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Wedding fever ❤️❤️ #seifertwedding #love #mancandyeveryday

I'm so thankful to have a husband that loves my family just as much as I do, & it warms my heart to know they feel the same about him. Parker loves him some 'jerry' 😍😍 late #mcm #mancandyeveryday #iLoveMyRedhead

So obsessed, so in love with Tyler Captain💜 #mancandyeveryday

#ManCandyEveryday ❤️ my whole entire heart 💕☺️ @bucc_nazty

Hey you, yeah you @dmac_cinco. Thanks for being my best friend, and reminding me what butterflies feel like! 😘 Is Man Candy Monday still a thing? Anyways he is my #mancandyeveryday

Not only do I love your kisses + bear hugs, you lift my spirits up everyday {and me😉}. We teach one another how to parent and I wouldn't wanna do life with anyone but you handsome. I loooooveee ya 💋😜❤️ #mancandyeveryday •• kill it at your DJ gig tomorrow babe!

It's so hard for me to put you into words because I love you in ways I have never loved anyone else. ❤❤

You're my favorite person I fall more in love with you everyday❤ #mancandyeveryday #forthelastwoyears


Wedding fever ❤️❤️ #seifertwedding #love #mancandyeveryday

Just because he is RIDICULOUSLY cute (and also should have taken me on vacation 😒) #mancandyeveryday

Looking through all the pics from being in Cali this last week this is my fav! Lol from running crazy down side streets because we read a sign that didn't make sense and needed to know to stopping at bars in the middle of no where, I loved it all! Especially watching you struggle with the wet suit. I'm glad I got to see surfer Zayd! Thanks for all the amazing memories and can't wait for when you come out here! Love you babe! Yes that's my #mancandyeveryday

Miss you, lover #mancandyeveryday

Pardon the crappy look but I just want to give appreciation to this man. I started working with him yesterday and it's not easy. I have a new found respect for what he does to put food on our table. The best man in my life and always will be #bestman #truehappiness #bestfriend #work #workflow #construction #glasses #mancandyeveryday #truelove #teamwork

Life has given us mountains to climb and oceans to swim, but through it all we have stayed strong. Each day is a challenge, some days harder than others, but we would be nothing without it. Everyday we both become stronger for each other. Life is shaping us into what we are meant to be, I am blessed that life has chose you to be the one I face these challenges with. Just like you are my rock, I am yours. Through thick and thin, through the rocks and waves I will always be with you every moment that passes. I promise things will get better, even if it's only one day at a time. ❤ #mancandyeveryday #iloveyou #myeverying

god damn my baby's fine 😩😍 #mancandyeveryday #mybaby

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