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Today's card is “Financial Flow” from Healing with the Fairies Oracle Cards! This card indicates that you are in manifesting mode. Note the energy spirals around the fairy and that she is actually not alone in the image. She has guides helping her to keep her energy moving in a positive direction! People who draw this card who are not feeling as though their dreams are going in the direction that they want are tasked with changing their thoughts! To keep them positive and to *believe* that they can have what they desire if they only stay in a space of positive faith. #financialflow #healingwiththefairies @doreenvirtue #manifesting #abundance #positivethoughts #lawof attraction #fairy #faery #fairies #faeries #cacr #angelintuitive #fairyologist #radlieghvalentine

My Saturday. 😊

The unconscious is nine times bigger than that of the conscious. Therefore, whatever may come from the unconscious is overwhelming, and create chaos. This is why people are afraid of it. However chaos is beautiful. It is not controlled, it just is. An individual is capable of using both the conscious and the unconscious. There is a place and time for the conscious mind, do not use it continuously as it will create fear. It tries to avoid, to escape, to hide from reality. However, from the the unconscious mind will spring creativity, expression of self, love, light and life.

Hello Loves ✨ Today's card is Quiet Retreat ✨ The angels are bringing you this card today as validation that spending some quiet time alone will be greatly beneficial to you right now. There are many different things occurring around you in your life right now, and you are just doing your best to swim through the currents. You have had a difficult time finding the answers that you seek, as well as solutions to the problems you have been facing. The angels ask that you create time for yourself in which you can have quiet time, allowing yourself to go into meditation or a meditative space. Doing so will help you to relax and clear your mind of all of the jumble of thoughts and worries that are clouding you at this time. When you allow yourself this time to declutter your mind, you are creating the space for positive energy and thoughts to flow in. This is where you will hear, see, feel or know solutions to the problems you are facing. Know that this is guidance from the universe and your angels and that it is safe for you to follow it. Give yourself this time my dears to let go of what is no longer serving you so that you can call in what you need to manifest your positive thoughts and intentions. In doing so you will have more clarity about your next steps to take. Happy manifesting ✨🙏💜Embrace Love and Light Always💜

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I used to be so controlled by fear.
Like honestly, I think 99% of the things I said, thought, and did were coming from a place of fear.
Everything seemed okay from the outside, because I was really good at playing the bullshit game. 😏
I was really good at doing what I thought other people wanted from me, because I was terrified of what they might think.
I was really good at asking for permission from teachers, schools, programs, my parents, my family, guys and my friends to be who I wanted to be. I was terrified of owning and taking responsibility of my life.
It's no surprise that I was stressed out, anxious, depressed, over worked, and unfulfilled. I was surrounding myself with fear and wondering why I wasn't happy, questioning why I always felt so held back.
Spoiler alert: the fear was holding me back.
Fear holds ALL of us back. We are ALL afraid. But how you relate to your fear is what matters.
How do you show up when you feel afraid? Do you resist? Shrink back? Make excuses? Blame something or someone else for why you "can't"?
Do you become paralyzed by the fear and numb yourself out to life?
Or do you look your fear in its face,
Choose to see it with compassion (aww, how cute!),
And then use it to work FOR you instead of AGAINST you.
Use that fear to amp up your life.
To 10x this shit.
Your fear is showing you what's possible for you.
It's asking you to play, not to cower in its presence.
So when you feel the fear, how quickly do you step into a higher place of love and truth?
Because that is the way through this.
That's how we move through our fears, to the other side.
To peace.
To love.
To freedom.
P.S. I'm currently enrolling new clients for my 1:1 coaching program and this is EXACTLY the type of stuff we will work on together. Busting your fears. Changing your mindset. Taking incredibly massive action in your life. DM me if you needed this, like, yesterday. 🦋

"Honey.... we're home 💕" (visualize)..... 😩😳🤗🔮 (feeling).... working hard at building my company, making more money and building my credit (doing).... this is #manifesting

Reference photo for a new painting idea 👁👁👁

Happy new moon!
Allow yourself to move into the dark spaces and be with them.
Reclaim the parts of you that feel lost or distant and make the effort to be present in your physical body. Allow yourself to feel what is true for you.
Trust yourself.
Sometimes it is simply our awareness that initiates an entire cascade of healing
Photo cred @petesaloutos Can't wait to see you tonight!
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"The law of attraction is responding to your thought, not your current reality. When you change your thought, your reality must follow suit." - #abrahamhicks ✨🌑✨ #newmoonmanifesting #lawofattraction
#ashtangayogachallenge day 22 I left out the fold, and this is actually an old photo cause my knees are not feeling nice lately (yes both 🙁) I kinda suspect what's up so I am chilling out a bit. ✨🙏🏽

