life. 🌻🌸☀️ Thank you to the Universe for being always here. For offering me this moment of gratitude and for leading me through life, in full trust and gratitude. 🙏🏼💓 #grateful #gratitude #hridaya #yoga #frankfurt #germangirl🇩🇪 #thankyou #surrender #iyengaryoga #anahata #manipura #meditation 🧘🏼‍♀️

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Üçüncü çakranın görevi bilincin aşağı doğru olan akışını yukarı doğru akan enerjiyle birleştirerek bu enerjiyi etkili bir eyleme yönelten güçlü bir irade oluşturmaktır. Bu enerji ve niyetimizin işbirliği ve uyum içinde olması anlamına gelir. Duygularımıza, eylemlerimize, kelime ve düşüncelerimize hakimiyettir.
“Gerçek güç çabasız hakimiyetten gelen rahatlıkta bulunur” #anodeajudith

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