If someone ever tells you to reject your ego, your feelings, your experiences then they're not understanding true healing. Let's not judge them, just know you gotta feel it to heal it. Go to my website TheResonantWitch.com to schedule a field work session today💖

Is your clique on board your succeas train?? NO FOR REALS.These are my peeps,my besties,my sisters,my mastermind,my clients.
One year ago I legit went home crying in non stop tears because I was TIRED of being stuck in a cycle of LACK!!Lack of money,lack of purpose,lack of meaning,lack of happiness in my life. AND I DID NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO!!
I'd gone through that cycle 5 years before that but this time it was deeper.My soul was calling out to me to do more be more feel more!! And I DIDN'T know HOW!!
It took me some major scary decisions like registering my coaching biz, investing in my coaches and opening up a ton of hidden beliefs and past traumas.I mean some realllll deep shit!!! I was blaming myself for a lot,I had a ton of pent up anger from this society of deplete,lack and struggle and it revealed to me that I WAS THE SOURCE OF MY OWN OUTCOME!!
Fast forward 1 cycle around the sun and a brand new me has emerged. And the more I work on me, my mindset my attitude my approach to success the newer I become
From the online fempreneur besties I've made including @tiffanygnaly <<go check this babe out ladies, and the global women who have invited me into their sacred spaces and secrets they have given me such a powerful approach to success
It's not just about the money "THAT'S A BIG PART 😉" But it's also about changing lives,giving hope,empowering women to be boldly confident and unapologetic in themselves.To support them in shifting their mindsets and attitudes towards living and to give themself full permission to receive the abundance that the universe and god has made available to them "in their biziness and lives"
That's the shift that happens when you show up,when you get turned on by your inner pain to create something magical,when you decide that THIS IS WHAT YOU WANT!! So stop wishing ,stop wanting and know that IT IS ALLL AVAILABLE TO YOU!!RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW!!
That's EXACTLY what we bring to life when you work with me 1:1 in Business Sizzle 'my 4-6' month high level mentorship.
MORE ABUNANCE,MORE ENERGY,MORE JOY,FREEDOM AND MONEY!!! So are you going to take that permission card?DM ME if you're NO LONGER AVAILABLE for Less!!👠

The Abundant Black Woman: Is a rose that grows no matter where she is planted. For she is tough yet delicate and although she is fluent in the language of survival it is no longer her native tongue. I am thankful to have survived the coldest of winters with buds and petals in tack. To all my roses that are budding and thriving I say thank you. We need your gifts & talents in this world, so keep blooming. #theabundantblackwoman #blackrose #rose #abundantlife #abundance #manifest #purposedrivenlife #purpose #yougitthis #youareabadass #love #rain #beautyinyourscars #thankful #blackgirlmagic
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Happy Friday ☀️

Stop holding on to materialistic shit. You can't take it with you anyways. As my grandma used to say: Your last shirt won't have pockets anyways.
Instead develop a kind and loving heart and raise the vibration of the universe so that everyone can benefit from it.

>>> NON PERDERE QUESTO EVENTO! <<< Questa domenica servizio speciale.
Diretamente dal Messico, saranno con noi l'apostolo Jose Luis Lopez Priego e sua moglie, la profeta Margarita Palmer De Lopez!
Pronti per una super domenica soprannaturale?
Vi aspettiamo insieme ai vostri amici e familiari, non mancate!!! #apostol #prophet #mexico #sunday #service #happy #day #manifest #yourself #god #miracle #sings #wonder #supernatural #movment #good #time #with #jesus #love #you #thankyou #father

💖 Good morning loves 💖

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Don't let the toxic thoughts affect you any more😃

If you have been asking for confirmation, may this serve it to you. May the angels assist you to see your miracles manifest. #manifiestaacción #manifestation #milagros #miracle #manifest #affirmations #prayersandblessings #oraciones

When your BESTIE GIVE BIRTH naturally after I had to get tag teamed on speaker phone to say NO... NO. INTERVENTION.. HER BODY IS NATURALLY CAPABLE.!! Imma be like this all day y'all. Giving birth is NO JOKE.. NOR WILL THE TURN UP BE LOL
@loveblisswellness 😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😂😂💖💖💖🎂🎂🎂🎂

Romanos 8:19 dice: Pues la creación aguarda con ardiente anhelo la manifestación de los hijos #ENTORNOATI #2018 #manifest

"No man enjoys the true taste of life, but he who is ready and willing to quit it." ... ~Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Thank you everyone who has written to say how much you love the I Am Enough episode. If you haven't yet, have a listen. Link in bio or at AffirmationPod.com/IAmEnough

Life is about trying new things. It’s about experimentation and figuring out what works best for you. Sometimes the things that don’t seem like things you would try can turn out to be some of your best experiences. #coolcats #trialanderror

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