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🌻Manga: Crayon Days
🌻Japanese: くれよん・でいず~大キライなアイツ~
🌻Type: Manga
🌻Volumes: 4
🌻Chapters: 27
🌻Status: Finished
🌻Published: Nov 19, 2011 to Feb 20, 2013
🌻Genres: Comedy,Romance, School, Shoujo
🌻Authors: Chiba, Kozue (Story & Art)
Because she loved drawing and wanted to do something special, she went to a famous art school.
And there she met...
#crayonday #crayondaysmanga #cute #drawing #mangarecomedation #mangareader #weeb #otaku #shoujomanga #relashionshipgoals

This was really cute❤️really dramatic as well 😂-song
🌼Manga: Shiny Doll
🌼Japanese: シャイニードール
🌼Volumes: 2
🌼Chapters: 7
🌼Status: Finished
🌼Published: Aug 10, 2013 to Feb 13, 2014
🌼Genres: Romance, School, Shoujo, Slice of Life
🌼Authors: Ichinose, Ruka (Story & Art)
Akari is an unfashionable first-year high school student who just moved from the countryside to the big city. While taking pictures of "Nana-chan," a huge mannequin at the mall, Akari accidentally bumps into into a handsome boy who compliments her on her eyes. Little does she know that the boy who has taken a fascination with her is actually Kanda, an extremely fashionable model and the heartthrob at her new school! What happens when he decides to make Akari stylish enough to land on the front cover of a magazine? (Source: Chibi Manga)
#shinydoll #manga #fashion #fashiondesigner #cute #relationshipgoals #mangarecomedation #mangashoujo

🔰Ai wa Sekai o Sukuu no ka!? Nghahaha somthing imposible in real live here hakhakhak but they a just sweet. I'll crazy if i have kouhi like this one. The problem it not solved, wanna more of this couple

6chapters END 📓

In a world where the number of women being born is decreasing and it's now mainly a male society. The scientists are trying to figure out a way to bring back humanity and fix this virus. One of the famous, upper class, bright, young and handsome scientist named Mikoshiba has come to the lower class area in order to help their research due to his interest in a cute, naive but average scientist named Niino who dreams of saving the world. Mikoshiba now moved in with Niino, has a theory in which he wishes to try out. His theory is that by them having sex and sexual relations that they might able to solve the world's problem!📜 #manga #mangarecomedation #romance #sifi #future #elit #boys

🔰Tonde Hi ni Iru Natsu no Neko

I love the side story than the main story. The fox and the sly snake just to perfect each other, 😋
5chapters / completed📓
In Gensei, where the ghosts reside, a beautiful bartender and his partner, a black cat named Gin, operate a bar. Amongst those visiting the bar was Natsu (a mythical twin-tailed cat), who makes a living reporting gossip. Despite this, he lives a life in poverty. One day, he meets a widely popular pornographer, Hyde (Tsuchigumo). While hoping to do a scoop exposing Hyde's mysterious private life, Natsu sneaks in as a housekeeper. However, where he thought he would find a story, he instead finds his own body exposed through punishment with catnip and adult toys――? Also includes other oneshots!📜 #manga #romance #supranatural #picture #mangaread #mangarecomedation

All the manga that I have on my bookshelf. If there is any manga books that you commanded me to read. Please let me know in the comments. I will totally go pick it up soon. So be on the look out for a post with your usernames in it. #manga #mangas #mangabooks #mangabookshelf #mangafan #mangalover #mangaotaku #mangafreak #mangacollection #mangaaddict #mangaaddiction #mangastagram #mangaislife #mangafans #mangaxanime #mangaanime #mangabookshelf #mangaread #mangareads #mangarecommendation #mangarecommendations #mangarecomedation #mangapage

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