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"I have no idea where I would be today if it weren't for my male champion, Paul Keenan. He is a partner at a large NYC-based law firm. He also is the world's greatest father to 3 children; I hope they realize how blessed they are! Paul hired me as his legal secretary when I was just 22.
He was the busiest person I had ever met and yet he always made time for me. He is intelligent (both book smart and street smart) but has no ego, PLUS he has a fantastic sense of humor and a good attitude. How lucky was I to have this role model and mentor right out of college? I've always tried to emulate him.
A year after I started working for Paul I began evening law school while continuing to work full time. I was very intimidated by how intelligent my professors were. Paul gave me confidence and perspective by telling me that my professors taught the same thing every semester, and that they were not any more intelligent than I was. With finals around the corner, my fellow students were stressing out big-time, which was causing me to also stress out. Paul noticed my demeanor and told me very simply "Amy, you're not a serious person, so stop taking it seriously." I followed his advice, was true to myself, and ended up making law review, getting a scholarship and graduating with honors. At the firm I was promoted to paralegal and then after graduation was hired as an associate.
Paul has given me so much (including his family's old furniture when I moved into my own apartment!) and more importantly, lots of good advice. I still don't make major life decisions without consulting him. He would help me with my car when it was acting up, which was often. He helped me in getting my parents out of a legal timeshare ownership mess. When I bought a condo, he was my lawyer. The list goes on.
Working in commercial real estate, which is very much a boy's club, Paul always made me feel safe and like I belonged. He made me feel like I was home, which fostered an environment that allowed me to grow into the person I am today, and I really like and am proud of myself. Thank you, Paul, for being in the corner of my court." - Amy, Attorney, New York City

#maleallies #malechampions

🔥Our cool factor just went up! 🔥Rock band Mostly Static's 25th anniversary show is tonight, and they're donating all proceeds to #AAUW! Props to our @perobnett for having an awesome dad (and band frontman!) who supports gender equity. Also, can we talk about that t-shirt?! 👊🏽🎸🎤🙋💕#crushingit #maleallies #thefutureisfemale #micdrop

Tomorrow we will be honoring Jimmie Briggs and two brave law enforcement officers at our fifth annual Male Allies Awards Breakfast! 🎉Jimmie is the founder of the Man Up Campaign, which brought together "a team of prestigious delegates from 24 countries (along with artists, athletes, technologists, researchers, and activists) to launch the campaign at an inaugural Young Leaders Summit in Johannesburg, South Africa during the 2010 FIFA World Cup". The movement is continuing to grow as these youth engage their peers to bring gender equality to their communities. #MaleAllies

#feministfriday #allies #maleallies #feminist #drake "Yo, stop that shit, if you don't stop touching girls, I'm gonna come out there and fuck you up." Thank you @champagnepapi 😊

We had an incredible turnout last night at our #FuquaMaleAllies Kickoff! Shout out to our AWIB Male Allies Cabinet for all of the hard work they are putting in to increase awareness on campus! #DukeAWIB #manbassadors #maleallies

I will NOT be complicit. #Diversity #Inclusion #MaleAllies Spotted at amzn.to/2B0gClO

Thank you to Steven, Blake, Auguste, and Chris for sharing inspiring stories and advice for #maleallies. #gdwit #womenintech #godaddy #godaddylife

@colorcomm's popular all-male panel returns to #C2Miami again! Let's see what A Few Good Men have to say about how to negotiate better, get promoted and assert yourself in the workplace @mrdavidawilson #MaleAllies #AuthenticLeadership


Yesterday we provided @ohlofficial Onside Training for the @erieotters We talked about masculinity, sexual violence, bystander intervention and more! Thanks for a great session

Men are the best teachers of men - more please of this 🙏👏🏻 #allies #gender #genderequality #metoo #manbassador #inclusion #maleally #maleallies #diversity #diversitymatters

