Is baby blue the new pink? 🤔 NOPE but read my new blog post for outfit details + watch my newest YouTube video for a haul of all the items I recently added to my wardrobe !! 👗👗👗 Links are in my bio ✨ #makstyleblog

Two things I can’t live without in this summer heat - talking all about them in a review on the blog tonight! Link is in my bio 💕 #makstyleblog #kaianaturals #wearnumi

Okay so how cute is this pink packaging from @bybibeauty ?! I am obsessed with Their branding and even more obsessed with the skincare product itself. Read my full review for this “Detox Dust” purifying powder mask over on the blog tonight ➡️ link in bio! 💕✨🙌🏻💫 #makstyleblog #BYBIbeauty #detoxdust

This @uniqlo Figaro tee is super cute from bow to toe 🎀🐱 Who else loves @disney merch? See how I styled this one over the blog today ➡️ link in bio! #makstyleblog

Today on the blog I’m rounding up the best places in Toronto to get the cutest pink drinks! Who doesn’t love a pink milkshake, latte or cocktail? 💖🙌🏻 Head over to the blog to check it out ➡️ link in bio! #makstyleblog

Some insta-worthy spots in Toronto aren’t always worth the hype. Check out my new post all about some of the most photogenic places and what my opinion is! Link in bio 💖 #makstyleblog

This 90’s thrifted windbreaker is giving me all the Finesse vibes ⚡️💖 See the full look on the blog tonight! Link in bio 💕 #makstyleblog

I’ve got a new post on the blog tonight talking all about this cute lil pink suitcase by @raden 🌟 (link in bio) 💕 Btw this is what I look like when I go out every weekend to shoot 😂 My suitcase is filled with outfits and I change just about anywhere that will let me (mostly Starbucks bathrooms lollll) This photo was taken by a really cool photographer and you should def check out his page !! Shot by @farasxxi 📸 #makstyleblog

Today on the blog I’m talking all about my current 🌸spring beauty faves🌸 + why you need these products in your life! Link is in my bio to read 💕 #makstyleblog

Waiting on warm weather like: *Snow White sing-songy voice* ...🎶Someday when spring is here......🎶 Ok but for real though what’s been up with the weather lately!!
The weather has been pretty cool again in Toronto but all I want to do is wear dresses! ⠀⠀⠀
⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Today on the blog I’m talking all about my go-to looks for spring + this adorable little blush bag that I’ve added to my SS18 accessories rotation. Link is in my bio! #makstyleblog #poppyandpeonies

Today on the blog, I’m sharing this very pink outfit + talking about my content direction and thoughts on my “old style” - link in bio! 💖 #makstyleblog #THEPINKLIFE

Skincare is vital ✨ Today on the blog I’m talking all about my thoughts on the new @imageskincarecanada products and what they’re doing for my oily/acne prone skin! Link in bio 😊 #makstyleblog

Sometimes it feels like it never ends. The days are 12+ hours long, the weekends turn into an extension of your work week and the results aren't always measuring up. Today’s post is all about why I am still passionate about blogging + sharing a new outfit ✨ Link in bio! #makstyleblog

I am in love with the #EssieSpring2018 collection! ⚓️✨🙌🏻 Today on the blog I’m featuring this pastel black/gold combo leopard nail art along with a mini review on this super nautical spring collection by @essie 💕link in bio! #makstyleblog

What’s more important? Progress or perfection? Talking all about it today on the blog + this look ✨👀 Link in bio #makstyleblog

Did you know that you should be wearing sunscreen everyday? And all-year round? Sun protection is so important! Read my blog post review today on @laspasuncare natural mineral sunscreen + why protecting my skin is such a personal concern 💕✨ Link in bio as always! #makstyleblog #LASPA

If I could give any advice to anyone, it would be to always have a good attitude. Read today’s post on this topic + this look 💖 Link in bio! #makstyleblog

Talking all about these fun styling ‘cocktails’ by @marcanthonyhaircare on the blog tonight 💗 Have you ever seen tubes with dual product in them like this?! Because I hadn’t 🙀 Link in bio ✨✨✨ #makstyleblog #MarcAnthony

Happy 50th Birthday to easily the most caring, supportive and selfless woman I know and love 💕I wrote a post all about my mom on the blog in honour of her birthday today! Link is in my bio 👩‍👧🌸 #makstyleblog

Haven’t been very impressed with our “spring” weather lately but at least @wishrestaurant is making it seem like it’s spring 🌸😛💗 New post is up on the blog tonight with this look featuring my adorable new metallic pink bag from @kokocoutureuk 😻✨ Link in bio! #makstyleblog

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