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Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers' Favorite

Heaven is a place filled with love and it can be seen in the form of twinkling stars called Twinkles. In the adorable story MaMa Pajama: Twinkles From Heaven by Mary Gavila, children see a small yellow building with a brown roof in a small, quiet corner of Heaven, surrounded by the Twinkles and fluffy clouds. There is a sign painted with red hearts above the door on the roof; ‘Love Recycling’. The recycling center’s job is to make sure that the love that comes to Heaven does not end, and is shared with others. The recycling center is always busy. The crew is made up of grandparents and has been handpicked by their boss, Poppi. The crew is divided into Team Twinkle and Team MaMa. Baby Robert is the newest member of Team MaMa’s delivery team. One cold morning, Poppi learns that his newest grandson, Aaron, will be soon delivered to Miami. He decides to design a special gift for Aaron and calls it MaMa Pajama. How does it reach Aaron? For that, you have to read the story.
This delightful story will help children remember their loved ones. The story tells them that when they see millions of twinkling stars in the night sky they should remember that this is Heaven’s love shining on them. The illustrations are magical and they bring the concept alive for young readers. It is a perfect storybook for bedtime story-telling as the story is sheer magic. Tutors and educators will also find it interesting to use for read aloud sessions in classrooms. Children who have lost a loved one will know where to look out for them after reading this book.

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