13 people in the room - 10 are men: #maleallies rock

I will NOT be complicit. #Diversity #Inclusion #MaleAllies Spotted at amzn.to/2B0gClO

#iamprowoman: John Oliver, Last Week Tonight Host

John Oliver went head-to-head with actor Dustin Hoffman after Oliver confronted Hoffman about the sexual allegations against him. In true predatory fashion, Hoffman not only tries to manipulate the context so that he seems like the victim, he blames the Hollywood environment as if he had no control over his own actions. Unwanted touching = sexual harassment. There is no in-between, no gray area. —
It is clear that Hollywood and many other male-dominated industries have a sexual harassment epidemic that it must address, but we must also remember that this issue will only be addressed if people begin to genuinely take responsibility for their actions and learn from them. For them to do that, we need more men to step up and hold their male counterparts accountable; to make sure that they understand that these disgusting actions are, as Oliver said in the video, “receptive of who you were.” Keyword: were. —
If Hoffman, Weinstein, C.K., Spacey, etc. are truly remorseful for what they did, they can move forward and have it only be a part of their life rather than it defining them forever. —
For these men, it’s too late. However, for everyone else who still has yet to be caught, you still have a chance to come out and confess. Otherwise, we, including men like John Oliver, will expose you and you will forever cement your legacy on the wrong side of history. —
Video can be found via @washingtonpost. —
#iamprowoman💪🏼: highlight professional women and those who are for woman —
#johnoliver #lastweektonight #metoo #womenempowerment #empowerment #feminism #feminist #tribeca #girl #girls #hollywood #maleallies #accountability

Thank you @maryvangogh_ for creating this link and accompany me to @king5seattle interview. I look forward to another session this weekend with you as we go a layer deeper with sexual harassment in the workplace. #womenfemmes #maleallies #womeninfilm #womeninbusiness -#womenintech #womeninlawenforcement #womeninlaw

“Bae MADE me a feminist.” #maleallies #blackboyjoy #blackmeninsuits @essence #couplesspeak EPISODE 13✨🎙 again!!
5:11 Going to Bed Angry
6:30 Depending on How You Hold a Grudge
7:15 "We Could All Not Be Here Tomorrow"
9:00 I'm Like Joe Budden
9:40 How do I feel deep down?
10:50 -12:30 Time and Place: Filtering Out Ego
12:40 Jay Z on Therapy
14:28 The Entity of the Relationship
18:30 Balancing Your Goals Together ("What are we working for?"
19:40 Non-Negotiables
22:22 Are Relationships 50/50 (Man's Job)
24:50 Receiving & Not Just Giving
26:07 Being Self-Aware
27:36 Men & Being Needed
28:48 Strengths vs. Areas-of-Growth
29:50 How do you ask your partner to be flexible?
31:55 Type A Woman
32:19 Response to "Claire": Where Do I fit in?
33:52 Allow me to learn so you can put your energy into something else
36:02 Good Rice & Heavy Cream
39:40 Emotional Availability & Perceived Burden on Bae
41:31 Learning how to be human again...
42:20 Black Women and Vulnerability
43:23 Black Women's Vulnerability Explained (Vulnerability is the Definition of Courage)
44:44 Not Allowed to Show Weakness (Can I Have Emotions Too?)
45:35 Vulnerability is Taught
46:05 Black Men to Give Black Women the Space & Recognition
49:42 Bae Makes Me ________
54:02 Bae Made Me a Feminist
55:04 We Need Black Men as Allies
1:16:00 Introspection
1:2:10 Marriage in the New Age
1:04:43 Self-reflection, Goal-Setting, Together #blacklove #blackcouples #couplespodcast

Tonight, as part of the #16daysofactivismagainstgenderbasedviolence, we joined in a procession from @uofwaterloo to Waterloo Public Square, where we heard from speakers from the Sex Workers Action Network, AIDS Committee of Cambridge, Kitchener, and Waterloo Area, and the Aboriginal Education Centre. Thank you to all who coordinated this evening and all who came out 💜

