This scene ❤❤🔥
Things I want in next season!
1. Give Magnus his magic back😖😖 this is most important
2. Magnus should stop sacrificing himself, he isn't god, and I want him happy...like forever
3. I know Alec will be ok, so I want Alec to show Magnus his love though actions instead of words
4. And I really feel bad for clace, bow that Jace is back, clary is taken so I want them to have some peaceful moments! #clace fans deserve that at least
5. Jace should thank Magnus, I know that arrogant guy won't but if writers have some what senses then they will give Jace thanking Magnus scene, cz losing his magic was like losing his identity
6. I need Raphael back, I love him
7. Lastly, keep malec out of trouble and I'll be happy 😂😄❤
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✨[SH 2x20 & 3x10 Malec and Clace parallel]✨
Both of them cupping their love’s head and holding their hand. 😭💔
I don’t know what to write. This makes me so damn emotional! Idk did anyone else realize this parallel or am I the first one?
I just got a new iPhone! This should work better now! -
Also new chapter will be posted tonight too

Alec's POV:

The buildings became blurry, the faster we ran. Our steps were loud, filling the empty streets with unwelcome noise and echoing from the walls of unfamiliar houses with dark windows and shabby facades. My formerly calm breathing had turned into hasty panting, hurting in my lungs, making me dizzy and disoriented. But that made no difference, since I had lost track of our way as soon as I had lost sight of the house, in which Magnus was waiting for me. Unavailing. “I said WAIT!” For a last time I fastened my pace, got closer to Jace and when we just turned to the right into another dark alley, I grabbed his arm harshly. “I’m sick of it! Stop running away!” My breath visibly rose up into the sky, creating a foggy wall between my best friend and me and for a moment I felt like this untouchable veil slowed down the world, even though there was nothing else to decelerate than the hastily breathing. Jace was wheezing silently, only moving his shoulders a bit, not reacting to me in any way. He just stood there in complete silence, like some stranger I had just met randomly in the streets. And maybe at that moment he was a stranger. To me. But then he turned around, eyeing me up and down, until his gaze met mine. Huffing, we stared into each other’s eyes and for a second, I was sure, it was the real Jace and not this weird and dangerous thing, wearing his body as an armor or shell. That… owl-thing. He seemed absolutely normal, probably a little bit confused, but who wouldn't be, when you just realize, you have no idea, where you are. But then the dark clouds came back, corrupting the light color of his eyes and with a cold, mirthless expression - a grimace, devilish, uncannily reminding me of a sneery grin - Jace clasped his hand around mine and plucked it from his arm as if it was nothing. (⬇️⬇️a little more⬇️⬇️) #multioftsshatterme2018

"I don't want the world, i want you..." .-Alec Lightwood- City of heavenly fire 🔥
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