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Solo se aprende con nuestras propias experiencias... #CaballerodelaMafia

Gidişine illa bi isim bulacaksam #MAL KAYBI derim .😂. 👊💪👊

Missing warmer days with this storm!!!! Doggie ice cream from @muttmadnessdubai 😍 #sandmonster takes the boat

Weylin being worked by some of the best trainers I've met. Sara and Jess were so clear about what they were doing and explaining Weylin' behavior. I can't wait to see what the future holds for my bone dog 🤘🏽
#Repost @sanfranciscok9
Our first time working @weylin_malinois 🐾 When we work any dog for the first time we are doing a basic evaluation. We want to see what the dog thinks of the game; what things he is uncomfortable about, what he likes, how he likes to bite etcetera. At the beginning of the video you can see he is thrashing a lot and pulling back, doesn't want to counter by pushing forward, he is vocal on the bite and doesn't care much for Jess holding the item. As the session continues you see the next two clips where he is pushing into the wedge, much less noise, a full calm grip and he is more comfortable with Jess touching him and holding the item. We were happy to work with Weylin and @graveyardwolf and are excited to see his progression. #SFK9 #sanfranciscok9


A mal tiempo, buena cara!!! #buen día #mal tiempo #bebe #sonrisa #recién nacido #te amo

I live in my own little world 🌎 but its ok,they know me here 🌊
#letzdes #mal #dieses #bild😂

✅Para los que se comen una y se cuentan 20
✅Para los que van de macho alfa colecciona-polvos y NO
✅Para los que se les ve el plumero y la falta de elegancia a leguas
✅Para todos los 👻 del mundo ❌Va por vosotros
#Mal 😋

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