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Redeeming themselves for their shenanigans yesterday••• having a #momentofsilence for THIS moment of silence 👧🏼👦🏼❤️ #teamwork #puzzling #siblingsilence #mamalike

Cool business card holder yes/no? #mamalike #reusereducerecycle

I call this tropical lightning 🏝⚡️

Oops God did it again!!!
More #snow

I call this purple rain (and it’s only 99 calories) ✨🍹🤓

#ultimatecocktailparty ‘guilty pleasure’ food table. Of course I had to make a cake.. YUM! Chocolate peanut butter 🤪🤤😛🍰🍫🥜 #cake #chocolate #peabutbutter #guiltypleasure #mamalike

Run run run!

Давайте залайкаем сынульку😍😘😘
Ну что, кому нужны лайки🐕🐕🐕
Объявляю Лайк тайм💥💥💥
❤️Ставим лайки мне и предыдущему комментатору.
❤️Пишем в коментах-хочу лайки!
❤️Получаем лайки в ответ!
💝💝💝Обещаю всех взаимно отлайкать😘

Last night I was scrolling through my camera roll and came across this photo from over 3 years ago! It was the first trip Jason and I took together as he was helping me move from Utah to Arizona. We decided to stop in Vegas for a night so that I could gamble for the first time 😂😂 I lost $40 and he won $120 or something like that. I always knew me and Jason would end up together but it took some convincing. Morale of the story: always go after your dreams and don’t give up.

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