As a coach sometimes you have to apply tough love and other times you need to take the soft approach👊🏽😄
I never sugarcoat anything and I’m very straight talking, my philosophy is: it is what it is and that’s that; but how that’s put across can be the breaker of a relationship or the maker of a relationship.
If you’ve had a coach or PT who’s made you feel like shit or uncomfortable then fuck them off, you deserve better. Any good coach will know how to approach each situation to get the best out of it for you✌🏽
What works best for you? Tough love? Soft approach? Or a mixture of both?
PS. I’ve had my fair share of shit coaching in the past when I used PTs, don’t stand for it like I did, fuck them off and find better🏋🏻‍♂️
Love u x

Cowboy 🤠


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