Definitely one of these days. All the ☕️ for me please! 😴

This weather is great and all that but the chub rub is real! Guess we’ll all be applying the sudocrem in our house tonight! #chubrub #summer

I guess it’s time to shave my legs & start fake tanning my whole body, not just from the neck up...

Baby #2 - what did you do differently or the same and would recommend? What shall I do? Do I need to hypnobirth? Do I need to just do it given I’ve done it before? Do I need to make friends with other preggos? Do I need to join groups? 🤯 Help needed and gratefully received! #askingforafriend

Spring Fling is now open to book via the link in the bio. Go get em’ mama’s!! 💋

Booking for Mama Mixers Spring Fling opens at 8pm tonight via the link in the bio or the event on Facebook. Grab your ante-natal girls, the mama you met at play group last week or come on your own, you won’t be on your own for long! 💋 🍸💃🏻

Just the two times for me this weekend then. 💦 @momdotme

This weekend we will mostly be assembling Ikea furniture. ⚒ Cue the inevitable argument and trip to B&Q for some kind of screw/tool we have forgotten. Wish us luck ☘️

We’ve been hearing great things about @jeanskitchenwinebar so decided to put on a night and find out for ourselves! Spring Fling will be an informal night where you will enjoy a load of lovely grub & a load of lovely beverages in the company of a load of lovely mamas!
Here are the details:
When: Friday 18th May 7.30pm - late
Where: Jeans Kitchen & Wine Bar, Tunbridge Wells
How much: £28
What do I get for my spondulicks:
2x drinks – Your choice of prosecco or wine, grub grub grub (Cheese burger sliders, Satay chicken
skewers, BBQ chicken wings, Mini jackets with cream cheese, Tomato, basil & mozzarella skewers
etc 🤤) followed by a cash bar as well as the usual goody bag full of loot. 💰
This time we’ve included a small charity element as who doesn’t like to do something good?! £3 from every ticket sold will be donated to @ellenorcharity who are a local charity, providing care and support for families facing terminal illness.
♥️ This event is as simple as it gets – good food, good drink, good surroundings and good company!
If you feel you’re in need of a night out with a load of local mama’s then make sure you get yourself a ticket and join in the fun. Lots of people come on their own so don’t be scared If that’s you and if you want to bring a friend or your entire ante-natal group then everyone is welcome!
Booking will open at 8pm on Monday via the 🔗 in our bio! Make sure you’re ready to book as you won’t wanna miss this! *This event is for anyone! Whether you’re on mat leave, you don’t work, you’re freelance or you just fancy a good old fashioned knees up. (We’ve all been there!) Come along and meet some amazing women, laugh your tits off and go home thoroughly partied out! You deserve a night off Mama! 💋🍸💃🏻 #mamamixers

“I’ll drink to that... yeah yeah.” 🍺🍸🍹🥃🥂🍻🍷🍾 If I wasn’t a sober Sally at the moment, I’d be getting a right thirst on tonight!
#fridayfeeling #cheerstotheweekend

YES! Another cold from nursery, just what we wanted!

All the 😭 on this mizzle Thursday morning from this. It’s ringing so true at the moment as my little baby is not really my little baby anymore. Last night we stopped bedtime ‘nonk’ (milk- long overdue apparently 😊) and she is becoming a proper little girl right before my eyes 👧🏻 I will always let her shower with me and get into my bed in the morning for cuddles as long as she wants to 💕💕💕 from @mamaraylife #mybabyisntababyanymore #mybabygirl

Getting your kid to take medicine. Skill level 💯

Every. Single. Time. Last time we baked I turned my back and had a spoonful of flour in my cup of tea. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Well yesterday... I’ve been feeling a little disconnected from Instagram/social media lately. Sometimes it can feel very braggy and self involved, not to mention constantly being sold too or made to feel like you MUST have the latest trends. I’ve also been a bit of a social hermit lately as well, not really wanting to see people or go to events, probably because I’m a sober sally and sadly for me it can make me feel like what’s the point if I can’t have a glass of my much missed Sauvy B 🤣 but after going to yesterdays @thelittleplaycafeuk launch I have woken up feeling completely reinvigorated. I got to have tea & cake with some lovely women, of whom I don’t see that often and it was so nice to just chill and catch up whilst our little ones played with all the fun stuff the little play café has to offer.
So thankyou @mytunbridgewells , @everythingisaphase & @mumstheword.online for making me feel a bit more like myself again. It just goes to show how important having friends around you is, especially mum friends who don’t judge when you nail a giant piece of rainbow cake without coming up for air. 🌈

Speaking as a white girl I can confirm this is true. #boomerang #basicboomerang

Nailed it.

SAVE THE DATE! The next Mama Mixers night is set for Friday 18th May at @jeanskitchenwinebar Tunbridge Wells. Full details & booking info to follow but for now get that date locked down & get the babysitter booked in so you’re free to come out and play! 🍾🥂💃🏻

Literally my child yesterday! She tripped during the Easter egg hunt and face planted a brick wall.🤕 The award for panic stricken, hysterical mum goes to Moi. 🏆 I may have PTSD and am never letting her outside to play again. Not without a helmet anyway 👲

First activity of Easter done - toddler time at @jumpinparks 🐰

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