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Thank you to Steven, Blake, Auguste, and Chris for sharing inspiring stories and advice for #maleallies. #gdwit #womenintech #godaddy #godaddylife

"I have no idea where I would be today if it weren't for my male champion, Paul Keenan. He is a partner at a large NYC-based law firm. He also is the world's greatest father to 3 children; I hope they realize how blessed they are! Paul hired me as his legal secretary when I was just 22.
He was the busiest person I had ever met and yet he always made time for me. He is intelligent (both book smart and street smart) but has no ego, PLUS he has a fantastic sense of humor and a good attitude. How lucky was I to have this role model and mentor right out of college? I've always tried to emulate him.
A year after I started working for Paul I began evening law school while continuing to work full time. I was very intimidated by how intelligent my professors were. Paul gave me confidence and perspective by telling me that my professors taught the same thing every semester, and that they were not any more intelligent than I was. With finals around the corner, my fellow students were stressing out big-time, which was causing me to also stress out. Paul noticed my demeanor and told me very simply "Amy, you're not a serious person, so stop taking it seriously." I followed his advice, was true to myself, and ended up making law review, getting a scholarship and graduating with honors. At the firm I was promoted to paralegal and then after graduation was hired as an associate.
Paul has given me so much (including his family's old furniture when I moved into my own apartment!) and more importantly, lots of good advice. I still don't make major life decisions without consulting him. He would help me with my car when it was acting up, which was often. He helped me in getting my parents out of a legal timeshare ownership mess. When I bought a condo, he was my lawyer. The list goes on.
Working in commercial real estate, which is very much a boy's club, Paul always made me feel safe and like I belonged. He made me feel like I was home, which fostered an environment that allowed me to grow into the person I am today, and I really like and am proud of myself. Thank you, Paul, for being in the corner of my court." - Amy, Attorney, New York City

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🔥Our cool factor just went up! 🔥Rock band Mostly Static's 25th anniversary show is tonight, and they're donating all proceeds to #AAUW! Props to our @perobnett for having an awesome dad (and band frontman!) who supports gender equity. Also, can we talk about that t-shirt?! 👊🏽🎸🎤🙋💕#crushingit #maleallies #thefutureisfemale #micdrop

Tiffany is nominating her dad and her son, her every day hero, as her male allies. WHO WILL YOU NOMINATE? A $25 donation gets them certified and $40 also gets them a t-shirt. Nominate your (M)ALLY so GEMS can certify him☝️link in bio. #MaleAllies

London Knights showing off their new buttons after a great training on consent & masculinity @londonknightsohl #maleallies #consentculture #buttonbadge #endsexualviolence

On #makingyourpartnerarealpartner and to #leanintogether Let us celebrate all of our #malechampions and #maleallies out there! Without you, we wouldn't be able to make such significant progress!

Late, but great message! #MaleAllies #StandtoEndRape
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#16Days4Women Male Allies #16DaysofActivism
I'm happy I have friends that are involved in things like this
Day 5


Andy! This is just the kind of man the women of the world need. Thank you. The strongest men aren't intimidated by powerful women. They respect them and share the stage honourably. Swipe for more feminist satisfaction. #venus #serena #serenawilliams #venuswilliams #tennis #andymurray #tennis #tennisskirt #womenstennis #maleallies #malefeminist #areyoupayingattention #sexism #feminism #misogyny #feminist

"In my career so far, I've needed my male co-stars to take a pay cut so that I may have parity with them," Stone said in an interview with Out Magazine. "And that's something they do for me because they feel it's what's right and fair." #EmmaStone #MaleAllies #HeForShe #MaleChampions #WageGap #Equality #WomensEmpowerment #Feminism #MaleFeminists #WorkPlaceEquality #SystematicSexism


THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who purchased products from April 1st - June 30th! A portion of your sale went to benefit schools in Tanzania via the fantastic @tanzschoolfdn. Operation Educ8 is NOT OVER, either. Your purchases from July 1st - September 30th benefit @gemsgirls. They are doing fantastic work as well!

For the next hour, join us on twitter for a #TEARTalk discussion about #maleallies working to #endgbv.

“While I’ve had the pleasure of having more than one male ally (my father Greg Grant, and my first boss out of post-secondary, the late Philip Guishard), I would say my #1 fan is my husband Jonathan. As an ex-pro athlete, motivational speaker, and business coach Jonathan has the ability to push people beyond their comfort zone.

When Jonathan and I met, I was in transition period in my career. I needed a break from what I had been doing for the last 6 years which was Sport Administration within the Olympic Movement & Major Games. I was at the time, working a job that was not close to my abilities and was discouraged. Jonathan really showed me just how transferrable all the skills that I had developed were. When I was ready to look for a new job he was beyond supportive, and reached out to his many contacts to help find my new career path.

In addition to that, Jonathan’s entrepreneurial mind is always thinking about ways that my ‘passions’ can be used to earn money. As a fitness enthusiast, I dabbled in the thought of becoming a personal trainer but never committed to it. Jonathan supported me whole-heartedly and pushed me to become certified much sooner than I ever would’ve on my own...." Read more of Chantelle's story of her male ally, Jonathan, at The Corner of the Court Project

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We're excited to announce our new charity for Operation Educ8 by GR8/SKN! What is Operation Educ8, you ask? It is a global initiative to give back & advance human sustainability. Since one of our main missions is to educate young people about proper health & wellness of their skin, we donate part of our proceeds to non-profit organizations around the world that focus on education as a means to a greater life. Your purchases from July 1st through September 30th benefit @gemsgirls

Riddle me this. #menaretrash

Shout out to @floggingfuckboys for this post. Check her account out. This is the truth. This. Post. Here. #menaretrash #educate #maleallies #feminism #truth

"Undoubtedly, my most important male ally is my husband, Rustin.  A stay at home dad, self-proclaimed ‘manny,’ and my biggest fan, he is all in. Without him, our coaching business and family life would not be possible. He maintains the home, takes excellent care of our amazing girls, helps with our business, and is always there when I need that nudge or to vent about travel snafus. He’s our family’s rock.

When I originally brought my book idea to him about the important role of male allies  and how they support women for gender equality, he coined the book title 'ONE.' And, this title is completely fitting. Without him steering me, I would have ended up in a completely wrong direction. He’s my guard rails. He keeps me and our family grounded and focused. We’re lucky to have him.

When I think about a male ally, he’s the personification of one. Proudly sharing and celebrating women’s accomplishments, supporting his family in and out of the home, raising our children by showing them what good looks like, and instilling confidence in the women in his life. I’ve never felt a power struggle with him, he’s let be the strong woman I have always been. I have the freedom to be my authentic self.” – Julie, Coach & Founder of Pivot Point, Indianapolis, IN

This story was adapted from Julie Kratz’s upcoming book, ONE, about the role of male allies and their support for gender equality: together through mentorship, sponsorship, management, and overall advocacy.
More information about Julie’s work can be found at her website www.nextpivotpoint.com

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