"In her breathing, I've found my last eternity." I feel like I'm dreaming sometimes. My life is just incredibly awesome 💚 Before I met her, I sometimes thought I was too romantic. Too much of a poet, a dreamer, not living life in our 'Planet Earth reality'. But now, I'm so happy that I allowed myself to dream. Because that's how dreams come true. By believing that they can come true, and by transforming every limiting belief that might be there.
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🗡👑KING OF SWORDS👑🗡 . . . Trying to find a way to interact with family members who consistently behave poorly, in ways that hurt me and others. The deck presented this card, which at first seemed a little odd given the context, but then it started to make sense. Discernment, detachment. Mind over matter, head over heart. I cannot take these things personally. As a matter of fact, others' behavior is a reflection of their own being, and is so much larger than anything that might have possibly set the behavior in motion. I can take responsibility for my own actions, and I can also observe others' actions from an arm's length, knowing that it is for them to take responsibility, too. Working with jade, tiger's eye, incense and a markedly magenta aura today . . .

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