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Guess which one is mine? Haha so obvious, right? 🤣😂 this place have 5 spicy stages and so this is the colour comparison of level 1 mild and level 5 super spicy. They say level 5 is about 2-3 times samyang spicy chicken instant noodle 😆😆😆 we shared those cream cheese croquette and honestly they’re my lifesaver. My mouth were on fire!! My friend haven’t seen me like this in a while but yeah guys, I can still feel spicy too lololol

My love, tteokbokki! I like this tteokbokki since they were only selling on a truck. Now they became restaurant chain. All the best to you, seolleung station spicy ttokbokki (선릉역 매운 떡볶이). So when they’re still on a truck they only have 1 flavour, super spicy one. I drank all the sauce and the ahjumma looked shock 🤣🤣 but in the stores they have 3 level of spiciness: normal, spicy, super spicy. This one is normal flavour because I’m eating with somebody lolol next time I’ll try the super spicy again 😘 but really, this place is one of the most spicy tteokbokki I had in Korea 😋👍🏻👍🏻

생활의달인에 나온
갈월동 천원김밥!
3천원짜리 묵은지김밥 퀄리티가 아주그냥👍
속에 들어간 단무지까지도 다 손수 만드신다고..😅
아삭아삭 씹히는 묵은지에 건강함 가득느껴짐!
무려 한시간이나 줄서서 겨우 들어갔다는 후문이..😂
#생활의달인 #천원김밥 #묵은지참치김밥 #한시간줄서기 #일인당다섯줄 #김밥 #갈월동맛집 #먹스타그램 #맛집스타그램 #망고플레이트 #mangoplate

Best burger in Seoul ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ but not many know them because they’re kinda in the middle of nowhere 😢😪 but really everything is on point! Très bien!! I had call 911 burger. My friends died after 1 bite but it wasn’t spicy at all for moi 🤣 my friends had mac n’ cheese burger and rookie burger (the one with caramelized onion). Their ranch bacon fries is really yummy too! Honestly, one of the best hidden gem in Seoul 💖💖💖

🐷타칭 ‘돼믈리에’ 가 추천하는 맛집, 푸줏간생고기점.
생삽겹살 ₩14,000
목살 ₩14,000
돼지소금주물럭 ₩14,000 이란 훈늉한가격인데, 인원수만큼 주문하면 김치찌개,된장찌개,냉면,국수,누룽지가 서비스👍
김찌와 된찌를 고민하니 종업원분이 쿨하게 ‘김찌’가 고기가 더많이들어있고 드셔보시고 된찌로바꾸라고까지..
서비스라는데 여느 고깃집에서 돈내고먹는 맛보다 훠어얼씬 맛있어서 만족 :)
고기도 처음부터 끝까지 야채,김치와 함께 알아서 척척구워주시는데 통마늘을 얹어주셔서 마늘덕후는 또 세상 행복☺️
맛집이라 예약도가득하고 복작복작한 분위기에서 🍺한잔하기 딱좋은 곳! 사장님,종업원분들 모두 친절하셔서 더더 기분좋은 곳💗

It's always a tret to go to NY B&B 😋😋
NY B&B 갈때마다 넘나 존맛탱 😋
🍔Shrimp Salad🍟 쉬림프 샐러드
🍔Pepperjack City🍟 페퍼잭 씨티
🍔B&B Burger with a side of an egg🍟 비앤비버거
🍔PB Shake🍟피넛버터 쉐이크
🍔Mulled Wine Shake🍟멀드와인 쉐이크

Super yummy and kawaii cheese toast! They have plain, strawberry, and chocolate flavour and they’re only 3,000 won!! They use mozzarella cheese and cream cheese so it’s both sweet and a lil savory. Super recommend!! Really must try, especially if you love cheese and have sweet tooth like moi 😍😘😋

Finally huoguo again! Their broth is SO yummy!! I heard from my friend that the broth is not only for flavour and not for drinking but I couldn’t help my self! They’re very tasty! Last time we finished all the broth and they gave extra broth 🤣🤣🤣😂 the extra one is not that yummy tho 😭 anyway, today we also got leek mandoo and they are not that great lol 😪 if you come to this place just stick to the huoguo 💖💖💖

☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ gals partaaay nite!! We had chicken steak, beef steak, tomato chicago pizza, garlic hawaiian pizza, spicy carbonara pasta, and salad pasta. Their chicago pizza and cheese corn side dish is super yummy!! Best party place in Gangnam!

Days in Midgard

A nice cuisine with a not too bad view. Specialized in pork. Lighting and decoration can be improved. An interesting revisit of the Canadian poutine and a very tender pork leg in Apkujeong, Seoul
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Long time no 밀면~ so fresh and yummy!

So I ate too much these past few days. Literally all I did was eat, sleep, and repeat. And so I felt a little guilty about it and was about to skip dinner last night. But 집밥 앞에서 다이어트는 무슨? I ended up filling my stomach up till the esophagus 😂🤣 I had 밥 and peach fresh cream cake then 회 and lastly 귤 코스요리..... 😢😭🤣

Valrhona chocolate cake was rich and super yummy 🍫🍰 and my flat white is really 깔끔해 ☕️🥛 this perfect chillax place is called before sunset (비포선셋) but wasn’t on IG map haha and surprise surprise they played before sunset movie on repeat ㅋㅋㅋ

Iconic 찹쌀씨앗호떡 at Nampo-dong 😋😋 Lee Seungi visited this stall before during 1박2일 recording and that’s one their name is 승기찹쌀호떡 and the one next to this is from 무한도전 lololol

Kawaii tonkatsu curry rice and metly cheese tonkatsu 🐷🐷 they’re having free soda event!

What’s trip to Busan without 씨앗호떡? But today I tried mochi injeolmi honey hotteok and oh myyyy it’s SO yummy!!! The mochi was soft and warm, the hotteok was crispy, injeolmi added 고소한 맛, and the sweetness of honey connect all of them together! I’m in love 😍💖👍🏻💖 aaand of de la course 씨앗호떡 is classic~

Grilled clams, sashimi, and spicy fish soup!! Seafood in Busan is 💖

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