#PDSkylineVariation from tonight's class 🤗 . . . and yet another unwittingly premature contribution to #sundaybumday haha

Thanks @liamtippingpole for teaching this cool lil' shape 😄 Perhaps a premature entry for #sundaybumday

My attempt at #PdDonut. I'm not bendy enough to pull it off ... but surely I get points for crunching my back so hard that I get a #backvagina forming between my shoulder blades, no?

In other news, I tried waxing my legs and it improved my grip exponentially !
Having said that, 'no hair for up to 28 days' my ass, Veet! Try 'a week'!

@yjlau told me to shake my ass as I was about to climb #sundaybumday y'all 🤣😁🍑

Cool little #PDbrassmonkey dismounty thingy tonight with demands from my pole sister @yjlau at the end

First exotic pole class with my own set of @pleasershoes heels 😜
Feeling Fierrrrrcce!
Now sissy that walk!

Magnifique photo de @electrickdams par @j.brown_photography 😉😉😉

Flying the flag in the best way I know how ⚣🌈

This is one of the first combos I learned. Chair spin into back hook. And as you can see, I was playing with spin pole too. Still working on how to get out of spins on spin pole gracefully lol.
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