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Desperte a mãe que existe dentro de você. 20% Off através do cupom " mamaste2017 " #mamaste #mamaeyoga #ekomatyoga #diadasmaes #yogaemcasa

Watching the rain 🌧🌿🔮💫
#bumpdate #rainydays #mamaste #babyboy #40weeks

Time for some baby and mama yoga ❤️

Six weeks ago we received the diagnosis that our little man has bilateral clubbed foot (congenital talipes equinovarus). A few statistics were thrown our way about the possibility of him having a few other genetic abnormalities. After a couple of diagnostic test and 6 long weeks later- we received great news that everything else checked out great! Although clubbed foot is no big deal and completely treatable, my feelings of worry and fear were (are) like no other. Ain’t no hood like motherhood. Today I am even more grateful for my good health, beautiful family, friends and the best partner I could have ever dreamed of👨‍👩‍👦‍👦👶🏻💙🌊 #mamaste #clubbedfeet

This is what the morning after a night in #WhippsCross hospital Children A&E looks like. The hospital was amazing as usual and the night nurse Lisa on the children's ward deserves a medal. 💕💕💕#mamaste

From our mother to yours.
Share some 💛 with the moms in your life. #MothersDay #Mamaste 💐

✨Happy Aloha Monday!!! The most common concerns we hear when it comes to ring slings are: They aren't supportive enough to wear baby for long periods of time, and they're hot. Well, we've solved that problem, thanks to our unique design, you will experience more support than a double layer in a single layer sling, plus you can use it in and out of water! Don't forget to claim your $65 in store credit. Offer ends this Friday. See previous post for details. Hope you all have an amazing week filled with aloha and light. ✨

fully enjoy making people see double... happy mother's day @kasummers, i love you lotso #mamaste 🕉

Con el buen David 👬 #Mamaste


#aboutlastnight For me, the year always starts with September, not just because I celebrate #roshhashana but it's also a change of season, back to school, and a natural time to reflect. 💋Being a part of last night's #onlinecaresummit focusing on #postpregnancy care of mommy+baby, made me grateful for the time I took to align my professional life with my personal life. 💋 Last night, I spoke my life, shared from within about what I really know (is time saving tips for busy moms) and was 💯#authenticlyme . 💋The best thing I ever did for myself was answer the question "What is your unique point of view on life? What makes you tick?" 💋From this deep dive exploration, I've become a more focused #momtrepreneur, more committed to my #selfcare and even a better wife, mom, & human being. 💋I'm tagging everyone who has truly made this year one for the records. 🙏#overflowingwithgratitude #mamaste

Mastering the art of mum yoga "poses you try and smash out while waiting for the mini's activity to finish ommmm "mamaste" #yoga #flyingyogis #mumlife #mamaste #treepose

Day 14: Bedtime with the twins was rough. Not making it onto the mat tonight. #mamaneedsacocktail #noyogatonight #fasttrackrelax #somuchcrying #toddlersamiright #imomsohard #yogagirlchallenge #mamaste #yogaeverydamnday

This is the only reason I got any sleep last night✨ My little bear has a leftover sniffle that turned into a cough after last week's fever/cold episode. Lucky for both of us I knew exactly where to find my @doterra Breathe Vapor Stick after last week's move! I popped the top off and rubbed it all over the bottoms of her feet and her chest. Literally 4 coughs later and she was able to sleep soundly!🙌🏼

Come join me this Saturday at @music.city.fitness for a sweaty flow! This class is perfect for beginners to experienced yogis. Plus I heard something about @biggvinnymack showing up in yoga pants! Definitely don't want to miss that 😜 See ya Saturday at 8am!

Time for some baby and mama yoga ❤️

This is what the morning after a night in #WhippsCross hospital Children A&E looks like. The hospital was amazing as usual and the night nurse Lisa on the children's ward deserves a medal. 💕💕💕#mamaste

"Ich schulde ihr diesen - vielleicht letzten- Besuch. Ich habe darüber nachgedacht und flog nach Hause. Sie lag im Sterbebett. Sie sah sehr schwach aus. Krank. Hilflos. Ich saß neben ihr, sie schlief und ich habe sie einfach nur in dieser Stille betrachtet. Ich habe mir vorgestellt, wie unser Leben hätte sein können, wenn sie mir ein wenig Mutterliebe geschenkt hätte. Sie öffnete kurz ihre Augen, sah mich, lächelte herzlich und griff nach meiner Hand. In diesem Moment starb sie. Es war so, als hätte sie auf mich gewartet, damit sie gehen konnte. In diesem Moment- und ich habe fast vierzig Jahre darauf gewartet- spürte ich es. Ich spürte diese bedingungslose Liebe einer Mutter. Es ist magisch. So etwas hatte ich nie zuvor empfunden. Ich hätte am liebsten die Zeit zurückgedreht und diesen Moment immer wieder erlebt. Immer wieder."
Neuer B L O G P O S T ist online 🤘
Ihr wisst wo der Link ist 😎🔝🔝🔝🔝
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🍃Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself in your way of thinking.-Marcus Aurelius, Meditations🍃 Find your happiness wherever you can!🍃🙏🏻 #happy #healthy #joy #healthymind #healthybody #meditation #resilience #mantra #mamaste #blessed #dreambig #liveyourbestlife #nevergiveup #onelife #unstoppable #yearofyes 🐝❤️

Olá a todos ! Hoje um passo a passo facinho para fazer aquela maravilhosa técnica da #palbebraluz . Espero que gostem . Em breve tutorial na página do face . Aguardo todos . Beijinhos luz 💋#mamaste 🙏🏻

~ My nick name is Mom. But my full name is Mom.. Mom.. Mom.. Mom.. ~ 😊 Skyla-ku akan menginjak usia yang ke-2 tahun, pada bulan November nanti. Tapi belum satu katapun yang dapat dia ucapkan dengan baik. Bahkan sekedar untuk memanggil "mama" pun tidak. Dia banyak berbicara dengan bahasa-bahasa "asing" yang tidak dapat kami mengerti, tanpa peduli apapun yang kami ucapkan di hadapannya. Tapi ajaibnya, dia dapat mengikuti kata perkata dari setiap lagu yang didengarnya setiap hari dengan ketukan dan nada yang baik, walaupun belum sempurna. Pagi tadi skyla bersuara "mamma..mamma..." Entah kebetulan atau tidak. Bagiku dia tetap "magicly" 😍😘 You know, mama love is unconditionally. Dan aku tetap mencintainya mutlak tanpa syarat. So, stay in your magic baby...💕 Buat mama2 di luar sana... *Kau akan tahu nikmatnya menjadi seorang ibu, ketika mencari sisir dan menemukannya di dalam sepatu atau menemukan mainan yang dicelupkan ke gelas kopimu, tapi harus tetap tiba di tempat kerja tepat waktu 😌😌 (walau akhirnya berangkat tanpa rambut disisir dan kemudian menyisir rambut di tempat parkir... itupun kalau tidak lupa) 🙄🤐 But still remember, mama love is always unconditional 💓 #mamaste #babygirl #motherhood #momlife #momlove #myskyla #mydaughter #blessedmom #momquotes #mypreciousbaby Have a great weekday moms... 🙏💪

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