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#ACDC’s heaviest song during their Bon Scott era was a 1977 classic known as #LetThereBeRock. Lyrically, the song picks up where the #ChuckBerry classic #RollOverBeethoven ends and tells a fictionalized tale on the birth of #RockAndRoll. However, the real highlight of the song is the chemistry between lead and rhythm guitarist Angus and Malcom Young who endlessly solo for about 16 or 32 bars, which dramatically climaxes as they are locked in sync over the same riff. #ACDC #Bonscott #MalcomYoung #AngusYoung #rockandroll #riff #rock #music #guitar #bass #drums #gunsandroses

This is the best version of Sin City in my opinion, in Paris 1979
Sin City- AC/DC with the great Bon Scott!
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Impact album #2 (no particular order)

AC/DC - Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

My love of AC/DC began here. Although recorded in 1975, it wasn't released until 1981 in the US, about a year after Bon Scott's death. My friend, Dave, had this album and we would listen to it in his room when I was over. I don't remember if he had an import version, therefore, listening to it prior to it's official US release. Based on my age and where I lived at the time, he may have though.
The title track is still one of my fav's. It's nasty, dangerous, and has such a killer groove. What kid didn't have a problem with someone that he wished he could have a tougher friend go and handle?
'Big Balls' has to be the greatest in your face double entendre song ever written and to a young kid provided plenty of laughter and badass camaraderie. 'Rocker' had a great throwback sound that I was familiar with as that's what the 'old people' still liked. That's one thing that was great about growing up in the 70s. Music from the 50's and 60's was still prominent, you had the new music from the 70's , and the 80's were just beginning. It was the perfect time to be alive. 'Problem Child' just cultivated the rebel rock n roll spirit that would further grow once adolescence hit.
'Ain't No Fun' starts off with 'The following is a true story, only the names have been changed
to protect the guilty' which was so cool and rebellious to hear as an 8 year old.
'Ride On' is just such a groovy, blues soaked number that shows diversity within an album that has disappeared with todays one speed, full throttle albums.
The cover art was eye catching. The pink lettering lent creedence to the whole AC/DC specualtion, which was still spoken with in secretive tones back then. Are they or aren't they? The array of different people and everyone's eyes blacked out. It all held a young boys imagination captive.
It's my favorite Bon Scott era album.

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