“Male allies are great. Ones who speak up are better.” I strive to be an ally who does speak up to stop sexism. #TheWomanInTheRoom #Diversity #Inclusion #MaleAllies #WomenInTech #POCinTech

@Regranned from @womxn.uprising - "Men have to make it unacceptable for men to act out in sexist and harmful ways."- Jackson Katz #sexism #misogyny #feminism #intersectionalfeminism #jacksonkatz #womensrights #maleviolence #maleprivilege #socialjustice #maleallies

Today we were invited by the @ywca_cambridge to join in some workshops at St. Benedict's CSS for the annual #RoseCampaign in honour of this week's National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women. We discussed gender-based violence by unpacking some harmful phrases and actions that women often experience on a daily basis.

We are really looking forward to our next open workshop on December 12th specifically for men working in #tech.
In the meantime, check out some feedback from other men who have been a part of our workshops. #kwawesome #waterlooregion

"Men have to make it unacceptable for men to act out in sexist and harmful ways."- Jackson Katz #sexism #misogyny #feminism #intersectionalfeminism #jacksonkatz #womensrights #maleviolence #maleprivilege #socialjustice #maleallies

@king5seattle love spending Sunday morning with King 5 weekend Anchors. #SexualHarassmentPrevention #systemicchange #KDHall Preparing the workforce for our children 👶🏽. #womeninleadership #womenfemmes #womeninmedia #LetsChangeTheBS #maleallies #detroitbornandraised

"The best way to spread Christmas Cheer, is singing loud for all to hear." -Elf "The best way to spread inclusion week by week, is listening loud to all who speak." –Us
#Diversity #Inclusion #MaleAllies #DiversityInTech #ElfQuotes

Here's our educators TK and Wil with some of the staff of the KW Ontario Early Years Centres at yesterday's professional learning day. We talked all things gender--stereotypes, identities, expressions! We had some great conversations. Thanks for having us! #YMCACKW #OurPlace #EarlyYears #OEYC

Hello Instagram!!! I want to make you aware yours truly KDHall Foundation: The Movement will be featured on @king5seattle Sunday at 9:30am as an expert in #WomenInitiatives discussing the elephant in the room #SexualHarassment in the workplace, #WomenInleadership and how we are preparing the current and the future workforce to address these issues and concerns head on. Join us at 9:30am on Sunday. #WomenInitatives #MaleAllies #Leadership #Training #StopSexualHarassment

I use my privilege to sponsor people who are not like me. I speak their name when they aren't around. I endorse them publicly. I share their career goals with influencers. I open doors. #Diversity #Inclusion #MaleAllies #WomenInTech #POCinTech #Mentoring #Sponsoring Photo courtesy of #TheJopwellCollection

Paint it Orange 🧡Thank you to everyone who came out and supported this the great social awareness event. Let’s continue the conversation - call to action! #unitednations #savis #peelpolice #peelregion #haltonregion #calltoaction #orange #socialchange #awareness #endviolence #sextraffickingawareness #stopviolenceagainstwomen #letstalk #maleallies #humanrights #educate #makeadifference

"Team Werck" was a key part of today's workshop that the boys of the Christopher Champlain neighbourhood in Cambridge enjoyed! We talked about stereotypes about boys and also some qualities that our male role models have!

Thanks so much to #NextGenWaterlooRegion for hosting this evening's important conversation on workplace sexism and building better workplaces.

When I hear offensive comments or jokes, I refuse to be complicit. I call it out, even if nobody within hearing range feels personally offended by it. I respond with a simple, “We don’t do that here.” Or “Wow, that was awkward.” #Diversity #Inclusion #MaleAllies #WomenInTech #POCinTech

What does it mean to be a boy? Why is it harmful to tell a boy to "man up" or "quit acting like a girl"? These were some of the questions we explored with the boys of the Southwood neighbourhood after school today through our programming partnership with @ywca_cambridge

This #GivingTuesday, #pullupyoursocks4equity and give a pair of @NextGenMen x @FridaySockCo socks to someone in your life who cares about #healthymasculinities and #genderequity! *hint, hint, stocking stuffers!

