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📖Day 11: Man In High Castle📖
О чем я говорю, когда говорю о беге? Интересное произведение Харуки Мураками, которое отчасти и меня сподвигло на беговую дорожку.🏃
Стартовав однажды по доброй воле, - ты уже преодолел себя.🗻
Так вижу я. Уже неделю хочу сделать пробежку до Высокого Замка, но хотелка ещё не выросла.🚼
Я боюсь, что у меня топографический кретинизм. Новая местность, новые люди и совсем иной масштаб.🌍
Раньше я бегал по околице поселка и последнее время думал, что нужно расширять горизонт событий. Скорее всего, поэтому и прибежал во Львов.♻
Важно быть своим всюду, где ступала твоя нога.🐾
Ребята, вам нужны цитаты? Или достаточно на разбор моих слов?

Need a new series to watch. After “Halt and Catch Fire” I’m having issues starting anything new. Tell me some good shows! #haltcatchfire #haltandcatchfire Some of my other faves to #bingewatch #orphanblack #madmen #battlestargalactica #maninhighcastle #maninthehighcastle #outlander #breakingbad

Love #watercolour now!! #latenight #paint #Painting #art #maninhighcastle should really head to bed now..

nazi's be furious #maninhighcastle

#maninhighcastle shooting a clip in #vancouver Enjoying the scenes from #pub320 Hello Vancouver.

Day 2 of #NYCC was so epic! Not only did we get a nice surprise of having #theonionknight join our Philip K Dick panel for his new #Amazonprime tv show, "Electric Dreams" and one of my fave shows, "The Man in the High Castle", we were also able to get #selfies and autographs w the whole panel! It almost didnt happen since they closed the signings early but I looked sad enough and showed my enthusiasm for the show that they let us be the last people for the signings. It pays to be persistent and super grateful. My dream of seeing Alexa Davalos and esp Rufus Sewell were complete! @victoriaseries @highcastleamazon @amazonvideo @alexakdavalos @fredriksewell @liamcunningham1 @pkdamazon

Super cool meeting Alexa Davalos who plays Juliana Crane from The Man in the High Castle! •

#alexadavalos #comiccon #nycc #newyork #highcastle #maninhighcastle

#nycc2017 Day 2 starts off at the famous Hammerstein Ballroom.
My first panel in years sitting 10th row. #maninhighcastle and Philip K Dick #electricdreams

the quietest secret silent kept I'm the loudest
When I rhyme the sound I make makes you want to shout in a small crowded room
Since it's more cloudy
Sweat beads dripping off the counter
Where's the Hennessy?
Next to the white powder
And The chick snorting it
thicker than some clam chowder
Paint a sea for every thousands of words that Ive spoken
That's why everyclip I wish that I am smokin
This is for the random that I had a temper tantrum with
Infinite Ransom bitch
Life came to a whole at the Sum
Imma ride off
Still hyper drived off the hyper dunks
Givin life off the lines of Coke
Till I get the skunk
Broke as a joke I stand as a comedian
The rest of these fools is remedial
My pen is sittin in my cup in my den
Where my demons contemplatin
whether I'm hating enough on myself
Givin myself nothin but some ill fated health
What the health?
I'm going vegan with my belt
der witz

#derwitz #mixtape #buzzfeed #souldjaboy #xmas #frostythesnowman
#collegehumor #themaninthehighcastle #maninhighcastle #amazonprime #buzzfeed #alldefdigital #standupcomedy #sketchcomedy #shittye #bestrapperalive #pattilabelle

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