Get ready to transform and reinvent your life, Beautiful Soul! 🎉🌙🎉 It's New Moon time - the most powerful day of the month to plant new seeds and manifest away.
This is the first of two New Moon's in Leo as next month we have another in the form of an eclipse on Aug 21st.
Translation - Double Potential!
Today's New Moon is in the very early degrees of Leo which is all about rebirth and reinvention.
Heavy and powerful!
Here is where your sign can expect
to see some major transformation...
Aries - 5th house of Romance, fun and Creativity
Taurus - 4th house of Home and Family
Gemini - 3rd House of Communication and learning
Cancer - 2nd House of Earned Income, security, self confidence and material possessions
Leo - The New Moon is in your sign! Powerful starts, new projects, self care
Virgo - 12th House of Spirituality, dreams, Intuition, and all things private/secret.
Libra - 11th house of Friendships and Networking
Scorpio - 10th house of fame, honors, image and career recognition
Sagittarius - 9th house of Higher Learning, Travel and international relations
Capricorn - 8th house of joint financial matters, shared resources, funding from other sources
Aquarius- 7th house of Partnerships both business and romantic
Pisces - 6th house of Work assignments, health and daily routines
The New Moon occurs on July 23rd at -
7:45pm Sydney
2:45am Los Angeles
5:45am New York
10:45am London
So ENJOY and get ready for August as we enter Eclipse season - the most transformational month of the year!
Much Love, Carrie xo 💖
#newmoon #leo #transformation #manifest #rainbowloveapp .
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🕯 I am lucky enough to have known stillness in my life before knowing what 'stillness' was.
As a kid, stillness was 20 feet in the air nestled into a tree bough for hours in complete silence other than my cat purring on my chest.
In that space I felt peace, happiness, safe, full. As an adult, stillness is a formal practice behind my couch. An intentional date with spirit and beauty, self growth and numb feet. Lol.
In that space I can struggle to feel like I'm "getting there" to that sweet centered spot and my ego will point that out.
But then there are the moments where I feel peace, joy and entirely loved, release, tears, full heart, clear mind, taller, content, happiness, safe, full.
It's in stillness that I love myself and others sweetly, completely.
Thats #lifegoals

This #manifestationbabe T-Shirt is PERFECT for setting your intentions with the new moon! Although, every day is a great day to manifest everything you want 😜😜🏃🏾‍♀️ What are your #newmoonintentions? 👇🌚✨

New Moon tomorrow 💫With this powerful new moon plant your seed and make sure your wish is sent out propelled by passion .. let your imagination soar ✨🌊🔥🌙 Remember your thoughts, words and actions are seeds, be mindful of
what you are growing, especially on the New MOON🌱

New Moon is a ripe time to set intentions
Not everything we set our intention to will happen at the time we expect🌟
Some things needs more time than others 🌑.
The most important thing is to set that intention🌱and follow through with 👉🏻WILL 👉🏻then ACTION 🌑🌙🌕
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One of my biggest lessons has been allowing my Heart to teach my mind what I already know. The truth is your Heart. 💜🦋✨
CATCH MY LATEST VIDEO: "My Vegan Journey is Over... For now" I talk about all the different changes I went through, before and after I gave up veganism. Even as I am no longer vegan, I have become a much more conscious and appreciative human and I am not calling quits on veganism entirely, only for now... Enjoy. ⚜️ Link in Bio ⚜️ YT: Universal Iris
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WELCOME TO MY LATEST MANIFESTATION...I'm currently living inside Polo Fields and I'm actively manifesting living at Padaro oceanfront. Every day I walk Padaro beach and imagine myself stepping outside of my modest beach cottage for a quick swim, and then back to making music multiple times throughout the day. This Vision is so deeply engrained in my consciousness from doing this visioning daily for 3yrs straight, that I'm getting closer and closer to my dream every day, now living a mere block from my dream. It's so important to physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally place yourself wherever you ultimately want to be as much as you possibly can, and I absolutely GUARANTEE if you do this with Focus and Dedication on a DAILY and even HOURLY basis, someday your dream WILL become your reality....🐋🌸🌈🦋💜💖#bliss #livinginparadise #santabarbara #carpinteria #padarolane #sbpolo #manifestation #vision #visioning #actasif #itworks #daydream #dreambig #nevergiveup #dreams #followyourbliss #saturday #thoughts #manifesting #askanditisgiven #abrahamhicks

Fiery energy && temptation. We need to stay focused. Do away with things and people that don't serve us anymore. A lack of attention right now can be dangerous. Let go of old patterns and embrace the new. The new moon is encouraging us to be confident and proud- enjoy life but avoid impulsive actions. Currently setting my intentions 💫 #NewMoon #Leo #Astrology #Confidence #Pride #MoonCycles #Fiery #Energy #Temptation #Manifesting #Intentions #Gratitude #Soul #Searching #Spirituality #Healing #BlackGirlMagic

Thank you @julieburton4 for my first #coach bag 💼 I ❤️ this team and Le-Vel!

Bringing our collective energy together for manifestation
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