Thanks to Cameron Heights for having us in on Friday to talk about sexual violence culture. And thanks for the t-shirts and chocolate! Want us to come speak to your class? Email maleallies@sascwr.org or check out maleallies.org for more info!

Our latest Medium post is a collection of tips for Inclusive Leaders, curated by Jill Wetzler, Director of Engineering at Lyft. They come from her talk, “The Inclusive Leader: Tips for Developing Diverse Teams” www.youtube.com/watch?v=PDepSAbhNuc

Some of our favorites:

Once we’ve added diversity to our teams, the work is not done. We need to intentionally support, develop & advance people of all backgrounds.
Women are 20% less likely to get difficult feedback & their feedback is less often tied to business goals. Vague feedback holds people back!
Structure your feedback for consistency & clarity. Check it for bias: Would you give the same feedback to someone of a different background?
70% of employee development comes from stretch assignments, which are not assigned fairly. We must intentionally counteract that.
77% of Black women report having to prove themselves over and over again. That’s not professional development, that's bias.
Sponsor protégés who are not like you. Speak their name when they aren't around. Endorse them publicly. Share their interests w/ influencers.
#InclusiveLeader #MaleAllies #Diversity #Inclusion

I give direct feedback to my staff and paint a clear picture of how to get to the next level. Research shows women are 20% less likely to get constructive feedback & their feedback is less often tied to business goals. Vague feedback holds people back! Read more in the  womenintheworkplace.com study from Lean In and McKinsey. #Diversity #Inclusion #MaleAllies #WomenInTech

Thanks @ohlrangers for a great session of OHL Onside tonight! We had meaningful discussions around masculinity, sexual violence, intervening and the responsibility of being role models in our community. Always happy to chat with our hometown team and create a safer community together!

We 💜💛 @wilfridlaurieruni! Our public educators Joan, TK, and Wil are available to come in as guest speakers to talk on a variety of topics around gender-based violence. Here's Wil speaking to Dr. Lucy Luccisano's introductory sociology class about the reality of sexual violence on campus.

“Don’t restate my idea as your own.” Bro-propriation, idea hijacking is a thing. Allies can help stop it in its tracks. TY #TheWomanInTheRoom #Diversity #Inclusion #MaleAllies #WomenInTech #POCinTech

#feministfriday #allies #maleallies #feminist #drake "Yo, stop that shit, if you don't stop touching girls, I'm gonna come out there and fuck you up." Thank you @champagnepapi 😊

When someone makes a sexist joke or an offensive comment, I say, "Wow. That was awkward." HT Frame Shift Consulting #MaleAllies #WomenInTech #POCinTech #Diversity #Inclusion

Busy day today with #womenleaders talking about #ONE for #maleallies and #genderequality. Thanks to @sjewing07 and #NOWIB for inviting me to speak!

This evening we hosted the third session of our men's learning community at @wilfridlaurieruni with @notmylaurier. We focused on heterosexism, cissexism, and bystander intervention, and had some great conversations! It's amazing to see our conversations in this group become more nuanced as we build on content covered in previous sessions, which speaks to the importance of multi-session programming.

Good governance! Join us in welcoming our new Board of Directors: Andrew Brown, Brendan Ross, Carla Hilario, Matt Corker, and Rebecca Finley-Schidlowsky. We are so excited to have these amazing individuals share their diverse expertise and experience to further Next Gen Men's mission of building better men through youth and peer engagement, education, and empowerment.

Swipe through to read some of their responses to "What does building better men mean to you?"

