It's a day early, but this is my surprise anniversary gift from my fiance @darkchyylde This amazing and beautiful collage is of Zeus, Juno and Luna. All three are no longer physically here but they are always with us. 🐾❤🇨🇦 #FireAndIceKennel #fireandicedobesandmals #malamutegsdmix #doberman #bordercolliemix #rainbowbridge

Riley, the 10mo old GSD/Malamute Mix. Still a strong member of Team Jacob. Edward and Bella just don’t belong together so don’t even try to persuade Riley 🤷‍♂️

You cannot see me

Beautiful day spent outside!

Just let me snuggle you a little bit

Boop there it is 🐽

Do you know how to climb trees? Nope. Me either.

Chipmunk fever 🔥

These happy ladies doing a smile

Upside down Kiki

The goodest girls

Morning hike ✌️

Good morning humans

The other night when Kiki was being a party pooper

Can we go noooooow?

Can you hear the mountains calling?

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