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Although the shoes are very pretty, this image stands for more than that. For me, it means friendship and it means women supporting women!
Tag an amazing friend or support below and tell them why they're amazing! ❤️

It sounds crazy, but it's true. Recent studies show that sometimes doing less can actually help you to achieve more. Rather than trying to do EVERYTHING quickly, just choose 1-3 tasks to tackle and prioritise!
I also mention in my blog, that I regularly reassess my lifestyle and my Soul Rituals. I keep in mind that I want to do more of what I love and my Soul Rituals allow me to do that. They connect me to my inner self, help me to see what’s important and lead me back to my path. In short they keep me happy.
What can you let go of today so that you can focus on the things you love?

I recently posted a video over in my new Facebook group: 3 Strategies to get Momentum with Ease and Joy
In case you missed it - here are the three strategies:
1. Inspired action – take note of inspirations and take action on these daily.
2. Take a holistic approach – self care – tune in and connect within, resting, relaxing, playing and lightheartedness all help you stay true to yourself and connect in to that place where you can access the inspiration!
3. Trust – that all this will be enough to gain balance and get momentum and results!
Would love to hear, which strategy you’d like more of?!

I love this quote! It really changes my perspective on the way I approach things in my life + business.
Do you often think something seems impossible, when actually it isn't?

Peace and Love & #manifestingpower 💫

MEDICINE OF MAJOR LIFE EVENTS: Learn your part, explore deeper meaning, beyond face value, your role is connected to the ecosystem of everything. Mindfulness and deepening our connection to the miraculous web of life -and death is the deeper knowing of truth. Aligning to your deeper wisdom enriches every molecule of being. What if being were really just organized *and chaotic* molecules we move around in fractal positions to experience this thing called life? .

We move the molecules or someone else will move them for us. Let us being to awaken the thought function connected to our particals of desire. Always. A practice to master. The art of influencing your world. I am playing with this in a deeper way and invite you to play with me too. .
Recent life events have shown me a mindblowing gift I have that I am still learning how to manage so I can hold and master it... it has been mastering me and it is not fun this way I assure you. .
I will share more about this as I make more sense of it all!
What gift are you not seeing? What gift are you not managing or mastering? And how is it mastering you?

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Things don't always go to plan, but it's safe to say that happiness is never too far away. Sometimes we can't change a situation, but we can choose how we react to the situation and that is KEY in creating our future happiness today ❤️

One positive thought can literally change the outcome of a situation or determine how your day goes. Imagine what a constant flow of positive thoughts or visualisations can do for your day!

My message for you today:
You ARE unique and beautiful!
You have so much to give, in a way that only YOU can.
If you didn’t know this already, then please take this on board… You’re special and yes, you’re here for a reason!

Get ready. If 2017 was all about shedding off those layers of false beliefs, what do you think is 2018 about?! Yep!!!! Be aware of your wishes because we will manifest very very very fast 🙌💗
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MEDICINE OF LITTLE PEOPLE: And as we close out the year ode to the little people in my world...Proud auntie of four. These two, cutie nephews!! Thank you Scott and Lara for blessing the world bringing them in. .
Little people hold the key, the DNA of the next #evolution ☆ They are the teachers of the cosmic revolution. Not the AI intuitive hijack, not the virtual cognitive hijack, not the microchip bio hijack, they bring the LOVE BACK! Little beings for a minute remind us we are all indigenous humans, we are all nature. We are all perfect.
2018 for me is a deep return to nature. #BLESSINGS - .
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