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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about #courage. I like this word, the way it sounds but I wonder how does it feel or what is that? 🤔 Is it that encouraging voice that you hear inside of you when there is a moment of fear? Or is it the absence of fear? Or maybe is it skill to gain? There are so many questions and possible answers. But when I mindfully think about it or feel it, I know that there are so many mixed feelings I’m experiencing at that moment, like fear, vulnerability, nerves and doubts but at the same time I feel challenge, optimism and determination! Does it sound familiar to you? •
When I have those mixed feelings, it’s soo hard to make a step and take courage to do things, ask for help, share or speak up.🙋🏻‍♀️ But this moment is so crucial, as that’s moment when I make myself think only about my commitment, determination or intention. 🙏🏼 And it really helps me to push away my fears and vulnerabilities.💪🏼 And of course, often times when courage leads me forward, I can talk nervously, look funny or say something wrong (because my fears are still there😰) but at least I fight until I feel comfortable being with them and eventually own them.

So the bottom line, commitment and intention are the most powerful tools to move you forward and make you live your best LIFE! ♥️ Aloha, Friday! •
This post is inspired by my commitment and intention to make a positive impact on lives of youth in Tanzania. If you are inspired, please support via the link in my bio.

Pan de manzanas para tu refraccion? Si por favor! Muchas gracias a Seed to Harvest por las manzanas deshidritadas que nos brindaron. Gracias a Letti por la receta! El pan esta delicioso! #ElArboldelNino #pandelcielo #deliciosoysabroso #saludable #Canada #Guatemala #mamahope

(Sound up!) Someone dm’d me after going through all our Mama Hope flashbacks (in stories) to tell me this was their favorite out of the year, so I thought I’d share it again! #Repost @lilouthebulldog with @get_repost
Busted! 😆 Pretty obvious she knows she's not suppose to be out there without permission 😂 Raspberry picking is a supervised activity 😉 turn up the volume to hear her excuse 😂💞😆 #mamahope #snacks #ithinkillhelpmyself #hungryhippo #dontmindifido

One year ago today, we drove out to @nwdogproject and scooped up this sweet mama for what was suppose to be a day trip 🙈 Her puppies had just been weened and we thought she could use a lil fun. Well, day trip turned into an overnight and overnight turned into a “why doesn’t she just stay here till she gets fixed and finds her permanent home”....... and that she did! 😂 We love you #mamahope
#repost Can’t even begin to explain the feelings today watching this sweet soul exploring the Oregon coast for first time. #freedom #fromdeathrowtothis #adoptdontshop #momahope #plusone #rescuefactor #bullylove @nwdogproject

Looks like all of my S.H.O.U.T.-ting @colbycollege worked out after all! 💫
Thank you @pcb_colby for giving me the Alumni Activist Award✨ and the ability to share my amazing journey with #mamahope and #tejiendofuturos 🌸

To learn more about my journey please, go here➡️ https://give.classy.org/LizTF

❤❤❤❤❤🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏Regrann from @mama_hope - We LOVE waking up to good news ☀️ This morning we’re kicking the day off by celebrating the incredible construction progress at the Suubi Health Center (@bicsuubi )🍾🍾🍾
We’re forever grateful to our friends @frenchmontana @diddy and @theweeknd for raising the roof on what will soon be the biggest +best hospital serving a community of 300,000 💪🏾
#unforgettable #unforgettabledancechallenge #allthewayup #suubi #hope #uganda #health #mamahope #africa - #regrann

We LOVE waking up to good news ☀️ This morning we’re kicking the day off by celebrating the incredible construction progress at the Suubi Health Center (@bicsuubi )🍾🍾🍾
We’re forever grateful to our friends @frenchmontana @diddy and @theweeknd for raising the roof on what will soon be the biggest +best hospital serving a community of 300,000 💪🏾
#unforgettable #unforgettabledancechallenge #allthewayup #suubi #hope #uganda #health #mamahope #africa

I love this T-shirt!♥️ You know why? Because it represents consciousness, love, friendship and hard work that has been put to create it for a certain purpose. A purpose that I’m pursuing to support the education of kids in Moshi, Tanzania.🇹🇿 People say that the most important things in life are NOT things, and that’s TRUE.☝🏼 But sometimes things can mean a lot to us and make us do meaningful actions. When was your last time you did something meaningful? Something that you knew it would help another person or stranger? If you feel challenged, check out the link in my bio and you can get a thing that will have meaning to you!☝🏼 Aloha!🌺

Happy mother's day to the best mum in the whole wide world #mummy u know I love u right? I will always do #mummyyo#mamalove#myyoriyo#myprayerwarrior #mymentor #mamalovely#mamafavour#mamahope#mamabright#mamadestiny#mamapeace#mamaall God bless u for always been there for me oce again happy mother's day mum and to all them mothers in the House God bless you all

Deverson y Lucas estan listos a comer! Hoy, empecemos los desayunos y almuerzos en la escuela! Cada dia vamos a ofrecerles comida sabrosa, saludable, y fresca :) Muchas gracias a cada padre y voluntario que esta ayudando a mejorar la alementacion de los ninos! #ElArboldelNino #alimentacionsaludable ##mamahope #tasty #changemakers #breakfast #lunch #almuerzosaludable

We’re ready for our prime-time sitcom! Thanks a billion for the photos @andyrenetran 🖤🖤🖤

Mama Hope looking into weekend possibilities #mamahope #fromdeathrowtothis

Muchas gracias a Seeds to Harvest y los “gleaners” en Canada! Ahora tenemos verduras y frutas para los desayunos y almuerzos de más de 45 niños! Vamos a experimentar y crear platos guatemaltecos, saludables, y deliciosos :) #elarboldelniño #salud #mamahope #gleaner #canada #globalcitizens #solidarity #workingtogether #healthyfood #nutrition #reducefoodwaste

Throughout March we will be honoring the women that have had an everlasting effect on who we have become and it’s only fitting that on the first day of National Woman’s History month we honor Cheshire Pizza’s matriarch. Without question the hardest working, most committed, selfless woman we have known. We owe you the world ❤️#mamahope #womanshistorymonth #cheshirepizza #cheshirepizzaandale #chesirect #cheshirepizzafamily

Aloha my friends!😍
I know it feels like I‘ve disappeared a bit from social media, but I took some time to recharge and finish up with some other projects in my life. And now I’m feeling refreshed in further pursuing and achieving my goals! 🎯 I’m feeling grateful of what life has brought to me so far including this great opportunity to empower kids and youth in #Tanzania. 🇹🇿 And to tell you a secret, this work has empowered me to become more courageous, passionate and bold! 😎
And so far I have reached around $5,500 and would love to see this number grow with your HELP! 😍 [Link in bio].👆🏼These funds would help White Orange Youth to expand their organic farm and training program for local girls and young women! 💪🏼❤️

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