Families in Good Health aims to Engage Men with Meaningful Messages (EM3)
#violencefreebeginswithme #noshamenovember @cpaforg

Check out our latest post on Medium, “Death by a thousand microaggressions” where we share stories of people getting the subtle message they don’t belong in tech. Medium.com/@betterallies
#DiversityInTech #MaleAllies #WomenInTech #POCInTech

“Death by a thousand microaggressions” by @betterallies

Imagine attending a party at a tech conference. Someone hands you their empty plate to be cleared. Or asks you to get them another drink. If you’re a person of color working in tech, you know what we’re talking about.⠀
Now imagine meeting someone at a tech event, and the first words out of their mouth are, “Do you work in HR?” While there’s nothing wrong with HR, it is wrong to assume someone isn’t technical at an event for techies. And if you’re a woman, you’ve most likely lost count of the times this has happened to you.⠀
Similarly, people around the office might make assumptions that you’re not in a technical role. One of our female followers reported, “The CTO said to me, ‘What do you do here? Business analyst?’ I was a developer with an award on the wall behind him.”⠀
Here’s another scenario. At a conference, someone asks how you ended up there. He looks astounded when you say, “I’m one of the speakers.”⠀
Or, even worse, is what happened to another one of our female followers: “I was keynoting at a conference. At the lunch table, the other keynoter’s husband asked me how it was to be at the conference just to watch my kids. He assumed my man was the speaker.”⠀
We hear these stories all too often. Stories where people with technical expertise are presumed not to have it. Where others make the wrong assumption about them. Where underrepresented people get the subtle message they don’t belong.⠀
It’s a thing, and it adds up. It’s like death by a thousand cuts. Only it’s a thousand microaggressions doing the damage.⠀
Now, what will you do?⠀
The next time I meet someone at a tech event, I’m going to assume they’re technical.⠀
How about you?⠀

Read more at codelikeagirl.io (#seeprofilelink) ⠀
#codelikeagirl #womenintech #microaggressions #microaggression #ally #peopleOfColour #POC #WIT #Technology #maleallies

As an ally, I sometimes say the wrong thing. And I apologize. Full stop. I don’t try to explain it or make excuses. #DiversityInTech #Inclusion #MaleAllies #WomenInTech #POCInTech

"Every day I have to be actively involved in educating myself that (women's) lives are different from mine. I'm complicit if I'm not actively doing work to make your lives better." All the 👏👏's go to former NFL player & feminist @wade_davis28 and @appnexus's @nithyadas at #WLF17! .
@appnexuswomen #maleallies #heforshe #thisiswhatafeministlookslike #womeninbiz #womeninbusiness

“Do not interrupt me.” A good reminder for all of us from #TheWomanInTheRoom. #Manterruptions #Diversity #Inclusion #MaleAllies #StopManterruptions #WomenInTech

We had an incredible turnout last night at our #FuquaMaleAllies Kickoff! Shout out to our AWIB Male Allies Cabinet for all of the hard work they are putting in to increase awareness on campus! #DukeAWIB #manbassadors #maleallies

Thank you to @themuseumkitchener for hosting last night's community dialogue, #metoosintenough. These are important conversations that everyone in the community needs to be having all the time, because sexual violence doesn't end when the hashtag stops trending.

When meeting a person of color at a tech event, I assume they’re technical…not members of the catering staff. There are too many stories of this happening. #Diversity #Inclusion #MaleAllies #POCinTech

Having fun facilitating our kickoff #mentoring circles series with @_alisonmartin13 @arm.lacey. Awesome to get to work with #amazingwomen and talk about #ONE with #maleallies.

The fourth episode of FRESHH is up on SoundCloud! Incredible female hip hop artists, discussion of the universality of feminism, and concrete ways men can support women in the fight against gender inequality. Link in bio! ✨
(Skip the first minute...technical issues galore). #csuf #calstatefullerton #feminismisforeverybody #feminismisforeveryone #femmeart #feminism #feminist #malefeminist #maleally #maleallies #genderinequality #freshh #freshhradio #collegeradio #femalerap #femalerapper #femalehiphop #femaledomination #fempowered #intersectionalfeminism

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