В Москве приглашение пообедать, произнесенное один раз, нельзя воспринимать буквально. Это не более, чем оборот речи. Все равно, что сказать «как дела», и недослушав бежать дальше. Очень традиционно. Вот если приглашение прозвучало дважды, это, действительно, приглашение. Традиции вообще штука хорошая.🖤
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This book is a really good read... "The 7 Spiritual Laws of Success" by Deepak Chopra. It brought about a significant change in my life and now I'm passing it on ♥️ who knew such a small book could make such a huge difference?
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I love this quote. I catch myself saying this a lot, or at least I used to. Over scheduling our days and never stopping until we fall into bed exhausted at night is the culture we live in. I am guilty of it too. Sometimes it's easier to stay so busy that we don't have time to stop and focus on what we need or face the things that are not working in our lives. But let me tell you....It's so much harder to stay in that place, it takes work to be so disconnected from yourself, to be numb.
Yes, doing the work to face whatever it is head on and deal with it is also hard, it takes courage. But, once you do it it's done and you can move forward. But you can't deal with anything if you are too busy to even take a few moments to check in with yourself every day.
Since The Brunch Series with @danikabrysha I have really seen the value in taking just 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes in the evening to run through my self-care checklist. Practicing gratitude, affirmations and manifestation, looking at my daily and monthly goals to see how I am doing has been so eye opening for me. It is amazing what you can accomplish just by being even a little more intentional when it comes to your life and not so "crazy-busy". ❤️ #Thursdaythoughts #putyourselffirst #takecareofyourself #livethelittlethings #whole30certifiedcoach #thehappinessproject #thehappierpodcast #tbstour #danikabrysha #brenebrown #selfcarechecklist #selfcare #present #affirmations #manifestor #change #igntd

Transformation begins at the cellular level. Take care of your physical, mental, spiritual and energetic body.

Awaken your Intuitive Gifts! We are all intuitive and have the ability to nurture these gifts. 💜💜💜 9 years ago I felt totally disconnected from my intuition and higher self. Through various embodiment practices, the healing arts and Quality of Life changes, I now follow my higher self on a daily basis. 💜

As women in Business this is especially important! 💜

If you would like to reconnect with your own intuitive power and feel more aligned with your spirit, I'm here to support you on your journey..i'm currently offering 1:1 sessions and 7 week courses. 💜

Follow me on Instagram to journey together!
Pm me for further details!
With Love
💜💜💜 Sharon

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В Human Design есть такой важный момент, как тема Ложного Я🤥. Если Вы знакомы со своим Типом, то наверняка отслеживали тему Ложного Я🤥, которая отражает мироощущение человека, не проживающего свой дизайн: для Генераторов и Манифестирующий Генераторов – это фрустрация, для Проекторов – горечь, для Манифесторов – Гнев и для Рефлекторов – Разочарование.
Ставьте свой ♥️, потому что вас ждёт серия постов о том, как комфортно отпустить свое Ложное Я🤥.
Каждый человек, не знающий о механике своего типа, пытается избавиться от этой темы при помощи определенной стратегии, которую условно мы назовем «Тенью» 😎.
Я подготовила для Вас краткое описание этих «Теней»😎, быть может эта информация поможет Вам осознанно отпустить Ложное Я.
И начнем мы с Генератора и его разновидности Манифестирующего Генератора, поэтому все Генераторы и Манифестирующие Генераторы, буду рада познакомиться с Вами в комментариях к посту😉🙏♥️.
✅Тень Генератора/Манифестирующий Генератор: делать что-то.
👉Генератор растет в стремлении самореализации. Самореализация встроена в его Сакральный центр, который показывает, как, в каком качестве он способен реализовывать свой потенциал и силы. Для большинства людей этот потенциал воплощается в некой мечте родом из детства — том, чем человек хотел бы заниматься или как бы хотел делать что-то.
👉К сожалению, большинство Генераторов продают эту мечту за деньги. Генераторы, не знающие о своем дизайне, мастера в игре в «двойную жизнь». Днем в офисе они занимаются деятельностью, дающей им возможность поддерживать определенный образ жизни. Вечером и на выходных они занимаются тем, что им действительно интересно. Специфика ведения «двойной жизни» дает о себе знать тем, что энергии начинает хватать только на что-то одно.
Почему так происходит?

Want the formula for an AMAZING day?! One you can use over and over again, day after day, for a phenomenal life?! GRATITUDE + INTENTION! 🙏🏼💖 Yes, gratitude is super crazy important. Start there. Its the first step. but to truly maximize it - add in some intention.
First get grateful. Like to the point of tears grateful. and then set your intentions for the day from that space.
Visualize your day, your outcomes, and how you want to FEEL. Once you are really tapped into that feeling - come back to it any time your day feels a little off course. Redirect yourself and begin again.
I promise, if practiced daily, this can truly change your entire life!

Ascension is now. ✨🦋

a new blog about my own journey exploring what it means to be truly wild - I.E. living a life that is more undomesticated and less ordinary. And I promise, it’s easier than you think. #linkinbio | photo by @kristinawingeier

Yooooo 🤦 it's hard out here for a #manifestor 🤣👌💥 This is the #epitome of #Walking by #faith and not by #sight #july has had many #tower #moments and I'm #thankful for the #strengthtraining I've #endured 👌 having #patience for the #unknown wasn't my strong suit #factsnotfiction 🤷 but I continue to put one foot in front of the other and #push #forward

Trim, trim, trim....oh so exciting, oh so many options. Exciting pieces coming down the pike that I think you’re really going to love. I’ll be communicating this more via email so if you haven’t signed up, pls do. It feels more intimate when you actually read my email vs see these pretty pics! 💌 link is above - plus you can see the beautiful site that @tifmedellin created and manages to make work and flow and bring @sedamelife alive. Thank you to all for being part of this journey!

i realized the power of asking for something. actually vocalizing what you want. „be careful what you wish for cause you just might get it“ remember? our power to manifest is galactic. believe it or not you keep manifesting with your thoughts, words and prayers. you‘re a builder. 🌙

'Eternal Unfolding' & ' Eternal Embrace' are resting nicely beside each other the summer exhibition @Listoke gallery, Drogheda, curated by Daire O'Connell.
Acrylic on Canvas, available to purchase. PM for further details

Our next Human Design type is the Manifestor. A somewhat rare type, at only 8% of the population. --
Like the Projector, Manifestors do not have the Sacral Center defined, which means they are non-energy types.
Unlike the other types, Manifestors don't need to wait...they can act of their own volition, once they've informed those who will be impacted by their decision. --
The rest of us are conditioned to act like Manifestors and initiate, but this is the only type that's specifically designed to do this.
A Manifestor's aura is said to be repelling, or prickly, like this cactus. That's because they are independent, in their own littie bubble of creating whatever it is they are here to create. People interrupting them, or asking questions, pulls them out of their flow. Better to inform them than to ask questions, and let them get on with their business.
Learn more about Type, Strategy and Authority in my Intro to HD workshop coming up on Tuesday, July 31, 5:30-7-30 pm, at The Ninth House Tucson.
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This Granny is called “Babcia” and she loves her 6 little Poppins. ❤️
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