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why do i make sad shit?

Rosie's Top 35 Tv Otps •

#33: Malisaac❤️💖
I know that this is a crack ship but I still really loved the idea of them together. And then there were rumors of Daniel coming back to the show and I thought this would actually happen. But it didn’t so...

Cr: @darkcaptn

#tw #teenwolf #malisaac #maliahale #maliatate #isaaclahey #malissac

— malisaac as jalyssa
malia was new. she'd started
that term. i thought she could
be interesting to kill. so i pretend
to fall in love with her.

My two favorite crackships💕 collab with Erin (@voidfinnn)
She did stallison I did malisaac
Ac: I forget
Cc: I was to lazy to add it
Dt: Erin

amas eu amo essa foto com todas as minhas forças ❤️

[AU where Malia and Isaac are up against each other for a promotion at their law firm.]

I archived a bunch of posts today oof! also it’s snowing so guess who might have another snow day

I love Malisaac 😪.

-Shelley hennig💌

I tried using medibang and i like it😊

Q - who is your favorite actor/actress?
#shelleyhennig #shelleyhennigedit #teenwolf #maliatate #maliatateedit #stalia #malydia #malisaac

[Edit Between Requests] TWxHP (Year 7 part 2. The final one! And I totally didn’t get depressed while editing the final scene; remembering the final scene of Harry Potter... not at all!!)
Scott McCall - Harry Potter
Isaac Lacey - Ron Weasley
Malia Tate - Hermione Granger
Gerard Argent - Voldemort
Lydia Martin - Ginny Weasley
Peter Hale - Severus Snape

god i love them so much
cr: softsciles

my favorite dorks. mieczyslaw & bartholomew.
happy birthday @grantgust ❤️

[nsfw dallison]
. ✧ . *
just had to remake this delena scene with one of my fave crackships + make it better :)
fc: @elysian.filters 'achromatic' aka my filter account
dt: @mysticsxhills your ship

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