Create good karma ✨
The gorgeous @alandramichelle wearing our Prana Rosegold Sanskrit Necklace

Happy Friday! What barriers have you encountered lately and what are you doing to help remove them?

White Angelica
The best protection for any practitioner.
• Strengthens the aura
• Help you feel whole and give you a feeling of security
• Its frequency help neutralizes negative energy
Add it to the power of stone and you are good to go.
You can now help people all day long and feel protected. 😉

I called this one my Young Living protection shield!

Here comes the sun! What about warmer weather makes you happier? For me, it’s waking up with the sun that sets the day up for positivity and productiveness 🌞
Img cred: @abeautifulmess

With more experience, the circle of love widens. Being upheld in love every day, every hour n every minute is not a fantasy - it is our natural state.

It can be difficult to truly listen when you already have your own agenda. Today I encourage you to just listen. Fully and mindfully. What did you learn?

Happy Wednesday @malaprayer family! Here is a little affirmation to get through the rest of the week - “I’m ready for something brand new. I’m ready for new energy. I am ready to get better. I am ready to grow.”
The Iona on the beautiful @themindfulblonde

Treated myself to a new #mala 📿+ some extra goodies bc who can resist a good bracelet?! Not me. 😂 Thanks @malaprayer 💖
What a mala? A mala is simply a string of beads that are used in a meditation practice. It is a tool to help you count mantras, and acts as a tactile guide as you sit in silence. ✨
Ahhhh silence- yes, please. 🙌🏻
Mantras- errrrryday! What’s your current mantra?
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How beautiful is this Delhi Mandala Tapestry from @malaprayer!?😍 I love the water color wash of magenta and orange over the white. ❤️ This mandala carpet can be a picnic blanket, yoga mat, wall tapestry, décor piece, tablecloth and more! I enjoy taking it to the park when I just want to relax and enjoy the spring breeze. ☀️

Cozy mornings wearing my handmade @malaprayer necklace as a reminder to 〰️
Don’t be chosen.
With your relationships, your body, your career, YOUR life.
You are in control.
Never forget that 💓 〰️
My friends @malaprayer have chosen a new look and I couldn’t be more happy for them! Go check it out! Hope everyone is having a wonderful Tuesday 🌸 #malaprayer #mindfullymade #themindfulblonde

It's a beautiful day here in Colorado and everyone is smiling. I encourage you to flash a genuine smile at a stranger today.

There are people from our community that continue to inspire us and motivate us to get through everyday with kindness and @mikmill is one of them 💗 here are a few words that we'd like to share from her today.
"Create a ripple effect of love and respect.
Let kindness pour out of you." - @mikmill

Masculino y femenino; blanco y negro; positivo y negativo; Yin y yang
... la dualidad existente en nuestro cosmos, dos fuerzas contrarias que unidas son la energia del todo. Dualidad que está en nuestra naturaleza, dentro de nosotros y en todo lo que Es... equilibra estas fuerzas en tu interior a través de la Respiración... Respira, Enfoca, Medita, SIENTE y Sé.🕉📿🌏🌎🌍💜
Male and female; black and white; positive and negative; Yin and yang
... the duality existing in our cosmos, two opposing forces that together are the energy of the whole. Duality that is in our nature, within us and in all that Is ... balances these forces in your interior through Breathing ...
Breathe, Focus, Meditate, FEEL and Be.🕉📿🌏🌎🌍💜
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Set An Intention 📿the purposed this bracelet was to set an intention and to actively work on that intention, embracing that intention & embodiment of Intention. I’ve had this hanging on since @wanderlustfest in Whistler BC. Thank You @malacollective #love #mala

I hope the beginning of your week sets a precedent for the rest of it. What is one thing you are grateful for today?

Don't forget to love yourself today, Muse!

#malaprayer terbuat dari susunan batuan #indianagate sebanyak 108 butir. Indian agate adalah jenis agate yang sangat populer karena susunan warnanya yang sangat cantik. Kombinasi warna hijau, cokelat, dan kuning lembutnya membawa paduan warna yang sangat serasi - unsur paduan alam yang Harmonis. Pesan sekarang, seri #malaprayer sedang promo FREE SHIPPING ALL AROUND INDONESIA
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Magus for luck and friendship ❤️

Terbuat dari 108 butir batu #labradorite yang berwarna abu-abu hitam berukuran 6mm. Labradorite merupakan batu yang memiliki energi sangat kuat (bahkan lebih kuat dari onyx - stone of strength) sehingga dipercaya memiliki perlindungan yang luar biasa terhadap pemakainya.
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Terdapat 108 butir agate hijau strip cerah yang dirangkai menjadi kalung Mala. Sangat cocok digunakan untuk mempercantik penampilan, maupun untuk hadiah orang terkasih. Charm dapat diganti sesuai persediaan yang ada.

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#malaprayer aquamarine
Batu aquamarine sebanyak 108 butir diuntai menjadi kalung #Mala yang dapat digunakan untuk bermeditasi, atau hanya dikenakan sebagai aksesoris karena warnanya yang sangat cantik. Kalung #mala ini juga dapat digunakan sebagai gelang lilit, sangat ekonomis karena dapat difungsikan dalam berbagai tampilan. Silakan pesan melalui

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