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[ Inside Alecβ€˜s mind ] πŸŒΉπŸ‘€ Reminder: it’s just an edit, idk what he’s really thinking. MeehπŸ‘»
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FORBIDDEN LOVE CHAPTER 4: Magnus POV: Alec Had Said Yes To My Promposal and honestly I'm so excited and nervous because I've never taken anyone to prom that wasn't my girlfriend but she wanted to take one of her best friends from another high school so I had to look for someone else to take and that's when I noticed Alec and I knew I had to take him to prom with me . But before prom I know that I need to give Alec the chance to know me so it won't be so intimidating because I'm a stranger to him and I want him to become comfortable with me so as soon as everyone leaves I walk up to him and say hey Alec meet me tomorrow during lunch and we can talk okay I'll see you tomorrow I don't tell him that I'm bringing my girlfriend because that would be very uncomfortable for him ... TBC
How Will Alec React To Magnus Having A Girlfriend ? Find out in the next chapter !
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Forbidden Love Chapter 3 Alec POV:
I can tell Magnus is waiting for me to give him and answer to his prom proposal so I finally have an answer .. I look at him in the eyes and say yes Magnus I'll Go With You To Prom .. and I impulsively hug him he hugs me back and suddenly people are cheering and recording what just happened and he gave me this huge teddy bear with balloons attached to it and the prom sign that he made and honestly I was just in shock with the fact that I'm going to prom with a senior not just any senior with Magnus Bane .. TBC
How Will Alec And Magnus 's Prom Go?
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[malec’s developement] (part 2, from 2x01 to 2x10)
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Chapter 4 ;)
Alec mumbled incoherent words under his breath as his head pounded like African drums. He squinted his eyes, trying to adapt to the sudden brightness that radiated from the ceiling light that hung over his head.
Once he didn't recognize the room, he jumped, sittng upright with his legs under the covers. His head shot to the left and to the right, attempting to find out the location he was in. "Where the hell am I?" He exclaimed, soon regretting it as his head spiralled, resulting him to be giddy.
He groggily lifted his feet off the bed, dragging it on to the floor as his head spinned, an extremely excruciating pain.

In his 'daylight crisis', he heard a noise. A soothing, melodious and bubbly noise.

His voice.

He followed the direction of the sound, ending up in the kitchen of the house. There he saw Magnus, nodding his head up and down as he hummed a tune under his breath, singing silently yet audible.
And Alec just forgot about the entire situation he was in, his confusion turning into... admiration?

He noticed how Magnus's feet shuffled smoothly across the tiled floor to the rhythm he made, how he whistled the tunes at some stops and how he placed his lips together, slightly parting it slightly as he hummed the rest of the tune.

But, oh god.

Magnus was singing, and of course Alec was mesmerised,

But my, oh my!

Magnus wasn't singing like he originally did, but... He was singing in Spanish.

However, the lyrics, the tune, the rhythm and the beats... the way they escaped Magnus's lips was completely different, but it was surprising how it still maintained the fluency and smoothness of his voice. "QuΓ© bien se ve

Me trae loco su figura," As Magnus placed the water in the kettle, his feet arched, spinning itself on its tiptoe as he twirled towards the window in the kitchen corner, plucking mint leaves from the small plant he grew under the sun. "Ese trajecito corto le queda bien

Combinado con su lipstick color cafΓ©." And it might just be Alec's eyes playing with his mind, but the rays of sunshine was reflected in Magnus's eyes, twinkling as it shined bright like a diamond.
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Planning that Lightwood family dinner. Behind the scenes of #ShadowhuntersSeason3.
Omg They Look So Precious πŸ’•
QOTD : Alec Izzy Or Magnus ? Or Both ?
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Chapter 3:
"A karaoke bar? Really?" Magnus scoffed, crossing his arms as he glared at Alec with annoyance radiating off him, irritation in his eyes as he wanted to go home badly. "I don't know where else you would actually want to go!" Alec argued, huffing in disappointment but smiling at the though of spending time with Magnus. "Grab a microphone, I'll order the drinks," Alec suggested, walking towards the telephone that laid at the table side in the corner of the room.
Magnus placed a hand on Alec's chest, stopping him from taking another step. A small smirk crawled up his lip, making him look smug. "I'll order the drinks, you take the microphone," He winked, walking over as he started ordering an array of drink for the younger man to try. "You sure know your drinks well," Alec commented, slumping into the comfortable couch as he selected the songs. "For a man that used to be a party animal, it's common," Magnus grabbed the microphone and did a flip, resulting in an amused Alec. "Look, let's have a good time and forget about everything I said before, how does that sound?" Alec cocked an eyebrows, a really tiny smile on the corner of his lips. "Perfect," Magnus smiled shyly, taking a seat next to the raven haired boy.
The songs Alec had chosen came on one by one, Magnus singing each song with ease and not having to look at the lyrics.

He closed his eyes as he sang the song, something he did quite often from what Alec had noticed.
Magnus didn't need the lyrics, he just needed the rhythm and the microphone.

Scratch that, he just needed his voice.

He didn't even realised the fact that Alec had stopped singing with him, his voice taking over his mind. "There's no room in war for feelings

Hurt me to the core, still healing

And I know you're no good for me

So I try to forget the memories," Alec sighed dreamily at the sight of Magnus swayed side to side, not even on his consciousness.
Magnus's hand lingered over his thigh, hitting it softly and snapping his finger to the rhythm and beats.
Alec's eyes swinkled in delight, a faint blush creeping up his cheeks as continued admiring Magnus discreetly. (More in the comments.)

Chapter 2:

The couple reached a small, cute, quiet cafΓ© down the street, entering as smooth, emotional Blues music filled the atmosphere.
The sound of caffeine-needy customers chattering non-stop, the sound of coffee beans being grinded, the tapping of the worker's feet as they waited impatiently, the sound of the scribbles of a pen a waiter was holding while jotting down orders, the sound of feet shuffling as people entered and exited the coffee shop, the sound of the bell ringing everytime someone opened or closed, the sound of notifications going off in some people's smartphones, the sound of the timer ringing when it was someone's turn to receive their titbits, the sound of chair being pulled out and tuck in, the legs of the seat being dragged across the maroon carpet-covered wooden floor, the sound of people bickering over chick-flicks.

Magnus could hear every single sound clearly, not missing a motion.
Because this was music to his ears.

Alec just walked past it, ignoring the insignificant noises.

He wasn't considered a philosophical man.
The pair found an unoccupied table, taking their places as they sat across each other. A waitress passed by, asking for their orders. "Good evening! What would you two like to have today?" She asked, flashing a smile.
Magnus scratched the back of his neck, undecisive.
He can't even remember the last time he's been to a cafΓ©.
Alec noticed his worried expression, saving him from the awkwardness immediately. "We'd both take a cappuccino with a side of chocolate cake," He answered as Magnus heaved a sigh of relief. The waitress shifted her gaze towards him, nodding as she jotted that down. "Are you two a couple?" She questioned, looking up from her notepad. The pair's eyes widened in utmost surprise. "Uh, no... of course not," Replied Alec. "No, um, we're not," Magnus responded at the same time, stuttering with him. "I'm so sorry, I misunderstood," The waiter apologised, clicking the pen. "I just asked because we have a couple's set that would be half the price of what you have ordered." She clarified, the tension in the air decreasing slowly. (More in Comments :D)

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