Say YES to New Adventures 💙

Assalamualaikum 👒
Selamat siang semuanya... .
Ternyata banyaaak banget pesan masuk via DM dan whatsapp nanyain kabar aku bagaimana?
Sekarang kok jarang aktif di ig kenapa Di?
Sibuk apa sekarang? .

Puji syukur masih banyak yang sayang sm aku 😘
Nanyain kabar ini itu. 😁 .

Alhamdulillah sy sehat.
Sekarang jarang aktif krn lagi sibuk banget di showroom. Alhamdulillah kerjaan date-line terus. Jadi jarang banget pegang hp.
Disamping itu aku juga punya hobi baru. Alih alih nyebut hobi sih sebenernya kena virus suami yg mulai cinta dunia tanam menanam😬😁
Dipojokan belakang rumah sengaja dijadiin kebun mini buat nanem bibit. Nanti aku share fotonya. Ada bnyk yg aku tanem,
Salah satunya buah strawberry ini. Minggu lalu beli bibitnya di salatiga. Sengaja milih yg udah berbunga dan berbuah kecil2. Skrng udah mulai gedean buah2nya.
Seneng banget liatnya.
Segerrr 👒🍓🍓🍓 Biar gak campur2 ntar aku buat ig khusus aja kali ya buat kegiatan tanam menanam. Selain share kegiatan buat motivasi orang lain, juga buat support diri sendiri biar semangat terus mencintai dunia menanam. 🌳🍀☘️🍄🌾🌈 #mamascorner #immo

Sorry but there was such a great breakfast, egg benedict, coffee and fresh orange juice by restaurant 4 Vuodenaikaa . Thanks 😘#mamascorner #tampereenkauppahalli #ravintola4vuodenaikaa #delicious

The Best Pancake Topping is more Pancakes 🥞

Chocolate,chocolate, dear chocolate ❤️#mamascorner #tampereenkauppahalli #chocolate #delicious

Sleep is important to make life easier for the whole family.
When it comes to establishing good sleep habits with my son I always try to let him love his room.
One of the effective things I usually do is finding attractive bedsheets!

This is our latest one; a glow in the dark bedsheet! You can’t imagine his face when he saw it!
You can find it on @zymta and don’t forget to use the code mamas10 for a special discount!
Valid till August 20.

Sourdough bread, made with ❤️ Naturally gluten free. #mamascorner #glutenfree #tampereenkauppahalli #delicious

Goood morning TAMPERE and other world! Something sweet for breakfast? #mamascorner #glutenfree #tampereenkauppahalli #delicious

How do you make your risotto? Quickly or slowly? #mamascorner #tampereenkauppahalli #rise #risotto #delicious

My stress relief; Sun, Blue sky, and a good book!
After a hectic week I enjoy spending a couple of hours alone at the beach; how do you manage your stress mamas?

My little nook is coming together! All I need is a glass of wine and a good book! 😉🍷
#mamascorner #nokids #timeforwine #inheaven #interiordesign #designer #interiors123 #instadesign #instalove #momlife #momofboys #newhome #bayareadesigner #danvilleca

بيروت... I am in love with my bracelet designed by @stephye.jewelrydesign

A new month means us meeting another mama on the blog! 🎉💕
Today we meet the amazing Alanah Gilder from @heytwentyfour and her almost 4 year old son 👩‍👦
“I’m Alanah, a 24 year old Mama to a crazy three year old living in the mighty Waikato.
I take photos of my life over on instagram at @heytwentyfour and take photos of other people (not in a creepy way! It’s maternity, engagement and weddings!) over on www.facebook.com/kenziemayphotography

I’m pretty much just winging it with this whole parenting gig but it seems to be working!” .

To read about her brave start to Motherhood and more of her journey, head on over to the link in my bio! 👆🏼 .

And if you want to keep up to date with her, make sure you go give her a follow on both her Instagram accounts and Facebook! 🌟 . . . .

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Mamas will you join me in this #squatchallenge?
I don’t know when I will find time to exercise and I don’t even remember the last time I did squats!
What I know is that we all need motivation & I think we can do it together! 🏋🏻‍♀️

What a beautiful morning! Would you like just baked GLUTEN-FREE bacon, muffins or carnelian pie? #mamascorner #tampereenkauppahalli #glutenfree #delicious

Blue Sky;
Green Background;
Rainbow of Possibilities;
& A sip of Yerba Mate...
All what I need on Sunday💚

Are you a #mate lover?
This traditional drink consumed a lot in my mom’s village is full of benefits!

Thats my baby monstera leaf ♥️♥️ #mamascorner

So super! So natural! So Bio! Leonardi Family Tradition since 1871 .#mamascorner #tampereenkauppahalli #balsamico #bio #delicious

Baby Girl is joining the family soon 🎀
Milana we can’t wait to meet you little one; @nathaliebiban we can’t promise you not to spoil her!! #mamatobe

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