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2th Malec fan fiction
Summary: Magnus & Alec at the Starbucks.
Title: Chapter 5 “Magnetic connection”
They went inside. “Hey what do you want to order?” Mundane lady asked. Magnus looked at his phone. “We will take two... Frappuccino’s.” // Magnus finished the ordering. “Can you tell your names?” The mundane asked. Alec raised his eyebrow and leaned to whisper into Magnus’s ear. “Is it safe to say my name?” Magnus smiled. “Magnus” He said & looked at Alec who rolled his eyes. “Alec” “Okay you can go wait there I’ll bring your order soon.” Magnus & Alec went to sit. “What is Frappuccino?” Alec asked. “I don’t know I just googled that it’s the most popular drink here.” // the order came. Alec looked at his drink with confusion. “Why There’s cream on top?” “Don’t you like cream?” Magnus asked & smirked. Alec’s face lit up red. “Oh.. well I guess... yes.” Magnus was already drinking his drink so Alec tasted too. The look on his face changed to disgust. “By the angel what the hell is this?” Alec asked. “It’s coffee?” Magnus said & drank more of his drink. “It’s so sweet & the coffee is so strong!” Alec said & pushes the drink away. Alec looked at the mug & grabbed it again to his hands. “Oh great. They wrote my name wrong! It says Alex! Don’t these mundanes have ears?” Alec complained. Magnus stopped drinking & checked his drink. He bursted into laugh. “Well I have amazing name. My mug says Magnet!” They both laughed. “Well you’re pretty magnetic because you pull me to you.” Alec said. Magnus smiled & reached Alec’s lips from the other side of the table. Alec came closer & kissed him softly. “Do you want to go somewhere else?” Magnus asked. Alec nodded & they left.
Tomorrow 6th part! You’re not ready for that one!✋🏻😵
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2th Malec fan fiction
Summary: Alec & Magnus go inside the shopping center
Title: chapter 4 “Mundane world ”
Magnus opened the taxis door & grabbed Alec’s hand. Alec stumbled out of the car & Magnus saved Alec from tumbling on the street. Alec stood up with Magnus’s help. They were both laughing. “Oh these mundanes really need to make bigger cars!” Alec complained. Magnus smiled & reached his hand. Alec grabbed it & they walked trough the sliding doors. Their noses were filled with smell of plastic, perfume & food. Alec ran still holding Magnus’s hand next to a store window. “How they sell bows and arrows here? Aren’t those dangerous for mundanes to use?” Magnus looked at the window & laughed. “Alexander they’re toys!” Alec stared at the toy & raised his eyebrows. “You didn’t bring any weapons with you, did you? Because it could lead us to big problems here.” Magnus smirked. “Of course not! Do you think I’m that stupid?” Alec laughed & started tinkling Magnus. They started laughing & playing around. Alec grabbed Magnus for a kiss. At that moment a group of teenage boys walked past them & laughed. “GAY!” Alec removed his lips from Magnus’s. He looked at the boys with his serious face. The boys looked at Magnus & then Alec. They ran away quickly. Alec was furious. “Hey it’s okay Alexander. They’re just some stupid kids. Don’t let them ruin your day.” Alec nodded & they started walking. “What’s that “Starbucks” store?” Alec asked. “It’s not store.” Magnus said while searching it from google. “It’s a cafe. And what I can tell very popular one. Do you want to go there?” Alec nodded. -
Are you excited for next chapter? It will be posted tomorrow night!💗
#malecforever #magnusbane #aleclightwood #harryshumjr #matthewdaddario #shadowhunter #maleckiss #shumdario #shadowhunterstv #shadowhunter #gay #themortalinstruments #lgbt #tmi #bisexual #malecedit #malecfanfiction #malecfanfic #malecfanart #shadowfics

Goodnight my loves :) 🖤 {cr to @shirmirart } #malec #malecfanart

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