Chapter 26 // It had been a week since Alec had kissed Magnus in the locker room, and one of the happiest weeks of his life. He and Magnus had spent as much time as possible together at school, and now they were finally going to meet after school, that night. Alec couldn't contain his excitement. His stomach was a twisted mess of emotions as he chose his outfit, his mind blurry. He could picture Magnus standing next to him, close enough to feel his cool breath on his skin. He imagined himself losing his breath, just like he always did when Magnus was around. And then, he almost felt Magnus reach out and gently pull him closer, placing a soft kiss upon his lips. He shook the illusion just as his mother walked into the room. "Going somewhere?" she asked, her voice cool. Alec froze. "I... uh..." He cleared his throat. "I'm meeting a friend." His mother, Maryse, raised an eyebrow. "A friend?" "Yeah," Alec stammered. "Problem?" "Not at all," his mother said smoothly, her eyes gliding over the shirt in Alec's hand. "Who is it? Not Jace, I'm guessing?" "No," said Alec, panicking a little. "His... his name is Raphael." The words fell out of his mouth before he could stop himself. Maryse's expression softened. Alec knew she'd been concerned he was going out to meet some girl and hook up. He sighed inwardly. If only he could tell her... "Do I know him?" she mused. "No," Alec said. "He's new." She nodded. "Well, have a nice time. I'll see you tonight." He faked a smile as she exited, just as Izzy marched straight in. Once their mother was downstairs, she pounced. "Raphael?!" she said. "That crazy dude you met in the cupboard?" Alec laughed. "I didn't know what else to say," he admitted. Izzy shook her head playfully. "You need to tell her," she said, more gently this time. "I will," Alec said. "Soon." ~ "Clary?" Jace's voice was desperate, even on the phone. "Are... are you okay?" "Yeah," Clary sighed, staring at the phone in her hand idly. "I... yeah." "Clary, please." Jace was frantically scraping his hands through his hair. "You... haven't spoken to any of us in a week." "And that's a problem because...?" Her tone was ice cold. Jace frowned. "Is this about Alec?" //

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